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6/21/2018 c50 Juanita27
Ohhhh so much heartache for the little brothers :'( great story, love to get those update notifications :)
6/11/2018 c50 turtleluver
oh snap! does lil mike have feelings for don? & i wanna see how raph and karai find out leo’s been playin both of them. i mean, leo is a dark lil sexy ninja in this fic so in a way he will prob get away with it-BuT StiLL! my favorite part in this chapter was the boys watching beauty and the beast, they had a happy moment & it was precious! can’t wait to see how you take this fic! & take your time you are doing fantastic! i’m here till the end of the ride (:
6/12/2018 c50 40FoxKid1302
Time can never make me forget the intensity you put in this story. Each chapter always packs a punch, emotionally, mentally and even physically.

Having said that, I had to point out the continuity error here: Cody’s been kidnapped and shipped to Japan for who knows how long, yet they still had the spirit for Thanksgiving? And no plan to rescue him?

That ending though... damn, NOW we’re really getting to the tcest zone here...
6/10/2018 c50 68Who am I. I'm the Void
Wow... Donatello... ok you know what? I'm glad you're heartbroken, you don't get to break Mikey's heart! Seriously they're all a messed up bunch and I'm not seeing a happy ending coming so I'm just gonna stack up on Kleenex and icecream because wow... wow yeah... wow.

Keep up the excellent work! I've been missing this a lot!

PS: Sorry about the Donnie salt -I do love him- but wow that was savage!
6/7/2018 c49 lana
You said the Next chapter will be up soon? It's June, just saying ...

Love this and love you though
1/12/2018 c49 40FoxKid1302
You have long since earned my utmost reverence for nailing every characters, every personalities down to the letter, even the most disturbing ones. Let it be a lesson for all the fools out there who wish to mess with a brainiac: it won’t end pretty. Don is at his limit now, as with everyone else.

Witnessing Leo’s transition from a sadist to a soft, pitiful lover who wish nothing more than to keep Raph by his side... TBH, I don’t really know how I should feel on this. Should I be glad to see a glimmer of hope, or should I steel myself for the inevitable?

Oh, and I choose “Fever”, for I’m having one right now, and only reading this helps...
1/11/2018 c49 1QueenInBlue
Things are getting better! My vote goes to fever
1/11/2018 c49 Guest
IVE MISSED U SO MUCH 3 I’m so happy to see Leo actually showing his lovable side to Raph it’s really sweet. And as for my vote for the title of next chapter I vote for Fever ;p tbh I’m scared to see the ending of this fic but also really excited at the same time
8/24/2017 c48 40FoxKid1302
It's a good thing I was so familiar with how things can go with every update of yours. I'm alone and no one will come if anything close to an explosion happens.

This story had left me horny, choked on my tear, and now drained from all of my blood. Knowing it's coming to an end doesn't help one bit. Crossing my fingers now for a closure ending. I don't need a happy one, just one that can leave me with that closure feeling, but with how things are going in here, I'm dread of what would become of all of them (minus Karai and Shredder of course, they can rot in hell for all I care)
8/11/2017 c48 3Cheesebad
Congratulations you got over 400 reviews! *Yay* (fireworks go off)!
Sorry to hear about your laptop, changing computers can be a pain sometimes, but it sounds like you now have a good one!
I liked this chapter. It was quite long but I actually prefer the longer chapters.
I thought the beginning was cute, I've always enjoyed people using the parallels between "Beauty and The Beast" and the turtles. Although it did feel a bit out of place. I think it was to show Raphael's desire for a relationship didn't start with Leonardo but long before, however I'm not sure. I could be not reading things correctly, I can be a bit dense when it comes to subtle cues. *Shrugs*
I liked the realism in this chapter of Leonardo falling apart and Raphael's reaction to it. Cause from Shredder's point of view Leo's been doing a real shitty job. I'm surprised Leo didn't put more care in Raph betraying him by keeping and reading the texts in the phone. I suppose that can be chalked up to Leo being exhausted and essentially being a dead man walking, damned if he does damned if he doesn't. Though I'm curious what happened to Leo after Raph learned of Cody? Did he just go to sleep? Or head back to the foot? Also why did he go to Raph if he was so tired he knew he couldn't have sex? Just to honour his commitment? Leo doesn't seem like the kind to show his weakness in front of others. I know he trusts Raph but I doubt he trusts him that much.
I felt the bit with Karai having Cody and sending a video message was a bit much. I get that she's a psychopath and sometimes her actions have no rhyme or reason, but it didn't feel like her style to give up so much of her plan. Monologue to move the story forward?
I have some theories for the final. I can reveal them if you wish but I do not want to influence your future chapters/chapter. I think I do that enough as it is.
Nope didn't pick up the female psychopath Karai was suppose to be emulating. Sorry
Do you still read every review? There's so many!
8/10/2017 c48 24Caroaimezoe
Thank you for making my day! But if it is almost the end, I don't see yet, anything approaching what we see in the prologue (turtles in prison) I have never seen a story of which I can so little predict what will happen! You impress me so much!
8/10/2017 c48 68Who am I. I'm the Void
Holy shit... that's... that's all I got... holy shit... that... that is the best description...
7/3/2017 c1 Cheesebad
For some weird reason it won't let me post my review on your chapter. Oh well, here it is:
Hey, I'm glad you're back and with such enthusiasm!
Having said that I don't believe this was one of your stronger chapters, still good don't get me wrong!
I liked the beginning with Don finding similarities within the relationships, but he still criticizes himself for wanting more. A little convenient that the bug was in the right place at the right time, but sometimes you gotta move the plot forward somehow!
You did a bit of set-up for Leo now being honest with Raph even mentioning that Leo knew exactly what was the last lie he told him. It feels to me that it was kinda thrown away in this chapter. Leo's been lying to him, and doesn't care. I might be reading it wrong because you're setting something else up but if you're not, kinda seems like a waste.
I loved the inner monologue of the teacher very realistic and hilarious.
To smut or not to smut, hmmmm I'll leave this one to you. I'm pretty equal on both sides, always love to see what the boys are up to but I'm pretty stocked to see where this is going!
7/3/2017 c1 FoxKid 1302
I already commented on your note that you updated with the new chapter, so I'll just have to tell you directly here:
Nothing brighten my day more than an update to crush my feels FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! My God, I feel like Rose of the Titanic re-discovering her past ("It's been so long"). I'm so glad you continue this. Having it unfinished it's like having a cancer tumor.
Shit's getting REAL here. Unless of course you decide to shower us with smut to stall for time. Really, I can survive on both plot and smut, so keep it coming!
6/27/2017 c47 5saquesha13
Ahhh welcome back! I've missed you (,: I'm glad you okay now, real life can be rough sometimes.
Hmm since we are jumping back into this story, I vote for one last bit of smut to go with the plot or however you want to do it. Since this is like a eminies with benefits fic ya know? Plus something tells me I'll need it with how crazy this is getting! 0.0 Karai is kidnapping kids, Raph thinks Leo is involved, Donnie thinks Raph killed Hun because Leo basically blackmailed him... and soon don will prob find out from his spy roaches that Raph and Leo have been banging this whole time... man I cannot wait to see how you unfold all of this!
I kinda want Donnie to spill the beans to Raph about his massive crush on him! Or like a random kiss or something, just to see how Raph will take it. But really you do what ever. I'm just glad your back :)
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