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6/23 c11 4shilohtwobows
There are times, rare times, that writing a review for a fanfiction becomes a labour. And this is certainly one of those times! One of those times where you’re left at the end of a story, stumbling around trying to find some sense in your own reality again... because you’d been so engrossed in the written word and world on the screen before you, that now the very rooms of your own home feel foreign. And Katherine, if you’re at all sitting there thinking, okay? Where’s the labour in that? Let me just tell you... the labour lies in trying to adequately communicate with someone just exactly how acutely their work has touched you. But, like, hold on... because I’ll surely try! I’ll give it a go. But promise me, when/if you ever see this, that when you come away from it thinking of the scale of your ability to leave an impact on a reader... I need you to double it. Quadruple that scale of impact. Only then might you be in the neighborhood!

I’m a huge sucker for any fiction that makes me feel things, or I guess ‘stir the deeps,’ as Anne would say. And you’ve hit that mark so many times in these 40 chapters! So many times. Most especially, however, at the last part of Redmond (of course), during Anne and Gilbert’s... alienation? I’m overall left feeling like someone reached into my very chest and squeezed my big beamin’ heart. There were times reading this whole powerful story that I wanted someone to hold my hand, while I peeked through my fingers at the next chapter. There were times when I grinned so sillily at my phone that I’m sure if it’d been witnessed, I would have been prevailed upon to immediately explain myself. This story even hurt my feelings. In all the best and right ways. I mean... it really did hurt to read; really, truly, sincerely, honestly, and every-other-adjective-that-implies-earnestness... hurt. I felt every single emotion that poor discarded Gilbert registered, and you so eloquently laid out and parsed, and then some. I mean, people say there are seven stages of grief, but in this last series? I swear I clocked a dozen. There is much breath and truth in your writing, it is all at once so believable and enthralling. Your stunning ability to find a voice for such a diverse range of characters is just CHEF’S KISS.

There were a few things sprinkled into your Redmond Diaries that made me go ! In a very celebratory and ecstatic sort of way. Because tiny things that LMM herself said that stuck with me... seem to have also stuck with you! (I presume and imagine, anyway.) I always liked when Anne was thought ‘uncommon looking’ by Doctor Murray at the end of Ingleside. And here you’ve had Phil share the sentiment! I touched on it too, in my own humble offerings. Like PLS, you are my new invisible bestie. Like it or not, I am now convinced that you’re of my particular brand of Josephian Race. And it wasn’t just that! Also I have a story begun that I was very scared might’ve looked based on your own work... when Gilbert and Anne shared a piano, and there was mention of Gilbert singing a sea shanty... I thought oh my god, are you me? Because while not identical, I swear the story I have going is a distant cousin to that thought...

Anne of the Island has been special to me since my first read, in probably grade 3. And these ‘Redmond Dairies’ haven’t just filled in the gaps... they’ve become canon to me. From now on, I really don’t know how I’ll be able to disentangle your thoughts and writing from my book recall. And don’t say I won’t print these out and slip them into the appropriate pages of AoI. Because... bet. Watch me.

There are a lot of talented authors out there, in both traditional publication and fanfiction circles. But a true talent, in my estimation, is one where an author can break you down... and then build you back up. My heart was broken for Gilbert at times in this series, but by the end, the warm sprouts of hope had popped back up, and started flowering where the cracks had once been. When I tell you I was on EDGE for him (he’s the love of my life, okay), despite knowing exactly how it would end...Katherine, invisible bestie, this whole review is unorganiszd and going everywhere and nowhere without any semblance of coherency, so I apologise, but also ALSO... I owe you a bunch more reviews too, because I’ve spent the last week since discovering you, gripped-at-the-throat by all your works. (How much peer pressure and/or financial compensation might it take for you to fully write out a certain sea cave encounter, I wonder?) If you could see me right now, you would see me literally applauding you. I’m just staggered. THE TALENT. The talent.
5/28/2021 c11 BirdieKitKat
Thank you thank you thank you so very much for this beautiful, riveting, darling series. Every moment I was reading it, my heart was just singing.
5/28/2021 c3 BirdieKitKat
Charlie's Sloane to the rescue! The real hero of the story...and so perfectly fitting.
10/3/2020 c11 4noraborealis
delightful end to a delightful saga
4/2/2020 c9 23katherine-with-a-k
Yikes! I was fiddling with it today, and must have re-posted the wrong chapter.
Hope you can find it now, thanks for reading, kwak
4/2/2020 c9 Guest
Chapter XXXIX seems to be missing! I only see Chapter XXIX in its place. And, well, this is a very important chapter! Does anyone know where it's gone, or where to find it? I am enjoying this fic a lot and am so sad for this key part to be missing!
4/14/2019 c11 Guest
Just read through all four years, I’m spoiled getting to binge read. Wonderful writing, thank you so much!
1/23/2019 c11 12seekerchasing
I love your insight into the Anne/Gilbert relationship. Reading this series has been a delight, the detail and character exploration you go into makes it so much more than a simple retelling - it brings so much more yet also manages to deftly take the book characterization and feel very true. Your writing style is also beautiful, I particularly enjoyed your descriptions of Anne's longing for Gilbert once she realized - very satisfying to read after all his pining! I focused a lot on them during this one because it was so good and satisfying, but your writing of the other characters is very enjoyable. I loved hearing from Gilbert's mother during his illness, that was very moving
1/17/2019 c11 DrinkThemIn
Okay! I powered through all 4 years...although that sounds bad. Rather, I 'drank them in' ahahaha. I loved them. I think, in this, I loved the outside characters the most.

Priss and Stella - wow! I am actually a bit sad they fizzled.

Charlie had me in stitches. I expected to feel a bit more anguish in the diary entries of Gilbert though. Maybe I was distracted by Sloaneishness. You got Josie spot on too.

Roy...I always thought that he really didn't KNOW Anne and therefore never could have LOVED her but his entries after the rejection took me by surprise.

Christine is a character with whom every writer has taken liberties. Her being somewhat of a maneater flirt matches my opinion. She WAS rather in-your-face and proud to be on Gilbert's arm for an engaged person.

I love the risque topics and 'did I just read what I think I did?' I think it adds to the characters so much...more human.

I didn't want it to end.

I've made this wish known to other writers before...I would love something that delves into AHOD and the early marriage with little babies. Whether diary entries that explore the thrill of becoming a parent, the sorrow of living without that child...and the sorrow of not being able to save them. So on... I know there's alot of Rainbow Valley and ROI...but a further glimpse into those early years, beyond the wedding night, is so needed.
1/16/2019 c1 DrinkThemIn
Favourite Gilbert line...well, I'm muddled constantly with canon, movies, and fic. But, since this chapter referred to Johnny as Gil, I'll say my favourite scenes. Both from 2:

- The muddy field scene and, 'I am not your horse, Mr Blythe!'

- The barn scene after Diana's wedding. 'Anne, I'll wait.'
1/7/2019 c11 33piccolabimba
I stumbled upon the Redmond Diaries when in search of some delectable Anne fanfiction. Thanks for all the work you put into this story and the fabulous ending! I think I need to pick up AoI and read it again with your version in mind.
9/28/2018 c11 Guest
I have reread this story so many times I've lost count. I just love it so much and I'm so glad you wrote it. It's the perfect companion to AotI. Whenever I read that book I think of this story.
6/28/2018 c1 Ginny
My favourite Gilbert moment of all is certainly the one when he rescues Anne from her "watery grave"
6/1/2018 c11 wow
I drew this story out for as long as I could because I didn't want it to end. The way you wrote Anne and Gilbert and their love. They way you gave life to minor characters like Charlie and Christine and Mrs Blythe. Thank you. I don't know if you even check for reviews anymore on old stories, but thank you for writing them.
10/3/2017 c11 Dennis
Just don't ever stop!
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