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4/30/2015 c4 PelirrojaBiu
This story just keeps getting better and better. First Charlie, now Josie! As soon as I read "The Palisades" I knew we were in for a treat. "Bun in the oven", "honeymoonitis", "SAMPLING THE PRODUCE" (personal favourite here). Come on! Brilliant. I loved how she sent Anne and Jane together for the wedding tour in Europe. And her last lines: "I just don't understand how this happened. I don't understand it at all". Poor old jealous Josie.

Isn't it meaningful that Anne thought the thing that would silence the Anne & Gilbert talk in Avonlea would be HIS engagement? His, not hers!

All the "I want to kiss you" rituals were hilarious. Gilbert's - wow. And she tried his technique on Roy!

Having Anne to go to the Blythes to make those sheets and visit Gilbert's room was such a great plot twist, cats or no cats. Although they were the cutest things, especially "Pippin in the wool basket". I had goosebumps reading the description of his room and I couldn't stop thinking about the night she spent there in one of your one-shots. The quilt and the cleanness of his room had me crying. Sarah must have missed him so, so much, esp. at Christmas!

I love how Anne describes Gil's room as a "poem to the Island".

heavenly lone iris - pure brilliance. A wound and a scar! Yes, he loves you, Anne Shirley, and so do you.

"The history of the pink heart necklace" by Diane Wreight was such a delicious way to end the chapter. I love finding some Diana-isms, like sentimentle (that's not a real word, is it?). And I haven't realised earlier how strong the Domino drama in Avonlea's school house really was. On the other hand, did those kids have anything better to do than pass on the pink heart? Anyway, I did wonder (and Gilbert probably did, too) about that heart and where it was.

Beautiful, beautiful chapter!
4/30/2015 c4 14mountainrivergirl
Yay, we got to see Mrs. Blythe AND her cats!

Anne is so in love with him. Silly girl. I have a feeling if Roy ever does get around to kissing her it won't be much to write about.

Davy totally would have done that. And the necklace coming now after missing Gilbert for so long might have more impact.
4/30/2015 c4 19Alinya Alethia
I'm so glad you kept on writing. This was real fun to read, and never mind if the Gardeners come a month or two late. Dorothy is the only one nice enough to mind about anyway, if memory serves. Jodie's entry was hat my grandmother would have called a hoot. Her tongue's quite as barbed as any cat's! But she's an excellent foil to Diana when it comes to reporting gossip, and I felt I was there at the Blythes reading her. It goes without saying, I expect that I loved the cats. Getting into the wool, catching the last of the sun, leaping unsuspecting onto their people...they are as real as your characters and I'm glad. (So is my Lady Marschallin, who is reading along with me and sunning herself at the same time.)

Of course it wasn't only the cats I loved. I won't be forgetting 'heavenly line Iris scored into the wood lie a wound' any time soon. And the subtle differences between Anne's room and Gilbert's further brought out their symmetry. But that line about having never been kissed -for some reason that broke my heart because I knew how much she must want it and all I could think was how many things Anne had been left wanting before Green Gables. That this was another unfulfilled wish left an impression on me, especially the way Anne was going out of herself to try and gratify it, as if being herself were somehow not enough. Maybe that's me bring over-analytical again, but it's what comes of two degrees in English:) of course I laughed at the descriptions of the men before Roy when they wanted to kiss her, and at Davey being so utterly himself and causing 'half the Avonlea school to wear Gilbert Blythe's necklace', it was such a Davey-ish thing to do. But it will be Anne in that bedroom I am left thinking about. Everything in its place and all of it so, so right.
4/29/2015 c4 Cevam
I find it a bit confusing trying to figure out who is talking in each new section. Having to remember who lives at the pines or the palisades is a pain in the neck! Other than the obvious (green gables). Couldn't you put a name or other quick reminder for us?
4/29/2015 c4 30librarylexicon
Josie going on about Diana being "in the family way" got me cringing so much. Though I had to look up "bun in the oven". (What the heck?) "If I were the nasty minded sort" ... Oh, please don't flatter yourself, Josie. Also, I originally mistook her entry for one of Charlie's, for some reason. Make of that what you will.

"heavenly lone iris" ... That's "I love Anne Shirley", right? You have such a thing for anagrams. Looking forwards to the next chapter. I miss Pris and Stella, and Phil especially. Personally, I think Stella seems more ace than bi or lesbian, but it's your story. Also ... the debacle with the cake! I can't wait.
4/29/2015 c4 Erika
Josie seems very knowledgable for a virgin. It reminds me a bit of what the girls in high school would say when they wanted to sound worldly.

Heavenly lone iris. Beautiful.
4/29/2015 c3 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
Just wonderful. Charlie's entry was superb. Through your stories I am starting to get an idea of what Sloanishness actually looks like!

I just love how you make Anne and Gilbert turn on the same axis, even though they are still so far apart.

I love the way Anne is rediscovering her old self. She has felt somewhat unAnne-ish in recent chapters, as if, alongside trying to convince herself that she loves Roy, she is trying to fashion herself into the version of Anne that Roy's apparently adores. And all the time edging closer to understanding that the vision she has tricked herself into loving is not actually Roy (and the consolation that Roy has equally deceived himself).

And hurrah for Gilbert, finally rediscovering the fire in his belly (and the Island ham!). His recent pain has been exquisite, but Blythes do not languish. I'm so pleased he has found his ambition again. And that Anne is, again, the catalyst.

And the deliberate and pleasing symmetry is so well done. The same memory is sparking Anne to write about what she knows and who she knows in her own voice. And I love that Anne gives Gilbert back his line about smart being better than pretty, initiating the same chagrin (and similar scholastic endeavour!).

There is so much to love here, and I do!
4/29/2015 c3 19Alinya Alethia
there was such humour in this chapter. Never underestimate the value of it. On a day when I am shamelessly abusing the cat's inclination to be a loving hot water bottle to lessen cramp, being made to smile is no little thing. That was yesterday though, and now I am human again and have taken in much more of this chapter in a second reading, and I'm still laughing.

I love how unrelentingly human you make these characters, they do all the things we don't usually write about and it makes for good, realistic reading. It made such sense that Charlie would sort Gilbert out. He always was sensible to a fault, somewhere in there had to be a grain of something meaningful. Of course Roy and Christine took over the impromptu concert, and how pleased I was that Anne is keeping piano up. that moment of her playing with Gilbert nicely picked up your mazurka scene from earlier, happier times.

But I loved Anne's entry best. I've never been good at being sentimental about people, but I do associate them with things, so that image of Avonlea encapsulated in the trunk hit home with me. Even better though was Anne pouring over the writing and reading it out to was a moment of instinctive understanding between friends and it was gorgeous. Making snow-Angels from the paper, Christmas come early, and Stella laughing, how we needed that after the last chapter. But even better was Anne's determination to go on writing. That ending was a gift, and thank you for it.
4/28/2015 c3 5JennWithAPenn
Oh my, I sure needed that comic relief from Charlie after everything that's been happening! It was the perfect way to wander away for a bit, without actually leaving the melancholy, for of course Charlie found poor Gil in a pretty low place. And, though I wonder if anyone in PEI might truly admit to missing Charlie Sloane, I realize that I did immensely! And it served perfectly... it was a turning in for Gil... that line you said about a fool making more sense was spot on. And it was almost his rock bottom, in a way, when he realizes there is more he is living for-more he is meant to do. Somehow I am comforted to know he'll be back with Charlie (does that mean you'll include another entry from him?). I enjoyed the story Charlie recounted of the evening... took me back to college days. I could see it all in my mind.
Favorite quotes were:
-"This from a supposed mathematics expert (measurements wrong, indeed!)."
-"Was further shocked when he insisted I be the one to clean it up."
-"Gardner's name may be Royal but he is not Royalty."
-"The fellow cannot manage without my guidance."
-also, loved the bulleted lists, of course.
-and the bit about body hair and trousers
-and the bit about the lawn, and the fact that Charlie wouldn't step on it to get Gil's attention!

And of course Anne's entry was very Anne as usual. I, too, shed a small tear when October is through. I like how you incorporated the trunk... little pieces of Anne's past that spoke more loudly than one might realize on the surface. "I never believed that anyone would care what plain Anne Shirley would write." I think that speaks so well to her past and also how she has grown, finally. And Roy... his sentimentality is so on point but I also think I'd gag a bit if my husband dropped some of those lines on me! It certainly seems that Anne is not as thrilled with them as she might have been a year ago. Anyway, I like the way you tied Anne and Gilbert's entries together in this chapter... with their memories of that day on the porch and both of them deciding to man-up (for lack of a better term) and make the difference they dreamed of making. I feel that this is a turning point in the story, and you've handled it so well!
4/28/2015 c3 PelirrojaBiu
I love waking up to your updates! I have read this chapter twice on my way to work (thank God for commuting!).

Good old Charlie Sloane... Who would have thought? Only you could make such a star out of him. The way he took care of Gil's hangover (with his own portion of ham!) and lectured him was fantastic, but the best and most tender, brilliant moment for me was when he was trying to get Gil's attention by whistling the "Phylips is coming" tune. I melted into a teary/smiling like a fool puddle on the bus seat.

God, I love love love how both Anne and Gilbert go back to their passionate, driven selves in this chapter. Gilbert doesn't say "I hope to win the Cooper Prize" or "I might have a chance to win the Cooper Prize". He says "the Cooper Prize is mine". Hot as hell, by the way. Welcome back, Mr. Blythe.

It's fantastic that Anne is thinking about getting back to writing, to being a creator of something, instead of being stuffed with knowledge and other people's words. I love how both she and Gilbert are remembering that conversation on the kitchen steps, realising what a pivotal moment it was in their lives.

I wonder what Anne eventually bought for his birthday. Could you tell us, or will it come up later on? And I would love to get Christine's impressions on Anne and the party...

Again, it was one of my favourite chapters of the entire RD series. Among all your writing talents, creating such a strong, intricate and varied ensemble is probably the biggest one.
4/27/2015 c3 EllaOfDale
I'm a crazy regular fanfic reader on my little phone app, especially from the Anne-Girls. And YOU, Ms. katherine-with-a-k, are my favorite author writing anywhere right now, bar none. In the fanfic world or the traditional publishing world - you outshine them all! You have a unique, witty, and heartfelt voice, and heaps o' brains! How amazed LM Montgomery would be to know *all* of her beloved creations are getting their moments to shine far out into the 21st century!

I've read every word you've ever written, and, although I didn't know where messages are reviews were supposed to go (not really an option on the phone), there have been a couple times when I thought, "writers always talk about reviews; I should really figure out how to message k-w-a-k, just to let her know how extraordinary her offerings to the worldwide Story Club really are!"

...and yet, I never have. Never mind that Untie the Knot obviously grabbed my attention from the get-go (I mean: Cathartic, reading that!) and since, you've written so many things that are achingly beautiful. Gilbert's growing devotion in Ch. 8 of RD2? Looking up at the stars together after Ruby's funeral? The fact that Priss knows her Austen and her Gaskell? STOPPIT. Finally, FINALLY giving fans a closer glimpse at the Blythe children in Call to Arms? (You could teach Kevin Sullivan a thing or twelve! I've been longing for a ROI adaptation!) You've given your *own* fangirls thousands of moments to fawn all over...

- but, nope. Never lifted a finger to review. How ochre of me.

And then, today, I read this line:

"Turns out it wasn't excitement but ham."

I just about choked.

For the first time ever, I put down the phone, wandered over to the computer (where, apparently, fanfiction central actually lives) and just spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to search profiles, how to create an account, where messages go (apparently, not PMs - you need to be a 24-hour veteran of to send one. It seems I look suspiciously like Spam.) where stories live, and how to post reviews - all in the name of sending you a long overdue shout out.

GIRL, you were worth all that trouble.

That was the most honest, human, and completely believable read on a depths of depair Gilbert Blythe I've ever seen. It's probably one of the funniest throwaway lines I've ever seen. Are you an Oscar Wilde fan? He'd be proud.

katherine-with-a-k, you are an international treasure. Thank you for brightening my day every time there's a story update. Know you have far more kindred spirits out there than all the favorites and follows will ever indicate. Thank you for being brave and sending your characters out into the world.

Love love love from all your silent Anne-fans out there.

P.S. Did I mention how much I loved Gilbert's realization that seeing his articles edited beyond recognition finally helped him understand why Averil meant so much to Anne? What a revelation!

4/27/2015 c3 7Formerly known as J
Hooray! The return of Charlie Sloane. And not just returning for a cameo appearance, but in the guise of Gilbert's saviour - who would have thought? I can't even begin to express to you how happy that made me! I absolutely adored this chapter, K, and laughed the whole way through Charlie's entry. In fact, I had to keep stopping so that I could laugh harder! You are a genius at taking us all the way into Sloane-land, ready or not, and I love it there. I will attempt to point out a few of the highlights for me here, but I can't possibly list everything that I loved about this chapter, because I would just have to write out the whole chapter. Every single word. I could tell you what I loved sentence by sentence, but you might get bored, so here's the short version...

First of all, I especially enjoy Charlie's weather and food consumption reports at the beginning of his entries, they are truly hilarious. It's important information to record, obviously. I love that he was horrified at Gilbert ignoring the keep off the grass signs, and so of course Charlie was "forced" to pretend he didn't know him. That, plus the fact that Gilbert is flat on his back drunk as the proverbial skunk meant I knew I was going to really enjoy this entry from the beginning. Then, when Gilbert started talking "without any encouragement" about the birthday celebrations hosted by the "shameless" Miss Gordon, including the wrong measurements for the punch from a "supposed mathematics expert" - I knew it was going to get better & better! I love how baffled Charlie is by it all.

I particularly loved Charlie's account of Gilbert's "shocking exhibition" of drunkenness, including singing, stripping, and vomiting. Our poor darling Gilbert was really losing the plot, and no wonder. Not to mention Charlie's "satisfaction" that Pandora can play 'Fur Elise' but Anne Shirley still has to grasp the "feminine arts", along with his own favourable comparison to Gilbert's hirsuteness. Hehe. And bless Charlie for deciding that what Gilbert really needs is a good role model, and of course, who better than Charlie Sloane for this important task? What a perfect solution, when all Gilbert has to do is tutor Charlie in...well, everything? My favourite was "I am not so unchristian as to wish Gilbert Blythe upon her instead." He is awesome. I was also interested to note that Christine and Roy took over the musical performance duties together. Intriguing.

I was especially impressed that Charlie even shared his portion of ham with Gilbert. Who doesn't appreciate a fry up after a big night out? Particularly generous, I thought, given the damage done to Charlie's waste paper basket. Then Gilbert remembering Anne asking if they could go back to being good friends "and smart is better than pretty" ;) when he thinks she is already engaged to Roy - I understand why he'd prefer not to have that memory. Ouch. And what about Charlie Sloane giving him what for. I never would have suspected that Charlie Sloane was at the heart of Gilbert's winning the Cooper. It was all Neville Longbottom, and very unexpected. Good on you, Charlie, for reminding Gilbert what he was in college for. I'm loving that Gilbert's all fired up now. Oohh la la! What next?

Dear Anne, missing the soft place to land, and her trunk full of memories. I giggled that she needed another trunk just for Roy's words. Then Roy waxing lyrical about not having the strength to go to Anne's funeral, but only giving her a "luminous smile" when she wanted more. I love how Roy just loves everything about himself and her "all, all!" comment echoing how much attention Roy had paid to her speech back in the beginning. They are just not quite right together are they? I loved how Anne's return of resolve to publish echoed Gilbert's determination for the Cooper Prize by them both remembering that same day at Green Gables. They are both starting to remember who they really are. Thank goodness. Now I understand why Stella was feeling that "nothing seems worthwhile" when she went into Anne's room. So I'm even gladder that Anne could make her laugh, and that she suspects that Stella "loves Priss the way Gilbert once loved me" and oooohhh that he doesn't smile at her with his eyes anymore. I want to shout at her, "He still loves you, Anne! Don't worry, his eyes will be smiling at you again soon!"

I think perhaps I've rambled on a little long here, K. Hopefully, I've explained how very much I loved this chapter, especially after the heart wrenching experiences last chapter. Just to be clear, I am so on board team Gilbert and Anne.
4/27/2015 c2 2Enna Energe
Whoops. Biddlesford, not McLeod. ;)
4/27/2015 c2 6rebeccathehistorian
Oh gosh. Gil is so drunk. Wow.

But, I have to say, Charlie will definitely get a great tutor out of Gil.

"You're to stop these shameful capers! he barked at me. I mightn't expect better of you, but your folks certainly do! I thought you meant to be a doctor! I suppose you only said that to impress Anne Shirley." Ouch. That's harsh, Charlie!

Gil ending his diary entry on the Cooper Prize and saying that he means to take it made me feel really glad inside. When I read it, I mentally shouted, "Yay! The Gilbert Blythe I know and love is back!"

I think it really says something that Anne has spent more time thinking of what to give Gil for his birthday than on her last essay. Also, I love how you always portray Anne and Gil and how they echo the same thoughts even though they don't know it - like now, when they're both remembering that same scene in which they talk about their ambitions when they were in their teaching days. And I love Anne's last paragraph. To me, it really feels like Anne is becoming Anne Shirley once more.
4/27/2015 c1 rebeccathehistorian
I liked Phil's entry. You've really conveyed how much she's grown up. :)

Oh my gosh, Roy is so melodramatic. I can see why Anne was with him; it reminds me of Anne's comment that she flies on the wings of a sunset and drops down with a thud (or something like that). And the fact that Roy calls it Avondale? That really illustrates that he's not suited for Anne! He can't even remember the name of Anne's beloved hometown correctly! And for the fact that he says, "I shall always ensure that we keep a modest abode on Prince Edward Island. Not in the villages of course. But Charlottetown I understand has some very fine residences - and a tailor of some renown." Oh gosh, Roy, you *really* don't understand how much village life means to Anne. Yeah, she's living in a city now, but that doesn't mean she will always.

As for Christine's, I love Gilbert's line of "Like employing someone to brush your teeth." That was funny and it brought a smile and a laugh to my face.

I just realized now (after reading this chapter for the second time) that you have Phoebe's son be named Cavendish. You did that because Avonlea is modeled on Cavendish, PEI, right? If so, that's really clever!

I'm kind of surprised that Gil is drinking a lot, but after a bit of time thinking about it … considering where he is in this stage of life … it kind of makes sense. The hope that drink will numb his feelings towards Anne, I guess? And I'm definitely not surprised that, according to Christine, Gil is a veritable almanac. The fact that he knows about the moon, it's waxing, waning, and (especially) harvesting and reaping … he's the son of farmers for goodness sakes! Of course he'd know about stuff like this, Christine! He needs to know this stuff - especially when to harvest and reap - so he knows what he needs to plow and harvest when and what kind of weather they'll be getting, so therefore, how good (or bad) the harvest will be. And I don't think having a Harvest Ball helped; I think that for Anne, Gil, and the other folk at Redmond who do come from farming families, it would just make them feel like the laughingstock possibly and be ashamed about their roots. Or make them roll their eyes, because no, how these other or rich students think farmers dress aren't the ways that the farmers they know in real life dress at all.

And in my opinion, it says something that Christine isn't good for Gil either; something so important as Ruby's death and she can't quite correctly remember that friend's name? Ouch. But I do have to say that it's quite possible that she drank, so if so, I will give her leeway and say that it's fine that she doesn't remember the woman's name. And of course, I need to remember that like all of us, she's as human as any of us in some sense, so of course I can't expect her to remember everything. I think it's just that I want Anne and Gil to get together so badly that I want to criticize her atrociously.

On that note, I do feel for Christine though. To have a relationship like with Andrew…. Ouch. That's got to hurt. I just really wish Andrew would break the engagement since she can't.

As for my favorite Gilbert memory … I don't think I have one. But I do have to say, that to me, he's looks the most handsome in the gazebo scene in the second movie. Right now, I can't see any pictures that has Gilbert in it from Sullivan's Anne movies because then I get heartbroken all over again.
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