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5/26/2015 c10 Guest
Wonderful chapter! But I have to wonder if the "metaphysical poetics" and "parabolic anomaly" are anagrams. If they are, I can't figure them out, but by this time I know Anne and Gilbert well enough to know that they tend to do anagrams!
5/25/2015 c10 5JennWithAPenn
I don't even know what to say. Except, except... ahhh! I've read this multiple times and still I just keep wanting to go back and drink it in. I wanted a sampler of Anne's changed feelings and I've been given an entire buffet. And all I want is to go back for seconds and thirds and fourths. All that melancholy, all those tears, all the angst and misunderstanding and build up have made this chapter so much more than what it appears on the surface. Anyone (in theory, yet without even an ounce of your execution) could have attempted a journal entry of Anne's thoughts after she realizes her true feelings. But it wouldn't mean anything without that build-up.
And you realize it so beautifully. This isn't infatuation. It's not fleeting. It's love. Just love, love, love, and I am smiling from ear to ear. I just love the way she is seeing him in a new light. Drinking in his body, his mannerisms, his voice, his presence. Funny how when you are in love, little nothing seem like big somethings. You touched on that so well. And just the idea that Anne feels surely he can feel her beating heart from inside her chest, and vice versa! And of course I love that he knows. He just knows! "I haven't waited half my life not to recognize it now"... Ahh! All the times he tried to convince himself she cared when she didn't, and deep down he knew she didn't. But now she does, and he totally knows. I loved the line about him being consumed with her want (or something of the like). I don't blame the boy. I'd just want to lay down and drink that in! But I also liked what he said about maybe needing to ready himself for all she can give. Because he's right... when that girl feels something, she feels it. She doesn't do halfway.
There were so many beautiful lines in this entry, same as always. It rang of Anne but also of Katherine. I hope you enjoyed writing this as much as we've all enjoyed reading it because it really is something. And now I can't wait for the finale. And my only consolation is knowing that you are going to get around to those letters. I quiver to imagine what you will do with those!
5/25/2015 c10 5rebeccathehistorian
AHHH! I love this! I'm an incoherent mess of words now thanks to you.

Oh my gosh, this chapter was amazing. My brain just keeps thinking, "More! More! I need more!"

I think the biggest thing I liked about this chapter was that Anne and Gil's conversation and get togethers start off awkward before it starts going back into that old friendship mode that (I'm paraphrasing here) "pales in comparison to the rose of love." I never thought of Anne and Gil having awkward conversations at first after his illness but I think that's because we don't see them having one in Anne of the Island. But it makes absolute perfect sense here and I'm so glad that you included it.

The other major thing I liked about this chapter was that Anne has changed and you've shown her development beautifully. She's gone from having these romantic ideals, having them be realized (initially at least) by Roy, to now, saying that she loves the man she's in love with because of who he is not what he embodies.

I forgot to tell you this in last chapter's review, but while I did know that Gil was going to survive that bad case of typhoid, I was still very concerned for his welfare.
5/25/2015 c10 2KatherineBrooke
Boy, when Anne decides (or rather, realizes) to love she doesn't do it have way. I feel kinda sorry for her that she wasn't able to run to him and throw her arms around Gilbert. Although I suppose it served her right for the way she had treated Gilbert all those years. Now it's her turn to wait… oh, the agony! Your descriptions of her love and desire for Gilbert are so Anne-ish and you can definitely hear the desire for him in her writings. It must've been so awkward for both of them during that first visit, but it sounds like things settled down and progressed nicely after that. I'm glad that Anne couldn't keep her love for him out of her eyes, and that Gilbert knew exactly what it was he was looking at. Great chapter! There is one more, isn't there? Please?
5/25/2015 c9 5JennWithAPenn
Hello dear... Forgive my delay. I've had family in town and I just knew I couldn't read (much less review) such an intense chapter as this one with other people about. I didn't dare cheapen it with distractions. I'm so glad I waited... I sank lower with every entry. Watched them pass through those various stages, from thinking nothing was truly the matter, to a hopeful outlook, to fear and grief. And the part where his mother held him on the bedroom floor tore me apart the most. Her comment about being numb, and preferring to bury him rather than let him continue hurting... ugh.
But I think perhaps what got me most were those dry tears. Poor, poor Gil. That's when it sank in the most... because here I was worried about the grief his family was being out through, when of course he's the one in the most pain of all.
And there were the brass tacks too. That momma. How I love her. I appreciated you trying Anne into it, but still making it about Gil.
I also really appreciate you simply giving us an account of what went on during the fever, because of course in canon we don't get to set foot inside Allwinds. We pretty much just get the aftermath. And you certainly could have cheated somehow and skipped over it. But you didn't and I thank you. How you captured their experience in so few words... Once again I bow to the master!
And of course the cherry on top was Anne's last entry... I wanted to yell "YES!" because that was the MOMENT, but it would have felt rather like shouting during a funeral. So excellent job plunging me into the depths with you...
Bring on the next chapter... gah this is the one I've been waiting for!
5/25/2015 c10 otpisrelative
I didn't stop to review each chapter because I was so busy speed-reading through this! I think I will do a thorough reread. This story is so, so, SO good. I love the depth you create, within the characters and for the reader given their cross-currents of perspectives and viewpoints. And there were so many perfectly in character hilarious moments too! And heart wrenching ones. I almost cried in several places.

Really fantastic work.
5/25/2015 c10 Guest
5/25/2015 c9 5rebeccathehistorian
I forgot to mention this in my last chapter review so here it is:

The advice that Mrs. Blythe's mother gives Mrs. Blythe is:
1. Catch him
2. Feed him well
And I think 3 and 4 are Watch over him.

Ok! On to this chapter!

Oh my gosh, I spent the entire chapter repeatedly saying "Oh no" and "Oh G-d." I know he's going to survive but at one point I was thinking, "Oh gosh. How much more are you going to make Gil suffer?"

In the very first letter of this chapter, I love the fact that Gil at 24 is acting like an eight year old - wanting to read 'till 3 in the morning or bandaging up the dog or making a poultice from onions. Gil's absolutely adorable. Oh, and the fact that Pearl Blythe is right that Gil's going to make a great doctor because that is definitely true.

So now I'm curious: Is the Lowbridge doctor in this cannon the father of the Dr. Parker in Anne of Ingleside? Or is the Lowbridge doctor in 1887 a completely different doctor and that Dr. Parker comes to Lowbridge at around the same time Gil comes to Glen St. Mary in Anne's House of Dreams or at least before Anne of Ingleside? … Or is the Lowbridge doctor that Pearl is talking about Dr. Parker himself?

I love the fact that Gil knows the Latin names for plants and I was astounded that Gil remembered the second one in his muddled state! I didn't expect that!

One thing I absolutely loved in this chapter is how magnificently you slowly developed Gil's illness. You must've down a spectacular amount of research and it definitely shows!

I must say, Anne's diary entry gave me such a start. After reading all those letters from Dr. Dave, Pearl, John, and Sarah, seeing Anne's diary entry was such a surprise. I fairly screamed in ecstasy when I got to the end of Anne's (shortest!) diary entry.

Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the fact that you drop hints in this chapter that crop up in later books! Not only mentioning the Lowbridge doctor but also the fact that half the Glen is made up of Elliots. (I can mentally hear Miss Cornelia say, "From the Crawfords, Elliots, and McAllisters, good Lord deliver us!")

Lastly, I'm just curious about something: Are you planning on showing and having Gil and Dr. Dave (and possibly Pearl, John, and Sarah) write to each other during your Windy Poplars Letters story? Because I think you should and it would be great to see Gil reaching out to Dave saying "Can you please explain this?" or "Did you ever feel like X when you did Y [ex: a surgery]?" or from Dave's end "How are your studies going?", etc.
5/24/2015 c8 rebeccathehistorian
This was a wonderful read! I really enjoyed reading this so thank you!

While Phil's entries were great to read, I loved reading Anne's and the fact that she just wants to feel that rage but she can't. And I find it interesting that it was Anne who wrote about Phil's wedding and the upcoming arrival for Diana and Fred. I'm not surprised that Anne is worried; if I'm right, this is still at the time where children were born at home, not in hospitals, and the fact that the modern germ theory and thoughts about sanitation were just becoming widespread and accepted in medical circles at this point in time, meant that childbirth, I believe, was more dangerous than it is now. And the biggest cause of death, I believe, in women ages about 20-40 during this time period was childbirth.

I feel that the last line ("Because there were no stars, Anne Shirley. They were only cracks in the ceiling.") is signifying because it's illustrating that reality is starting to crash down around Anne.

Another thing that I really liked you put in here was that you had Gil travel to Glen St. Mary. Great foreshadowing! So I'm wondering, is Gil going to be learning a bit about medicine while he's staying with Dr. Dave and his wife? Or is Gil going to start getting sick in Glen St. Mary, Dr. Dave notices, and promptly sends him back to Avonlea? I'm extremely curious to find out. I can't wait!
5/24/2015 c10 PelirrojaBiu
Sorry for the late review! I just needed to read it loads of times and delight in every sentence. Living in Europe, I got the update alert just after the midnight. I saw it was you, but couldn't read it, having to get up early for work. Couldn't fall asleep with all that excitement! :)

Oh my, where to start? It was an utter brilliance. You nailed Phil's letter, it was exactly right. I loved that they both had expectations vs. reality trouble. I just about died at the "Hello, you" line. Anne Shirley, ladies and gentlemen, BA and a published author. Poor darling. The tartan rug, Whitman, the watch situation! (By the way, same as Edkchestnut in her review down below, I think that after 3 years of engagement and constant push-ups he's going to be sporting some admirable abs and chest mustles. Mmmmm...).

Coming back to THE apple tree was my favourite part. His pretending to sleep and "drowning in her fierce and unrelenting love". It's not just that he knows that she loves him, he knows exactly how strong and deep that love is. The way they were both thinking about their relationship! They were "best enemies and then best friends and then nothing and now...". And Gil writing about "rediscovering" the Island and each other - it made me think about the moments after Diana's wedding, when they were also identifying each other with the Island, though with a much more bitter resolution than now. And that beautiful parallel, Anne saying "I'll never stop saying it, I'll never stop loving him" and Gilbert's "I never stopped loving her". I already dread the moment this series is finished, but can't wait for the Love Letters! :)

BTW! I once stumbled upon your profile page here on ff net and upon your recommendation I bought my first Madeleine St John's book, "The Essence of the Thing"!
5/24/2015 c10 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
So, I didn't review as soon as I finished reading for a couple of reasons:
1. I was reeling from the impact and, like Gilbert, I wanted to asses, reflect and enjoy the waves of feeling flooding over me before moving on.
2. It was 2am. I'd already read this chapter three times and really needed to sleep!

So, after a suitable period of reflection, during which I have re-read chapter XL a further 3 times and raced through the whole RD series again in preparation for the end, let me tell you what I think.

First up, I was a tiny bit disappointed. I saw the gap in dates from the previous chapter, I saw Anne being gloriously, unconfinedly in love and I thought, "oh no, it's the end! I'm not ready for this to be over!" Then I remembered there are 41 chapters in AotI and the fear passed.

So what did I love? Or make that what did I especially love, as it was all fantastically, gloriously wonderful. I loved the way Anne was in love. The way everything she describes loving about Gilbert is so familiar and so new. Perfectly captured in the line "say toothbrush, Gilbert Blythe, and I promise you I will blush so red you won't know where my face stops and my hair begins"! I adore that line. It captures everything about Gilbert. That he can make the mundane and ordinary seem exciting, challenging and charged with wicked possibility (because he could be wicked, if he chose to). And that for so long Anne thought of him as too ordinary and familiar to be desirable. Now anything he says or does is charged with sensual suggestion in her mind. The ordinary is elevated to the erotic, simply because she is seeing and feeling with such clarity now. (I could possibly be over thinking that line there, but it was great!).

I love that she loves him and desires him and her longing for Gilbert is an echo of his longing for her in RD3 (c.9). I love that she is shouting marry me, marry me in the way that she wished she could in RD1? 2? (Can't remember exactly where, but I'm sure I've seen that line before). That she is in the midst of the storm and deluge of feeling she once thought she never could have with Gilbert Blythe. And I love that you have her remembering the past and his touch and her knowing that it was there all along.

And there you have Anne (and me) in a frenzy of expectation that he is coming and the glorious consummation is about to begin, and then a big dose of reality hits. Gilbert is weak and ill and Anne stops thinking about Gil in relation to her and sees what he really is, that what nearly dying looks like: "not once in all the days since I heard he would live did I consider why he nearly died". The awkwardness and Inarticulateness of what follows is like a sudden rush of cold air.

And Gilbert is as dry as ever. (The reference to the clck was mischievous, as if everything wasn't awkward enough, without poor Gil needing to summon up the image of Charlie Sloane in Calico to add to the agony). Berating himself for going to see Anne too soon, yet evidently unable to stay away and wearing down the familiar path to Green Gables on a variety of pretexts. And he is keeping it just friends, when Anne is consumed with longing.

The reference to Whitman spoke volumes. A real throwback to the chapter where Anne wants to send a verse to Roy, but can't because she might send it to the wrong man! And go is blank verse, where as aroy was only ever a sonnet. Anne is throwing an open invitation at Gil (who will have read Whitman, cos he's known far longer than Anne what it is to be the body electric).

That final scene under the apple tree was so right. Anne was so squarely in the place where Gil has been so often. The line "it's a terrible, wonderful agony to lie there next to the one you love, never knowing if they love you back" is Gil's life for the past decade!

And Gil's response, to be too overwhelmed to move. Knowing the prize is there for the taking and not wanting to rush in, being unable to believe it. And who could blame him for an element of schadenfreude. But I think he is right to recruit his strength, cos there is a torrent of feeling about to be unleashed...

So Anne's ready, Gil's years ready, I'm ready and a whole host of Anne-girls are clustered in this corner of the internet willing you to get us to the end. Thank you Katherine-with-a-k for the most phenomenal ride!
5/24/2015 c10 18Alinyaalethia
Firgive me not reviewing sooner, I've been reading and rereading and just absorbing this chapter. Beautifully written. It is good to laugh again. You captured the awkwardness of that reunion very well, and as ever, Anne's voice is perfectly on pitch. I loved Gilbert's boating metaphor and Anne watching him apparently asleep, and all of your description. I'll save you a recitation, there was too much of it I liked to pick and choose. Thank you for ending on that high note of Gilbert's, it was exhilarating to read.
5/24/2015 c10 Halinah
Long time lurker, first time reviewer (sorry!). Amazing story and what a fantastic way to finish the whole RD series, even though I might shed a tear or two when you publish the last chapter. I loved every single word - your stories are just like Anne's feelings towards Gilbert: "with bite and juice" and one wants to lick every last word of it.
5/23/2015 c10 3JD SPARKS
Love it! Beautiful, stuff! Love the letters for Gilbert's declining health, and the last chapter after Anne's revelation is great! Love getting that insight into Anne and Gilbert's heads now that the tables have turned. Well not so much turned as they are both on the same page, and Gilbert's love is no longer unrequited. Cannot wait to read the next chapter! Going to be so sad when this is over!
5/23/2015 c10 2BrightRiver
Oh my, the end is nigh. You killed me with the reference to Whitman. I can't imagine Gilbert reading Whitman but can see Anne's version being very dogeared.

I adore the way you have written Anne throughout this series. It has been a delight to read. The only thing i have disliked is your portrayal of Christine and it's only dislike driven from frustration because of how wonderful you made her character. I had begun a fanfic with Christine playing a main role but could not shake your interpretation...so it's back to the drawing board.

Very much looking forward to the last chapter and many more stories from you thereafter. You really are a talented weaver of words.
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