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for The Red Swordsman: Toa of Aincrad

8/9/2020 c44 1paijitsean
Just finished the whole story. Bloody Brilliant! Hey might we have a conversation for a crossover idea?
8/5/2020 c20 paijitsean
Man, we all know who said those words, Mata Nui rest his soul.
3/30/2020 c1 1CrestLockser777
Jesus fucking Christ. This was beautiful. I came into this expecting a mediocre story with no flow or pacing and just a way to take up time, but no. This was 44 chapters of beautiful storytelling. I applaud you author for being able to make a masterpiece like this.
3/10/2019 c8 RandomPerson
Wonder when Sachi will die.
1/21/2018 c16 honeybadger894
1/21/2018 c11 honeybadger894
Mataras said fire-spitter. Now all I can imagine is him tree/chute speaking
1/21/2018 c6 honeybadger894
I’m not really seeing how Bionicle has anything to do with this
12/22/2017 c4 Teuna
You mispelled some of the character's names.
Its Schmitt; not Schmidt
Its Silica; not Selica
No offense, it just really bothers me
9/6/2017 c44 2SilvrSkyline
Doctor Who fan are you? It's rather easy to recognize that last little speech if you've watched the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration... and you know what? It fit's Perfectly for this.
7/17/2017 c7 2Cy Man
Ughhh, I cannot read this, I really cannot. I don't know if this is the original story of "The Red Swordsman" or not, but I'm sorry dude. You're a really good story teller, Fire Sword and Star Sword prove that, but this is just completely unbearable for me. You clearly acknowledge it early on in the story but its still been extremely irritating to even attempt to read this, I said before during Fire Sword that I hate Self inserts so much and this further enforces it that. This guy just steals moments where it should be Kirito doing the talking or doing a quest like with him going with Lis but you have this guy do it. You state Kirito is the "leader" of the guild and yet this guy does not only most of the talking but the actions and orders himself more then 80% of the time. I'm just so infuriated by this that I've actually been screaming and yelling profoundly in anger every time I see this guy do something I expect Kirito to do on top of nearly punching a hole in my wall. I actually wanted to try this out some you kept recommending this Red Swordsman stuff so much and took pride in it, but... ugh, I can't read this I really cannot, if I keep trying to read it I'll probably pop a blood vessel. I'm sorry man, I really am, but this is just terrible, in my honest opinion. On the bright side, the new Accel World vs Sword Art Online indirectly referenced your Red Swordsman stuff during some fun dialogue between Kirito and Kuroyukihime when they talked about their thing for the color black.
4/22/2017 c3 Secret Taco
I love the descriptions that I have read so far, they give clear images and gives me a level to strive for.
10/19/2016 c43 553Colinm
10/2/2016 c26 4Nightsky of FlameClan
ok I noticed that Erak and the other are named after the AI from Red vs Blue, all except for Hera I believe.
10/2/2016 c20 Nightsky of FlameClan
It's kinda funny. I knew about your youtube channel well before I realized that you wrote fanfiction and I had watched your guide to a good crossover fanfiction and then I decided to check out your stories, and I must say, this stuff is amazing. Quite frankly, you inspire me greatly, and I plan on buy a copy of Dragon Roar. Thank you so much for being awesome!
9/27/2016 c29 Toa Draconix Mah
The term "Toa of Twilight", or " Krahv-Toa as I have dubbed such a Toa, was first used by then-Exo-Zadakh, the creator of Bioni-Lords, which, in his honor, I will shortly insert into the website. However, you may have copyright issues using the title Toa of Twilight, due to the main character of Bioni-Lords using a Bioni-spirit called a Bioniclekeyblades (no, Pahrak, as Exo-Zadakh is currently dubbed on , did NOT create that name, nor the spirit, nor its three "brother" swordsmen,Zodiakai, Obscura, and Language...) that was a Toa of Twilight. What's more...Zadakh/Pahrak had a better armor than Kirito has for a Krahv-Toa: Dark-green armor on the legs/arms, a lighter shade of green that was still dark on the torso in a Mata style, the leg armor is Metru style, and the arms are like the legs, like Metru legs. The Kanohi was the Kanohi mask of...of...CRAP I ALWAYS FORGET THE METRU KANOHI! Onewa's Noble Kanohi mask of Mind Control in alternating shades of greys, like a protodermic mask(If a member of the Matoran Universe did not put on a normal mask, it would not be colored, and instead be a grey mask). Ironically, it had two swords, Kraata Spine, and Metru Light(Guess which is which, lol), with Spine on the left, an d right is Metru. It could also use the powers of all "3" elements, Shadow, Light, and Twilight, separately. Now, on to the review proper not that I warned you of possible copyright...

HOLY SHIT THIS IS A GOOD STORY! Damn, you got TALENT mixing the two worlds of SAO and Bionicle! I like it! Nice choice of having your OC a Ta-Toa. I must ask, however...The Fire Dragon State Mataros was in...He adopted the aura of a true dragon, its "aspect", if you will, didn't he? If so...and if Mataros can do that again...why not describe it as a " Dragon-Shift", also, you basically did Fairy Tail, if Natsu was taught by Atlas Flame instead of Igneel. Jussst pointing that out. I notice that you had the Kraahkan in Bars Magna, and not in the Pit; you actually paid that much attention to the lore of generation 1 Bionicle? Well done! As a guy who saw that gen 2 was doomed from the start, I congratulate you on the story; LEGO went too fast, but you? You went at the PERFECT speed for the storytelling! The Dragon of the Sonic Flames bows to you.
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