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for like an arrow shot through the dark

7/4/2017 c1 31cristina rosales
i don't even /like/ the flash, but i guess i do now. this story is so expertly crafted, and your writing gives me life. if i were to paste all the passages i adore, i think that would be the whole fanfiction. the mixed-up, confused inside of felicity's brain and how you portrayed it is amazing. overall: i think i'm a flash fan now?
1/19/2016 c1 Guest
I love barricity I honestly also choose ships that hurt me. I swear I don't think any of my ships have ever worked out.
1/2/2016 c1 269Dance Elle Dance
I adore the chemistry Barry and Felicity have in the show and you translated it perfectly here. I, also, think I just love ships that hurt me, apparently. Amazing work. I hope you write more BarryFelicity.
8/1/2015 c1 18Sparkly Palm Tree
Actual, literal perfection. Oh yes.
4/23/2015 c1 NicBarnes
This is soo goood!
4/22/2015 c1 28cocopops1995
Okay, I am a strong Olicity and WestAllen shipper... but I loved this... I do think that if Oliver and Iris didn't exist then Barry and Felicity would be absolutely perfect :) ... what is the ship name for Barry and Felicity? Barlicity? SmoakAllen? Something else? Whatever, I still loved this :D
4/21/2015 c1 TheAsterousAuthor

This fic is entirely too perfect for words!

I can't even describe how wonderful it was to find this!

Like, what, there's another Barricity shipper out there? Let's throw a party or something!


You just portrayed everyone SO PERFECTLY and I just love all of it.

I mean, of course, I would have loved to see more of an aftermath-confronting-Barry-about-her-feelings thing at the end, but meh.


Like how to even expres my joy and utter happiness that you wrote this, now it just makes me want to write aa whole bunch of Barricity drabbles for no real reason other than they're perfection in my eyes AND THE SHOW WRITERS MUST BE BLIND BECAUSE BARRY AND FELICITY WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE LIKE THE MOST PERFECTEST COUPLE EVER!

Great, great, great, great, GREAT fic! :D
4/20/2015 c1 Guest
More, please!

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