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11/23/2018 c18 34what-is-a-social-life
Ah I love this so much! Excited for more!
11/22/2018 c4 what-is-a-social-life
Okay, I was going to wait to review until I hit the end in order to have the maximum amount of time to gather my thoughts, but I have to stop here and say: Damn. This might be one of the first fics I read where I thought I was going to cry reading it. I didn't have quite the same experience as Quinn in middle school, but I could still see myself in her so clearly. You wrote this chapter amazingly. I love Quinn and I love how you wrote her journey from Lucy to Quinn. It was very real for I think anyone who has struggled with weight issues. So thank you. Back to reading now.
4/8/2018 c18 lileyfan1415

This was very good. So Quinn is living with p ick now. Keep going
4/9/2017 c17 Guest
omgggggg i love it ! please please please continue this is amazing! I would really love to see Santana and Brittany make it official and give into their obvious feelings for each other as more than friends with benefits! Keep it up you're amazing!
3/29/2017 c17 ShinobiCorn
update? woot woot! awesome like always
3/15/2017 c17 lileyfan1415

Loved this chapter. It's way cute with everyone. Keep going
3/14/2017 c17 Guest
You're back yay great chapter hope u can update more chapters soon
1/15/2017 c16 ShinObi
Binged thru it all today and awesome job! Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/12/2017 c16 Guest
Quinn is such a badass love it
1/11/2017 c16 lileyfan1415

Good chapter. Sow e see Quinn and Sue having words about glee club and Quinn is off the team in exchange glee club gets a page in the yearbook. Keep going
10/17/2016 c15 lileyfan1415

I liked this chapter. So we got Quinn not knowing what to do with the baby. Keep going
6/21/2016 c14 krista
i think santana is being a bitch in this chapter she is supposed to be quinn best friend puck and santana were never together all they ever were sex buddies that is gross for the best of them since santana is in love with brittany and puck and is in love with quinn i hope brittany finds out and gets mad at santana for what's she did to quinn i really want quinn to off on puck and also to break-up with finn so she can get with puck but she has to have a talk with both puck and santana about everything what they are putting her though
6/20/2016 c14 lileyfan1415

This chapter was interesting. So we got to see Santana swxting phvk. Then we got to Brittany and Santana talking. Then we got to see Santana and Quinn talking. Keep going
5/23/2016 c13 Dauta
I really like how you make that beautiful travel for the past... I like more when are about Britt and Santana, but that is good too.

5/15/2016 c13 lileyfan1415

I liked this chapter. I'm guessing this was an flashback of pucks and Santanas past which was good to see. So is this still a brittana?
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