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for I'll Hold My Breath

5/22/2015 c6 Izzie
I lover this and can't wait to see how there relationship develops! Please update soon and make things fluffy and happy
5/22/2015 c6 Patsy
Yes! Please next chapter! This is getting really good ! She needs to open up to him and stop running! Please give us another chapter today- I am loving his story!
5/22/2015 c6 Lourdi
And you left us hanging...
5/22/2015 c6 3japa01
Wow! Great chapter! Please more of it!
5/19/2015 c4 Julie
Such a great story! I just retread the entire story and cannot wait for more! I am in love with this MerDer, I read chapter 5 and cannot wait for chapter 6! Today would be nice! Please?
5/19/2015 c5 Carolyn
Please get us off this cliff and send them on a date! I am so in love with this story that I cannot wait for the next chapter!
5/18/2015 c5 Izzie
I love this! Thank gosh mere has to say yes! Lol update soon
5/18/2015 c5 Jenny
Time for magazine covers, and speaking engagements!
The Grey-Shepherd Method? On with the story, PLEASE!
5/18/2015 c5 Mandy
DATE TIME ! Yes! Cannot wait and the need to consummate the date! With Mer and Der and alcohol there will be the shedding of clothes,too much drinking and falling into bed together! I cannot wait! Please? Another chapter today would be nice!

I would like to see them in a brain mapping project together after the success with the tumor trial! Richard needs to send them off together on speaking engagements!this is going to be a great story! It has so much potential! Good job!
5/18/2015 c5 Patsy
YES! YES! Cannot wait for the date plus we need romance now! Time for some MerDer hanky pinky! I just Looove this story! Update soonish!
5/18/2015 c5 Lourdi
Yeah, one survived and there is a date.
5/19/2015 c5 MerderCute
I love that Derek is determined to convince to Meredith.

Derek is McDreamy

Upgrade soon,I know that answer will give Meredith to Derek.
5/15/2015 c4 Mandy
Please update soon ! Wonderful story! Want them to go on a date!
5/13/2015 c4 Linda
Great story next chapter please
5/12/2015 c4 Melanie
I love this story! They need to talk,because;they definitely belong together! You are a good writer and do not become discouraged as I am loving this story! Cannot wait for the next chapter when they have a successful outcome and it's date time! They need each other! Update soonish-love your story!
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