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for I'll Hold My Breath

5/11/2015 c3 Patsy
I love this story please continue-next chapter please!
How about another update soonish? Cannot wait for their date and more than one chapter would be nice!
5/11/2015 c3 2Pepperonipizza01
Its me or this was a bit short? :P nah its because i love this fic! Please update.
5/11/2015 c3 8iceiceiceiceice
This is great! Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/2/2015 c2 Guest
5/2/2015 c2 Patsy
I love it and thank you! They have to be together! They need to meet again at the bar in the next chapter! This story has such wonderful possibilities! I am excited! More! More!
5/2/2015 c2 two harts
Loved this chapter...can't wait for the success of her trial so they can go on the date...:) Looking forward to the next chapter..:)
5/1/2015 c1 9mandyg67
Great start to your story. I can't wait until she realizes Derek is a neuro-god.
4/28/2015 c1 Jenny
Please update and continue! Sounds like a great story jus dump Rose and hook up with Meredith! Next chapter please! This is a good story Do not abandon it! Another few chapters would be great to get it going!
4/25/2015 c1 Guest
Lmfao Derek and Rose?! Good luck with that.
4/25/2015 c1 Julie
Please continue this story! I really like it, we can keep Derek alive in fanfic land! Next chapter please!
4/24/2015 c1 Melanie
I love it! This is the happy I needed today! Next chapter please this can be a great story!

I don't like Rose either! Never did!
4/26/2015 c1 MerderCute
after so cruel shonda chapter. I love your story please update will read it to the end.
4/24/2015 c1 Patsy
Yes! Yes! Yes! Please continue this and dump Rose and especially Finn as I never cared for either one! I truly do despise Rose! We could all use a happy MerDer story after last night! I plan to be reading a lot of fan fics and this one sounds good! Next chapter please!
4/24/2015 c1 crankybitch
what a refreshing story to read after that episode from shonda. i love love love it! and i cant wait for the next chapter.

i never liked rose
4/24/2015 c1 9IanLevitt
I'm here for you! I surprised myself by crying because I had still been pissed with Derek about ReneƩ, so I feel your pain. Anyhow, this story is off to a great start and I cannot WAIT for more! :)
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