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3/29/2016 c24 2shelwyn
Harem beginnings woo
3/29/2016 c17 shelwyn
Shiro developing another harem ayye lmao
3/28/2016 c13 shelwyn
Shiro works fast already sleeping with Blake.
3/25/2016 c10 StormSwordbane
Wouldn't team SRBR be called Sherbert, instead of Strawberry?
3/27/2016 c29 Mingyu
Rather well done. I like the writing,although I do have problems with the storyline and the relations between Nasuverse and Remnant. That being said, I highly respect that you're going out of your way to make it a story instead of halfassedly throwing Shirou in Jaune's body and retelling RWBY. I really liked some of the innovations! The action sequences are great too!

...even if there are a few contradictions. Only one I can remember off the top of my head after reading through everything is Tabitha reading Shirou's journals (which are supposed to be in Japanese, I think). There is a chance I didn't read close enough and missed something though. If so, sorry.

Still, overall I am impressed and hope to read it through to the end. Thank you very much!
3/8/2016 c6 Guest
How in the world can Shirou not know how to meditate? Hey does freaking Kyuudou, which is an almost ritualistic bow shooting and maybe some kendo from Taiga. Not only that he also dose freaking magecraft. Meditation is basic to these things.
3/7/2016 c12 Bob
If Ozpin is the only one who refers to Shirou by his true name then why is the team called SRBR rather than JRBR?
3/7/2016 c11 Bob
So many things happening with Shirou. Too bad none of them are interesting. More killing grim and less sword anthropology please.
3/7/2016 c10 Bob
Team "Strawberry" LOL
With that team name have just made up for all of the things I didn't like about this fic :P
3/7/2016 c9 Bob
Nice fight scenes. I am really not a fan of the Weiss bashing you seem to be doing though.
3/7/2016 c8 Bob
Ok so at least Ozpin knows better than to distract people from the plot by revealing Shirou's identity. I am confused as to why he made it a battle Royal. I mean it definitely has something to do with Shirou but what would be the advantage of showing everyone that Shirou is stronger than them when they decided to keep it secret? I am also getting a vague inkling that you might be changing up the teams from how they were in canon...
3/7/2016 c7 Bob
YAY! My waiting was not in vain! :D
Ruby and Yang are perfectly in character! On the other hand I am terrified that you might ruin this fic by taking Weiss' weapon away from her :/
Sure Weiss is kinda a bitch when she is first introduced but wouldn't it be better for Shirou to teach her to care for her weapon rather than take it from her?
I also really don't see why you need Shirou to look like his old self. Again that just seems pointless and contrived. And after reading the author's note at the end of this chapter I seriously hope that Shirou doesn't get to telling anyone that he's Not-really-Jaune any time soon because it would cause unnecessary drama and distract everyone from whatever the main plot is supposed to be.
As for Shirou's reaction to the pain the sword felt - it just kinda made him seem like a wimp. Not so much in the reader's eyes because I can see what you were going for there, but rather in the eyes of all the other characters there.
I swear I've never been so conflicted about a fanfiction story in my entire life. As I've said before you are clearly a talented author capable of representing characters personalities very well, even creating believable OC's that don't make me want to kill them(a true feat for a fanfic writer) and yet when it comes to the actual scene by scene development of the plot I can't help but think I've seen much lesser authors do much better jobs. I am sorry but that's honestly the way I feel.
I'll keep reading though since at least I've enjoyed Shirou interacting with Yang and Ruby.
3/7/2016 c6 Bob
Oh God the orphanage is not going anywhere any time soon is it? I was really hoping it was over and done with at the end of the Child's PLay arc. And if Jaune is going to Beacon early that probably means that none of the main cast will be there and I've been waiting for something that's not going to happen... Damn. I'm still not losing hope though - maybe they'll be there anyway since this is semi-AU.
3/7/2016 c5 Bob
...Still waiting.
3/7/2016 c4 Bob
...I am still waiting for the main cast of RWBY to show up.
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