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3/7/2016 c3 Bob
...What? Why would Ozpin ask that of 'Jaune' of all people? This story is weird in that it is most certainly well written, the characters are believable and the world is well crafted, YET despite all of this the actual plot is so stupidly contrived it leaves me speechless. I guess I'll keep reading if only to see where it goes. I only started reading because I wanted to see Shirou interact with the cast of RWBY...
3/7/2016 c1 Bob
Well this was a pretty good chapter 1 all in all. The one problem I have with it though is Shirou randomly pulling out a diary and recording the things happening. That just came out of nowhere and doesn't make much sense to begin with honestly, seeing how he might be compromised if someone finds it xD
3/5/2016 c29 Cyllessil
Another great chapter, very excited to see what happens next in all the fights! :)
3/7/2016 c12 12KoalaKiller
To keep it short, don't agree with your opinion that both Ruby and Yang are average fighters, can only guess this was drafted with only Vol 1 in mind. Having watched all 3 Vols a number of times, it was teamwork and not personal skill that was improved the most, and considering their trainers lack of info at that time leads to you to only Vol 1 being watched. Hopefully this error has been fixed over time, I like the fic mostly besides the times when theres too many POV moments, but overall a interesting fic
3/7/2016 c29 zachary2
Pretty fast updates from you. Good show and tell. Kudos!
3/7/2016 c29 Server lock
This reveal isn't that shocking since we already had one on the level of the planet blowing up. Timing is important for reveals, and I don't believe this one was executed extremely well, or placed in a manner that would let me enjoy the shock value.
3/4/2016 c8 Axcel
Given that Jaune's soul was not destroyed, I suppose his soul attached to Shirouks, so to speak. Their minds were likely so alike that they've merged but with little noticable change.
3/4/2016 c7 Axcel
I wonder if Shirou's constant belief in his weakness compared to everyone else and that he has no chance against them is why he wins anyway in the real fights. He is distorted and Gaia rejects reality marbles' rejection of reality, causing reality marbles to have a time limit. Perhaps another way of rejecting Unlimited Blade Works is by rejecting the source.

Shirou believes that he is hopeless against the strong opponents he faces, so Gaia tries to "starve" his reality marble/distortion by giving him the strength to win anyway. This would hopefully prove to him that he is wrong about his weakness, a core aspect of his distortion. Thus, if he did not BOTH believe in his weakness and possesss his determination to fight anyway, he might lose UBW.
3/4/2016 c6 Axcel
Don't sweat it, Shirou. Ten minutes is more than enough time for UBW to slaughterfy anything and everything.
3/4/2016 c5 Axcel
Shirou's apparent weakness is merely his unwillingness to kill. Otherwise, he could very easily kill all of the strongest of Remnannt simultaneously even without his reality marble. Causality manipulating noble phantasms for the win! It isn't like he lacks defensive ones, either.

Someone needs to tell Shirou that sparing the bad guy is great and all but then whatever harm he or she causes to others that you knew the villain would continue doing is on your head. He talks of saving everyone yet he doesn't even try to save people who are not directly in front of him. He would rather die than do what it takes to prevent the villains from harming people later.

He is only interested in being a hero of the present with no concern for the people his choices cause to suffer. In a way, he is the greatest villain of all.
3/6/2016 c29 1scorpioneldar
interesting developments with this chapter i am excited to see more of this from you later
please update soon
3/4/2016 c3 Axcel
It would be amusing to see how Gillian would react to learning Jaune is only at one third of his full power. Well, that and the "I win button" Noble Phantasms he can Trace...though Gae Bolg might be useless against Grimm since they might not have hearts.
3/6/2016 c29 1Nhobdy
I take my hat off to you, you did a masterful job capturing Ren's POV. "What a horrifying thought" just felt entirely right for him - coming off as calm, almost bored even in the midst of pitched battle. I also like how you played up on his unarmed Aura techniques that crop up in cannon; he generally comes across as the least exceptional member of JNPR, competent but always in the background rather than the foreground. Given that the show's mostly focused on combat with humans & faunus, having a specifically anti-Grimm technique works well to explain why it hasn't been showcased before.
3/6/2016 c29 20thepkrmgc
while the battles are good, try not to make them last too long
3/6/2016 c29 1Amouren
im still trying to figure out berserkers idendity not too many well known skin walkers. very good chapter btw nice to see cu chuliann gettin some respect in terms of how diverse his legend made him
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