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for Remnant of Cursed Paradise

3/6/2016 c29 1HE-SpecOps
So Blake really has a thing for people who lost an arm, eh ?

New direction for Ozpin an Cindet, will you have time for worldbuilding now that you put a clock on it ?
3/5/2016 c29 Eurigos
Hmm Ozpin's pretty overpowered. Lets see how this Grail war ends
3/5/2016 c29 desdelor97
This was a great chapter.
Please keep up the great work.
3/5/2016 c29 4Krazyfanfiction1
Brilliant as always
..Coco seems a bit off...
keep up the good work as usual
3/3/2016 c1 Axcel
I suppose with Aura and Dust, Remnant could forge weapons like Excalibur. They probably wouldn't, though. After all, the potential to do something and actually doing it are radically different things.
3/2/2016 c8 Zehel2010
Agrh! Why, just would you spill the beans not even 10 chapters into the story? If you can't built more pressure with subterfuge the why don't you just write without it. Also, why overusing projection transforms his body into Shirou instead of tanning his skin and greying his hair? The whole soulconsumtion adds too much drama for you to handle. Parents will never forgive murder of their children, intended or not. And in world with violence as much more acceptable concept in day to day, They will murder mc with extreme prejudice that only parents of dead children are capable of.

P.s. Shirou is basically son of Gilles de Rais. Strange that he didn't freak out about it yet.
3/2/2016 c28 20thepkrmgc
ok so the stakes just went through the roof, for all their prowess, none of the servants have dealt with a planetary annihilation scale threat before
3/2/2016 c27 thepkrmgc
hopefully archer can train ruby enough to avert riders proclamation, but the party would be lucky to only lose one of their number in this war
3/2/2016 c26 thepkrmgc
that certainly explains the dust thefts, I wonder who the lesser grail is?
3/2/2016 c25 thepkrmgc
hopefully ren can keep the use of his arm with avalon's help, shirous skills arent the best suitied towards fighting a caster
3/2/2016 c24 thepkrmgc
i though shirou would have recognized the twins from the orphanage, hopefully they can keep the collateral to a minimum (though certain locals are probably just below ozpin's tier)
3/2/2016 c23 thepkrmgc
it seems like the stage is set, I wonder how the alliances will play out, lancer and the Emiyas working together are a strong power block but his past interactions with casters and berzerkers masters might come into play as well
3/2/2016 c22 thepkrmgc
archers reaction is absolutely hilarious, and captures the essence of the moment perfectly
3/2/2016 c21 thepkrmgc
now that was one heck of a fight!
3/2/2016 c20 thepkrmgc
im somewhat surprised that roman didnt get a servant, (perhaphs qrow did?) though cinder was one of the more obvious choices, hopefully shirou will fare better in his second battle against the son of zeus
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