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for Remnant of Cursed Paradise

3/2/2016 c21 20thepkrmgc
now that was one heck of a fight!
3/2/2016 c20 thepkrmgc
im somewhat surprised that roman didnt get a servant, (perhaphs qrow did?) though cinder was one of the more obvious choices, hopefully shirou will fare better in his second battle against the son of zeus
3/2/2016 c19 thepkrmgc
its a bit weird for shirou to split the team and use one of his most powerful items instead of just taking an airship: its not as if blake was in any pressing danger after all
3/2/2016 c18 thepkrmgc
its fitting that adam got a set of seals, I wonder who he got?
3/2/2016 c17 thepkrmgc
yay for bro!lancer, and while it should be neat to see what blake tells team pwyn, at least one of the other students is bound to have a command seal and its probably one of them (i predict weiss)
3/2/2016 c16 thepkrmgc
this makes for one heck of a plot twist: the arcs finding out is now officially the least of his problems, I wonder how hes going to explain things to his team? hopefully he'll be able to summon Saber and have a silver lining to all this (though the angst if she was summoned by a foe would also be awesome)
3/2/2016 c15 thepkrmgc
i get the feeling that when the curse of the dweeb wears off, any chance of shirou pretending to be jaune arc is gone, considering shirous luck, this will happen in front of jaunes family
3/1/2016 c14 thepkrmgc
it seems like jack is about to enter the picture, i wonder who his master is? its good that shirou will be around to interviene
3/1/2016 c13 thepkrmgc
I think that blake recognizes avalon, cant wait to see how that's going to play out

its good that your upping the grim level from mooks (at this point in the story) to a legit challenge, shirous going to have even more explaining to do though about his whole "i can solo armys" abilities
3/1/2016 c12 thepkrmgc
shirou really shouldnt be using a cursed weapon like gae bolg in a training match against students, its not like he couldnt do just as well with the married blades or even a mundane weapon

you do a good job of describing battles without spending a ridiculous amount of time on them like a lot of other fics do, and shirous observations are quite interesting

it should be interesting to see how shirou explains to blake
2/28/2016 c27 Guest
That. Was. AWESOME.
3/1/2016 c11 thepkrmgc
while it probably wasnt the smartest move to trace myrtlenaster in public, let alone in a class where weiss is present, but it should be interesting to see what blake and weiss's investigations turn up: i suspect that blake will learn his abilities first (and possibly his past, but thats because she's his best friend there at the moment) and weiss will sniff out that hes not really jaune arc (which will blow up spectacularly) and possibly the dimesnional thing
3/1/2016 c10 thepkrmgc
It should be interesting to see how SRBR (methinks that the S stands for shirou because none of his names have an S in them) reacts/notices shirous changing appearance
3/1/2016 c9 thepkrmgc
i thought you said that myrtlenaster was a new blade, though i suppose that a few hundered years isnt old for a sentient blade it still far from new. also: props to shirou and co for teaming up, that healing factor is certainly quite useful
3/1/2016 c8 thepkrmgc
its good that shirou told ozpin the full story, and while shirous lack of control over blade works is concerning it should be cool to see how you manage the teams in initiation
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