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2/5/2016 c12 1Joachim Armster
Ort couldn't have died as you described. It is immune to death and wounding. It has killed a member of the DAA,but it is an absolute one and can only be destroyed by utter disintegration using things beyond logic or reason being stronger than every other being on the planet including archetype earth, the dead type moon/crimson moon in his prime and zelretch has gone on to state that if all of the verse as a game then ort would be the hidden boss that far exeeds the final boss in every way. It is also known to be capable of whipeing all of humanity faster than both alaya/primatemurder and the Holy fully unleashed holy grail. Also both Walaperugis naucht, the vampiric Forrest, and roa DAA have also been killed. Just thought I would point this out just in case you didn't know
I am enjoying the story though
2/5/2016 c10 Joachim Armster
It wasn't in this chapter I don't think however I do most of my reading offline so you will have to excuse me if I post it long after it has shown up in the story. In fate e rank stats equals 10x the maximum for normal human ability supposedly according to the side material. (Though several times this has clashed with the material itself in being too low of a number, but writer's aren't scientist's so the get some leeway) a good example of this is when shirou gains archers arm and it "upgrades" his stats to around e level (closer to e- but big enough to join the servant Stat scale) when he gains the ability to fall 20 meters or at 75 miles per hour (terminal velocity for him being 120 miles per hour rounded) and sustains no injury and he only experiences pain and when he runs at 100 meters per 7 seconds in harsh terrain (no where near top land speed and slower than kotomine) unreinforced or a speed of 32 miles per hour or 6 mph faster than the fastest recorded sprinter in the world and he keeps this up for hours (had planned too hold that speed for 3 hours straight) given the strength of reinforcement while it's never directly stated shirou who can make poster board as strong as steel should be able to get up to the point in which he could take a fall at terminal velocity.
Not that I have any malice towards your story these are just things most people forget wyen it comes to shirou's ability and the abilities of servants in general

Lastly the e rank luck thing. It's not that an e rank is normal or necessarily bad as it is still 10 times greater than normal human it's just not necessarily good luck either. It just means that opportunity will strike and things out of the ordinary will happen to you. While a higher luck Stat increases the chances for good things to happen it is more like a measurement of how often coincidence will strike https: watch ?vumW Ry18Me6c here is my evidence for the run and jump feats, though it is long. Delete spaces to use.
2/3/2016 c6 Joachim Armster
I enjoyed the story; however, I do believe that you underestimate rins combat abilities each of her Gems are considered A rank magic which is stated to be as strong as a hurricane in force. After becoming a student of zeletch she supposedly can create them almost at will due to kaleidoscope magic. Not to mention gander shot is supposedly comparable to a sub machine gun in speed and power(being her zero line instant spell attack option).
Another note gilgamesh while incarnated by the grail wasn't powered by it. He actually got his Prana from orphans collected by kotomine. It's also the reason Lancer was much weaker than he should have been (kotomine is a poor master he gave them no prana)
Lastly you got the scale wrong for the most part Cielo can't fight servants the sole exception is when she uses all the back up prana she saved up over the 3 months, then she could match an average servant due to 7's anti spirit capabilities. Servants are also generally stronger than demons and most high tier servants are stronger (but not more powerful) than dragons. Finally the only confirmed characters besides the ultimate ones and notes characters are zelretch(and then it's still a fight), arcueid (3 average servants, but top tiers can best her i.e. gilgamesh and Buddha), the head of the burial agency (word of god) roa in his prime (limits unknown though lost to arc), and primate murder (can take 3 counter guardians though they are considered weaker than full heroic spirits) this is all word of God/nasu
Adendumb true demons (separate from regular demons) are considered life wiper and don't exist in tyep moon for the most part an example is the final boss of fate/extra being able to rape the planet supposedly top tier servants when boosted to how strong they where in life can fight such threats. (Hollow artaxia, fate extra, and the phone game present this as a fact)

Do note I have been enjoying the story and will continue to give my support. It just seems like you are underestimating rin and servants a bit compared to the burial agencies, hunters, and dead apostles (servants being generally the strongest of the 4 with specific and debatable examples.)
2/2/2016 c24 1Amouren
update soon plse
2/2/2016 c24 Amouren
update soon plse
2/2/2016 c13 WillowingBranches
BlakexShiro fir the win
1/30/2016 c3 Guest
Projection (Trace Version) (投影(トレース版), ?) is the personal variation of Gradation Air that Shirou Emiya and Archer use, referred as Tracing due to the unique aria, "Trace On", that is used for its activation. Tracing greatly differs from normal Projection in the fact that not only does it reproduce the shape and substance of an object, but also its entire history as well. Objects created with tracing are slightly inferior to the originals due to the fact that only so much information can be gathered by sight alone, and Noble Phantasms are degraded by an entire rank. The only exception to this is Avalon, which Shirou can replicate perfectly due to his body preserving a complete record of it after having been fused with it for over a decade. Objects need to be seen directly in order to be traced, as even with a blueprint and materials, The Jeweled Sword of Zelretch was impossible to trace. Objects seen through shared memories, such as The Jeweled Sword of Zelretch and Caliburn seen through Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern and Saber's eyes can be properly traced.

Shirou and Archer mentally divide the process of Tracing into seven steps, which include:

Judging the concept of creation
Hypothesizing the basic structure
Duplicating the composition material
Imitating the skill of its making
Sympathizing with the experience of its growth
Reproducing the accumulated years
Excelling every manufacturing process
Due to the extra effort, it is possible to produce incredibly stable ordinary items that can remain in the world for hours after their creation. Furthermore, whenever replicating mystical objects such as Noble Phantasms, it is possible to faithfully copy their special abilities and any skill that its owner performed are available for use. The reason this is possible is due to the nature of Unlimited Blade Works, which at a glance, records the history, composition, and design of what the user sees, and then provides the necessary materials needed to reproduce them. The actual reproduction happens within Unlimited Blade Works, and is then brought into the real world at need via Projection. If the image of the projection is interrupted in any way, the item will be physically weak and shatter upon physical impact. It is also possible to apply Reinforcement to objects recorded within Unlimited Blade Works, as demonstrated with Caladbolg II or Kanshou and Bakuya. It's the fact that a some one can use shirou variation of trace on (which is impossible since the version that shirou uses is ubw version of trace on) isn't possible since trace on is 'personal' as in only a specific individual can use it. So the chances of shirou's apprentice being able to use trace on even with a magic crest is 0% it's like giving shirou kiritsugu emiya clan's magic crest and he's suddenly able to use origin bullets
2/1/2016 c10 WillowingBranches
I ship dhiro x blake for some reason...
1/27/2016 c1 kewllewk
Shirou with full access to UBW and 74 fully developed circuits? You sure know how to write scary stuff.

In all seriousness, Emiya Shirou in Remnant is an idea that gets all of my yes, and you've done an excellent job of presenting it so far. Very nice.
1/24/2016 c12 1Aegorm
I don't get why his reality marble is acting up like that. He's in a new body, Archer's arm shouldn't be an issue... And that arm is the only reason why his Marble was fucking him up. This makes no sense at all.
1/20/2016 c18 Im a guest
Im calling that he gets Rider, Medusa, because Shirou needs a harem...I MEAN *Cough* because Medusa has do animals and same with Faunus
1/16/2016 c26 1Amouren
this is probably my favorite fate rwby crossover update soon plese
12/28/2015 c1 1Googlemo
I have no idea why you felt the need to overpower Shiro even MORE! Nothing in RWBY universe posed even remote threat to him from the end of Grail War(especially if you took UBW route). Now you made his regeneration godlike, his prana capacity at least 10times stronger... Now give him ability to shoot laser from his ass and your Marty Sue is good to go!
12/24/2015 c8 What
Like a multitude of many other fate fanfics, Shirou does not sound like himself, at all. He doesn't even sound like Archer, more like some half-assed teen that's way too old for his body.

Yes, I realize that he is older than Jaune, but not by much. Hell, he was still one year away from graduating highschool F/SN. You're playing up the 'aged warrior, tempered by steel' persona too much. It's not Shirou, and it won't ever be him.
12/24/2015 c22 Guest
Wow so it's fine to tie someone up and threaten their lives but if they defend themselves they're betraying their teammates?

These children are garbage human beings and I hope for their deaths in every one of these stupid fics Ive read.
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