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11/5/2015 c20 Mernom
I see! great idea there. that will be an interesting fight...
one thing though, I was under the impression that Arturia can only be summoned as Saber, since her legend and Excalibur's are so closely tied together. not sure if it's canon, though
11/4/2015 c18 Mernom
I was wondering when will you bring up the subject of changing. I guess the girls change in the bathroom .
and that's the resolution of this plot line... or not, considering the next chapter name. ..
11/4/2015 c19 Mernom
so Shirou now just traces out in plain view? what happened to keeping his ability a secret I wonder...
nice fight overall
the description you wrote for Enkaido, is it accurate? vs non divine targets, it's just a steel chain, if NP grade one.
11/4/2015 c17 Mernom
the beginning of this chapter reminds me of a one shot fic, 'Shirou and Lancer drink tea'.
quite funny really.
I see that those leather seats became your fixed joke, and somehow I have a feeling that it may be a plot hint...
11/4/2015 c16 Mernom
great chapter. didn't see half of it coming. at 1st I thought that the burial guy was from a different dimension in the nasuverse where the 5th war didn't happened, among other changes. good job. one typo:while Tabitha was doing that ritual, she thought that Shirou told her not to try anything without a MAGUS around. she should not know the term, so she probably ment something like a hunter.
11/4/2015 c13 Mernom
an invasion..! cool! nice fighting, one thing though, that red headed girl (forgot her name) how strong is she in comparison to the others? I think that she was quite strong for her age group...
11/4/2015 c14 Mernom
ohh, a mystery! Shirou came to deal with that prist, but he'll may end up teaming with him..?
11/4/2015 c12 Mernom
UBW is going berserk? interesting.. nice chapter, the fights were quite interesting. the idea with chaos is very nice, I like it.
11/4/2015 c15 Mernom
impressive magic there. one small thing,a little while back, Blake talked like she already revealed her secret. this chapter hints the opposite...
11/3/2015 c9 Mernom
nice chapter.
one small thing: at the beginning of the chapter, you wrote that invisible air and DURAN AL disappeared. that should be Excalibur, right? (on the subject of invisible air, how did Shirou use it when he dropped from the tree?)
11/3/2015 c11 Mernom
the orange book? don't tell me it's Naruto reference... nice
11/3/2015 c10 Mernom
boys and girls sharing a room... definitely not a typical Japanese anime style lol
11/3/2015 c8 Mernom
interesting idea, to make the sword suffer from the dust... one question. I was under the impression that Shirou was incapable of tracing complicated mechanisms , won't that prevent him from tracing Cresent rose?
11/3/2015 c7 Mernom
So you came up with his age by yourself, i see.
As for his change, i believe that when a soul inhabits a body, it changes it into it's image. I think that at haven's feel, Shirou's puppet body automatically gained his appearance, according to the wiki. And in Kare no Kyoukai, Shiki's puppet arm looks very organic. Propebly because its linked with her at the soul level, unlike a simple prostetic.
i have a few questions, can anyone pm me the answers?
1: why exactly projection effects Shirou's hair? Atm he has high quality circuits, so he should not overheat...
2: can anyone give me a crash course about RWBY terms? Since it's not an japanese anime, it has no subtitles, which in turn caused me to miss some information. The fact that i watched it quite a while back does not really helps...
11/3/2015 c6 Mernom
Not much about the chapter itself, but i do have a few questions, (pls answer with PM, since it will be a while until i reach the latest chapter)
You did mention the relationship between aura and prana, but you diden't say anything about dust yet. For now I'll assume that you address it later. The magic ranking system, it's separate from the NP ranking system, correct? That means, that an B rank spell is not equivalent to an B rank NP, correct?
And lastly, you entered him im the school early? That means were still pre-canon for RWBY, right? I guess ill find that one our on my own, though...
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