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for Remnant of Cursed Paradise

12/31/2019 c2 Nikkless
i really hope Shirou will start to look more like Archer. Dont like Jaune
12/31/2019 c1 Nikkless
hope his hair will go white dont like blonde shirou
12/12/2019 c29 zealfrost20
well, shiro in this fic is kind like a wuxia or some Chinese web novel protagonist, they so genius to make dumb choice like right thing to do
and before you read this author change power balance to make Roman power up to match up with weak servant and trashing several RWBY character
12/6/2019 c14 Shade669
Ohh... Its not the good Jack the ripper
11/29/2019 c3 rcontrerasflores499
auras vs marmoles de realidad ...!Ganan los marmoles de realidad por un gran margen ya que dentro de los mismos los usuarios son casi invencibles
solo gil puede romperlos porque tiene una maldita arma anti-mundo. una duda de todo ubw si shirou le corto el brazo a gil que tenia a EA dentro de su marmol de realidad EA se quedo entonces del alma de shirou sin saberlo este
11/2/2019 c2 Morning Songbird
Your fic is really awesome but you're not rating Excalibur as it should be and Alteration does NOT work like this. It's still fiction though
8/12/2019 c12 3Ikasuki
For someone who fought against heros of incredible power, was taught by one, has acces to unlimited blades and their knowledge, should have strength agility experience and the mental state of at least some extreamly experiences hunter/ low class servant. Went to the library ro learn about grimm and the world. He is taken by surprise by a boar... and almost lost to Schnee? Yhea... Either make him good or bad but not one then the other then the other one then tghe other... the guy can sense a squirel moove in a bushe without seeing him but can't fight a girl who has no experience of real combat and is taken off guard?
8/1/2019 c21 Guest
To the person complaining about the use of K instead of C maybe you should read up on transliteration from Greek to Latin. The greek loved to use the letter K, or Kappa as it's known in the Greek Alphabet, a lot. It was only until after Greek was transliterated to the Roman's Latin did they start replacing the K's with C's.
7/13/2019 c2 Guest
I'm a bit confused here, since the last fight in the war seemed to be from UBW route, but there are references to things from Fate and HF route that are mentioned (eg. knowledge of avalon, archer's arm implanted). Furthermore, how exactly would avalon work here? Just flooding the thing with prana doesn't work. If that was so, anyone could use it. You need Arturia to be nearby in order for it to function. It only worked for Shirou in the fire because Saber 'died' very recently and Avalon was still partly active. Then again, this is supposed to be slight AU (such as Arthur's legend existing as an entity within Avalon as a dude)

Also, poor Jaune, he really can't catch a break even in a fanfic. You'd think something as pure as Avalon wouldn't so easily cannibalize a person's soul like that.
6/23/2019 c21 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Why do people keep using a k in heracles when it's actually a c? Seriously, if you don't belive me, look it up. It takes two seconds
4/30/2019 c5 7RenegadeForLife
I can't really tell if Roman's power and skill were radically increased from canon or if Jaune's body just weakens Shirou that much. In the show Roman is only at about the same level as a powerful first year at Beacon. He relies on Neo or Cinder whenever someone stronger than that comes at him. I guess it's basically a necessity for the weapons from RWBY to be ridiculously durable or Shirou would just break everyone else's weapons with d-rank phantasms.
I can understand why you don't like Jaune but I can also kind of understand why some people are turned off by this premise. It's not so much the fact that Jaune is not in the story but the fact that, rather than Shirou straight up reincarnating as Jaune or even just fusing with Jaune's soul, he ends up consuming Jaune's soul and taking over his life. It's kind of off-putting how quickly Shirou accepts and adapts to that. He also seems fine with tricking Jaune's parents into thinking he's Jaune. All of that would be somewhat understandable if this was any other character (even Archer) but it kind of breaks immersion when someone like Shirou does it.
4/8/2019 c29 2Masquer Q
Fun. Family problems.
2/12/2019 c7 Guest
Really fucking retarded go die in a hole and take this piece of shit with you
11/13/2018 c11 pwtcmcneil
ashen one?
11/10/2018 c29 sawtooth44
i can feel this story is almost done
its so dam close
and its also realy good
im placing a bet of 1000 lien on around the 40 mark but no more then 50 chapters
unless people basicly want a "season 2" of this
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