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for Mass Effect: Murphy's Law

8h c7 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
The moment I read how Embry was described my first thoughts were that she was either a lookalike Cerberus agent or the actual Miranda Lawson
18h c2 Zandaino-Nova-Ari
Is the stuttering really necessary?
12/25/2023 c6 3Gendie01
You should have written a comment on Pluto's heart.
11/25/2023 c30 TheJester
"an old web series Dan and I used to watch"... Fast talking. Passionate topic. Why is Ruby suddenly here, and what have you done with Michael?! Lmao
11/25/2023 c30 TheJester
"an old web series Dan and I used to watch"... Fast talking. Passionate topic. Why is Ruby suddenly here, and what have you done with Michael?! Lmao
11/26/2023 c117 mr1980rivera
This was a great story I hope you make another one maybe a crossover or self insert but thank you for all your hard work on all your stories and may whatever God you believe in bless you and may your Muse never abandon you
12/21/2022 c110 Guest
8/2/2022 c10 shypunk
wtf is with Rael he seems really fucking anti human and aggressive
5/25/2022 c119 oceaneas
also wished you explored more planets found using gravity drives and let the qurians and humanes keep it longer before the other races and cerberues shouldnt have them that early
5/25/2022 c119 oceaneas
wished you used the omitool for more than comniuaction and had more technolgy made by sean and dan snd why did the qurians have to fight each other
5/19/2022 c19 oceaneas
i actualy like these time jumps and thats rare for me in astory i wish it spent more time on tech than action this new threat this sean is becoming more of a soldier than a scientist .
5/19/2022 c7 Guest
data lossed the worst thing ever ! why did you do this
5/20/2022 c8 1 love m4gic
Smells more and more like a crack fic with every chapter i read...

How is Cerberus this incompetent? Why did only the MC and his friends have AIs? Where was the VI of the station that should have been monitoring everything through cameras and sensors all around the station? Why wasn't that bitch's gun locked to her DNA? Cerberus people should be well trained, no? Then how did some random scientists that were locked up and most likely tortured, and without any real military training, so f-ing easily escape?

Most of it was quite unbelievable if you ask me. Suspense of disbelief can only go so far if logic flies out of the window.
5/20/2022 c6 1 love m4gic
I know this story is completed and all... but i still have to say, no matter how cool i find the premise, when so much OP shit gets thrown around in just 6 chapters, which basically only amounted to a few months in the story time line, then that generally doesn't end well balance wise. The end result tends to be a clusterfuck, full of plot related nerfs or stupid "choices" by characters, as they are forced by the Author to "forget" about OP tech previously developed for the sake of plot "progression". And this story has the smell of a story just like that... so far, at least.

Our protagonists solved problems other people didn't even know that they had, and invented stuff so revolutionary(even if only a few things so far), that i'm a little scared to read further. They basically upended the balance of the galaxy with these, and so EASILY and without setback that it is more than scary, and unbelievable to be honest. Not to even mention the other tech we heard about that humanity apparently already developed but for some f-ed up reason never used until our Protagonists arrived.

All i can hope for is that these super tech innovations are HARD to build, DIFFICULT to maintain, and require EXPENSIVE materials. Otherwise Humanity will steamroll everyone in mere years. I'm all for some Humanity F Yeah moments, but i hope it won't become too easy for them.. or it will be simply boring.

I will see i guess... hope dies last, as they say.
4/20/2022 c118 Ryan
Nice story, I like how it didn't focus on Sheppard.
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