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for Sword Art Online - After The Incident

8/28 c12 Elle4Life
Bro does this dude ever give up! He stays attacking Kirito or any least planning to.
8/25 c55 3GameLord The Hitman
Good to have you back buddy. Great chapter.
4/13 c54 24wolfiecaw
hello, i just want to say that you have made my night with this fic. i may have started it halfway through bc i only found this by frantically googling kyouji shinkawa, but alas. i found my way to this story and all the cute bonus kyoushino fics in it. now that is really good. thank you for that. you know kyouji very well, why he is the way he is, how shino feels about him, the fact that if his brother died in sao or met shino earlier he’d be better off. anyway. thank you very much for that i cried. its 3 am so i may not be making sense but i love this very much because man i like kyouji and shino and kyoushino together happy nd stuff. the way you integrate kyouji into the friend group is great, too. its all ive ever imagined wanted. i wish it was canon. anyway its cool af thanks for writing. oh also kirito being understanding is good too. peace.
11/1/2019 c1 ean boyer
this was so sad i almost cried but really good keep up the work.
1/25/2019 c53 Yui14
This actually has helpful content! So, greetings Dragon-san. I feel you are still online. Might I give some help in order to make up for the annoyances?
Well, first off this story is great. The fluffy parts you are really good at. Don't change them at all!
Going forward, you will eventually need to do more arc of the story. You said skip Calibur and that's ok because there wouldn't be many changes, just do a disclaimer like I skipped it but it happened, and go to mother's rossario wich is a great arc and I wonder how you can change it. Will it be set in Alfheim or New Aincrad because last time if you remember it was both? Would also be cool to see some filler with Yuuki before she dies. Annother chapter I'd love to see is Kirito and Asuna meeting Yui's freinds and seeing how they react and if they realse just who they're taking to. And annother with them finding out and reacting to that she is an AI. You could put more character development on her than the show ever did. Going forward from there, will you do Ordinal Scale wich is considered by some filler or non cannon or will you do Alicization straight away or at all even?
One more thing, I have a trio of OC's that you could make an arc of in this or worldwide if you're still doing that if you would wish. Hope I made up for spamming you, sorry for the long comment and broken english, I'm just not on it today. Bye!
1/24/2019 c51 Yui14
Aah ok that explains the no-updates for the two but I will still look forward to it!
1/20/2019 c6 Yui14
This is where I stop for the night. Error: her name should be Syllica or Keiko, not, um... whatever you had... It had a c in the wrong spot though.
10/18/2018 c40 GoldeN ViZionZ
The beginning of this chapter was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing
10/18/2018 c38 GoldeN ViZionZ
whoops lol looks like my wish was granted after reading the author’s note fully.
10/18/2018 c38 GoldeN ViZionZ
I can’t say I am satisfied with how you dealt with sugou, I feel like it would have been better for kirito to prove his dominance and beat him in the duel and take him back to the real world. (I get he was stupid op because he hacked the system but kirito was able to cheat death and defeat kayaba/heathcliff in sao) but this is the only complaint I have about this story so far. All of the scenes of kirusuna including the one in this chapter have been amazing and seeing as that is why I clicked on this story in the first place I am really enjoying this story. Good work and I am excited to see what happens next. (hopefully some fluff)
10/17/2018 c21 GoldeN ViZionZ
I’m glad that you had asuna go with kirito into GGO, this is something I wish the anime/LN’s would have done because it makes more sense for asuna’s character. They said they would protect each other but kirito just always protected her and asuna kind of lost her badass self until the mother’s rosario arc.
10/17/2018 c20 GoldeN ViZionZ
This chapter was really good, you are really good at writing romance.
10/17/2018 c18 GoldeN ViZionZ
Booo can disgusting sugou just die already but tbh I expected klein to mess up, just seems like something he would do.
10/17/2018 c12 GoldeN ViZionZ
I knew them having a vacation to themselves was too good to be true
10/9/2018 c22 K2-Black-Panther
Cool here comes Sinon. By the way ya made a mistake. It's not Scilica... it's Silica and it's not Lizbeth... it's Lisbeth...
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