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for Silent Flower of Song: Deux: Playing the Game

1/1/2020 c31 convalla91
So we started with crying and it whent to sobbing in the later chapters.
6/24/2019 c29 6TheStoryDreamer
Just tear out my heart, chew it up, and spit it back out again why don't ya?! I DIDN'T NEED IT ANYWAYS!
8/17/2017 c30 Guest
lol I can't believe you quoted Clarity for his last letter, I was so sad and then I recognized the lyrics, it started with my wondering why it sounded like a broken romance speech and then realizing I heard that song before Ily
7/19/2017 c1 Reading Melody
please write the next book, I'm dying to read it!
2/4/2017 c28 The Mage Of Light
Is it disrespectful for someone to burn the body of a king? I assume so but then at the same time when the steward thought that his son was dead he was going to have himself and his sons body be burned.
2/27/2016 c3 Guest
I hate to be like Hermione but it isn't dun-edain it's dunadan
2/27/2016 c3 Guest
You do realize that Celebrian had gone to the undying lands due to being poisoned in an age or so ago?
2/27/2016 c1 Guest
In the books you've written I found a few inaccuracies but they were minor. The only thing I really disliked is that you went by the movies. I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy (hated the hobbit one) but, as somethings aren't possible, Jackson obviously had to change somethings so I would love it if you would consult the books instead. I am curious to know if you made up the elvish or if you got it somewhere. If you got it somewhere I want to know where - I love Lord of the Rings!
12/20/2015 c2 Guest
Ha! In yo face arwen! That'll teach you to steal glorfindel's moment!
10/5/2015 c4 Lost Wandering Reader
8/2/2015 c30 briarleaves
Plz start the third soon I can't wait!
7/24/2015 c31 WanderingSeeker1
Another amazing book! You are so talented! Thank you so so very much for sharing this with us. I have greatly enjoyed reading your story. Well done! :)
7/21/2015 c31 5WriterAtHeart96
I absolutely love this story. I've read many of them but this has to be one of my favorite one's. I love the way you write, word things. I'm a huge fan. Can't wait for the next book.
7/18/2015 c31 Cornflower
Yeah, a new book! So glad it isn't over yet. :-D That last chapter... Poor Eruanna, being so weak like that. Aww, your dad calls you "elfling"? How sweet. I know you secretly love it. :-p Well, I guess I'll see you and our little elfling in the next book. Keep up the good work. You're a fantastic writer for fifteen. You could write real books!
7/17/2015 c31 alkdfsjis
Thank you for sending me half way to Namo with that said ending. ;)

I can't wait for the next book!

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