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9/20/2015 c6 not used anymore sorry
Nice chapter!:)
It was great!:)
8/29/2015 c5 Darkalex595
Awesome story
8/26/2015 c1 Nicky
Great story! Also have you discontinued Does He Really Love Me? Cause I love that fanfic as well so I want to know if you have up on it or something.
8/26/2015 c5 4ImpulsesOfLife
I really like this story :) Can't wait to see what happens next with Percy and Annabeth! And do I sense Jason has a slight crush on Piper...? :)
8/26/2015 c5 not used anymore sorry
Greeeaaat chapter!:)
Pleeease update soon!:)
8/26/2015 c4 not used anymore sorry
Ooh! Niice!:)
8/26/2015 c3 not used anymore sorry
Good chapter.:)
8/26/2015 c2 not used anymore sorry
Cute!:) I liked it.:)
And I don't think the boys AND girls share a bathroom.
8/26/2015 c1 not used anymore sorry
NYU is like, in my blood.:)
So most of the layout was pretty close, and Boston would be like a 4-5-ish hour drive to New York. You were really close for someone who doesn't live in the states.:) But it will probably be longer because of traffic.

The story is nice and I really like it.:) I think you're a great writer.:)
6/26/2015 c4 Alyssa
6/26/2015 c4 Guest
updtae soon, this story seems great! :)
5/13/2015 c3 TheClutch
Good chapter! Looking forward to your next chapter.
And school is important, so its ok if that comes first.
5/13/2015 c2 TheClutch
They finally meet :)
5/13/2015 c1 TheClutch
Good start
5/13/2015 c3 the apricot
Awesome chapter. Loved the Percabeth meeting and Annabeth's awkwardness, and how Percy was just so nice. They just clicked.
Please update soon?
Also, have you abadoned Does He Really Love Me? I hope you haven't, I think both this story and that one are amazing, and I hope you write both!
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