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for The Art of Painting a Flag

10/2/2019 c1 57ravengal
Heh. Quite a wholesome one-shot! Reminds of the last time I played Rescue Team, and spent ages deciding which of the 15 flags best suited my psyduck base.

It was so strange, seeing such a friendly mankey, but I did enjoy his rough way of speaking. XP Very him. Well, as long as he gets his peeled chestnuts, he probably won’t flip his lid.

Haha, I hope the team like their new flag, coz they’re kinda stuck with it now. XD Part of me wants to see Smeargle’s response when they tell him they don’t like it. He just tells ‘em to suck it up and deal with it. It’s a funny image.

A simple one-shot, but an interesting idea! I never once thought of Smeargle and Mankey being friends, so kudos for that. I liked it!

ravengal out x
5/8/2015 c1 36ChocolateTeapot
This is a very cute story. Smeargle's interaction with Mankey was great and I liked the final design.
5/2/2015 c1 Vera
I see an importance of negotiating !
Evaluate yourself!
If you do or give away things for free, it is never appreciated. Had he asked a fee for each design,
( even a free coffee) things would move much faster and with better results.
Was the story supposed to be educational?
4/28/2015 c1 3UpbeatButNegative
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon... For some reason, I always find myself going back to Red/Blue. As a whole, though, I think the sub-series is unique. It's no wonder why people think that Mystery Dungeon's plots trump those of the mainstream games!

One reason why I like the Mystery Dungeon games is because of the characters. There's Team ACT, the head honcho Gold Rank rescue team, Gengar, Wigglytuff's Guild... But those are main characters. Here, we have a fic revolving around two side characters, Smeargle and Mankey from Red/Blue Rescue Team.

I loved the Mankey group. Their hilarity never ceased to amuse me. Your A/N at the beginning summed them up perfectly!
[If you don't give 'em your chestnuts, prepare to get your house utterly destroyed!]
I once said 'no' to giving the Mankey their chestnuts. I was not disappointed with the results. XD

Your portrayal of the Mankey in this fic was pretty nice. I think the 'ignore what others think' attitude suits him. Definitely what Smeargle needed to get back on his feet. As an artist, he seemed to care a bit too much about what the team leader may have thought of the flags.

I liked this fic. It stars characters that aren't seen often and fleshes them out quite well.

-Have a great day, week, month, whatever, and stay upbeat, y'all!-
4/28/2015 c1 9Multikirby
Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

Also, I'm noticing you're trying out the friendship shipping type. And let me say you're doing quite well. Even though I'm *ahem*

*holy angel choir sings beautiful music to befall upon everyone*

But this was interesting. Working for free means you get what you pay for, amirite?
4/28/2015 c1 448123971230
NINJA SQUIRTLE! Oh Arceus, that is one of the best things I've ever read in Fanfiction history! Oh man, I'm impressed.

It's so true how much of an underrated character Smeargle is, it's so sad to begin with just by reading this. A Smeargle, who ran away from his tribe because he didn't want to get the handprint permanently embedded on his back, which is said to be painful. He wanted to join a Rescue Team, so a nearby Rescue Team offered him to join but only if he could paint them a perfect flag that fits their team really well. But after many of his flags got rejected, not because they were bad, but they just didn't fit what the Rescue Team was looking for, he gets frustrated. Then a beige-coloured blob and a Mankey start having a chat with him, making him feel better in the process.

Alright then, your grammar was very impressive, the punctuations were all used right and that lovely accent you put in their dialogues. I also love the way you structured your sentences really good, and it was easily readable.

The plot was pretty unique, in order for a lone Smeargle to join this picky Rescue Team, he had to make them a flag that suits them. But after many rejects, he gets angry, smudging his latest artwork. With the two other Pokemon there, they helped him and made him happy. The characters were really developing, I already love the characters in this story. No doubt about that.

I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed on how unique this piece is. You literally make me want to play as Smeargle in one of the Mystery Dungeon games. I'm definitely gonna be looking forward to your other written works. Kudos

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