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7/7/2015 c10 7TheSlyMistress
I would love a Naruto and Sasuke date (interesting.) I would like to see more romance and development of their relationship. I do like the supernatural stuff (*can't wait for an update*)
7/5/2015 c10 25silverheartlugia2000
aww that was cute and yay naru has powers too! so what is Kyu to him then? is he a fox or a human in this? (im beginging to think theyre reincarnated from the originals and that's why they drew together so easilyX3)
6/28/2015 c9 7TheSlyMistress
*Screams for Itachi* (hate to be a fan girl, but I love Itachi lmao) i thought this was a nice chapter (although I was sad last chapter lol) Itachi hearing Sasukes thoughts (lol! I feel for Naruto too!) Can't wait for more!
6/27/2015 c9 25silverheartlugia2000
oh he can see ghosts? that's neat! though it makes me wonder if naru will get fox powers nowX3 XD itachi sure knows how to embarrass sasu~
6/19/2015 c8 Guest
Sasuke's illness is strange. It doesn't sound like PTSD, or any other type of ordinary mental illness. Anxiety, depression, and all the rest don't give a person life-threatening fevers. Could it be that Sasuke is literally cursed? Naruto hearing voices, Sasuke's room number being 666, and Kakashi talking about someone "coming back" for Sasuke made me wonder if his problems weren't just psychological but also supernatural.
6/18/2015 c8 alesfan
What? I wasn't expecting this development, what's going to happen next? Looking forward to your next update. :)
6/18/2015 c8 7TheSlyMistress
Awww! This makes me sad! Kakashi is wiching Aasuke goodbye god I hope Sasuke makes it (do it for Naruto lol!) anyways nice story and I look foward to more!
6/18/2015 c8 25silverheartlugia2000
sasu noo
6/10/2015 c7 7TheSlyMistress
I like this it is so cute my favorite things is the voice inside Naruto's head yassss! It was everything... But I cant wait for the update need more
5/19/2015 c6 25silverheartlugia2000
awww they pineing~
5/3/2015 c5 alesfan
Nice update... like Sasuke and kakashi's relstionship...looking forward to reading about sasukes past and his and narutos next incounter. :)
5/3/2015 c5 silverheartlugia2000
awww dadish kakashiX3

Um, could I ask how that spidy fic is going..? not that I don't like this one. Im just curous.
5/2/2015 c4 silverheartlugia2000
aww the poor kit..
5/2/2015 c3 silverheartlugia2000
oh dear poor guys..
5/2/2015 c2 silverheartlugia2000
aww cute
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