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6/9 c26 sharina.lukofnak
I really enjoyed this story. All of your stories are good. Thanks for writing.
5/26 c26 Ariadne Venegas
I hope he gave himself another lifetime even if was half to love and live again maybe in another universe.

Maybe as a child again and obliviate himself of some of the details so he could have.
5/26 c25 Ariadne Venegas
I really like this!
except the potions, you can’t dompotions in bulk for the earth population because of the ingredients all the magical animal parts are very limited, if you used them all you lost forever. So it could be only plant potion based and there are very few of those. So you are wrong in that one.
4/23 c2 6OriksGaming
I'm two chapters in and already bored out of my mind. All of the characters so far speak exactly the same, whether they're a six year old child, a droid, or a wise old man. To stretch belief further, the main character's speech pattern didn't change even slightly when speaking a new language that he's supposed to still be shaky on.

The setting is shown poorly (and/or not at all) and the random thugs are identified only by the name of their (alien) species, which is worth just about nothing to anyone who's not a huge Star Wars buff. As a consequence, it's near impossible to picture any scene without stopping every two paragraphs to look up something that the author should have described. The best description of any character so far has been, "a Zabrak with the typical pointy spikes on his head." That's it. That's the description. Entirely worthless to someone who hasn't watched Star Wars or doesn't know the name of Maul's species.

Not only that, but the MC is ensconced in his plot armor and I can't foresee there being any conflict whatsoever now that he's able to manhandle grown men at the ripe old age of six. Hell, he can heal any of his injuries at will, so there will be no suspense if he ever gets hurt. In the first two chapters, the author has practically neutered his/her own story already.

So far, all 'good guys' have been on his side and all 'bad guys' have been against him, so I doubt there's going to be much moral nuance either.

There's just . . . nothing to like here. A decent-ish premise with awful execution all around. Maybe it gets better later, since there's a five year gap between the first and last chapters' upload dates; but I'm certainly not going to get far enough to find out.
4/16 c26 Talonwalker
Great story! Thanks!
3/10 c26 21Duchess67
This story is AMAZING in a lot of ways and I enjoyed it immensely! It is intimidating to me to try and blend Star Wars and HP, but authors like you make it look easy, so kudos to you! :D
3/8 c26 3WhiteElfElder
Definitely a near-god Harry story. It is nice that he was not all-powerful and sought to help others.
3/8 c8 WhiteElfElder
Harry should have started wearing some armor during all of this fighting.
2/5 c26 10RevDorothyL
Very exciting and satisfying read!
2/2 c26 fraewyn
Loved it!
2/2 c26 Milagro626
Awesome Story. I would have liked to see The Time Mage continue into the future, but understand that you needed to stop somewhere.

Looking forward to your next fic!
1/26 c26 41EdTheBeast
An intriguing must read. SW/HP crossover.
12/12/2021 c23 M1stymix
wait "donated many of these poor areas with UNCLEAN drinking water" did i read this right?
11/26/2021 c2 Dayside
I can't read this. He's 6 for gods sake.
10/7/2021 c26 Amalthia
I had a lot of fun reading your story! I'm also glad Harry had a happy ending. :)
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