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12/3/2020 c28 49Shiranai Atsune
Oooooohhh that's great! An outline would at least give us some closure! :D
11/28/2020 c28 8Snickering Fox
*sobbing* uwaaaaaaaaa
it's finally a goodbye, huh...?
this is the first fic of AC that I really like, with these ships that I loves dearly
reading this again invoked that nostalgic feelings of my teenage past, when I reading all shoujo mangas my hands could get, ah, how nostalgic... yes. reading this really like that too.
I'm sad because this fic couldn't get to that finish line, but I knew how that feeling like. it's not like i don't have fics that i kind of buried into the ground bc I'm not the Me that began those fics years ago...
ah, you migrated, then? then could you grant me a favor? well, it's only my wish, so it's up to you. Can you migrated this to ao3, with the rest of the outlined plot...?
Well, if you don't want, then I will in favor for the rest of outlines plot to be posted tho! (_ _)
11/28/2020 c28 9Neemarishima
Oh my. I did see the update date right and I was glad you were back to post something. I remember this story is one of those that makes Ansatsu fandom so enjoyable to be around. Everytime I remember a Karma and Manami moment, it would be from this story especially in which Karma realizes his feelings for her. Your writing is incredible, the one that I would love to come back to see how writing emotions should be. It has lots of original characters yet also character buildings and that's saying something for a fanfiction.
I didn't realize it's been 5 years since this story first published but when you mention that you were 15 when you started this... Wow. It amazed me. I didn't remember anything about your real life but it still gives me chill when I remember how this story made me feel back then. You are amazing in writing this and I'm glad I found it. When I found out that you won't continue this, I was upset but hey it's normal in fanfiction world because real life is always important. Yet still, if you offer something like this, I won't decline. I would love to see how it ends.
And, I'm glad to hear you feel well now. They say dark times will bring anything brighter later and I believe that's true especially for times like this.
Thank you so much for your consideration. And yes, target on! (how I miss this punchline!). Hope you do well in real life.
11/28/2020 c28 Arechii
I would love to read the rest of it
11/26/2020 c28 1SakurayaXD
:( I'm sad by this but I understand if is been to long, this is THE karmanami fanfic in this site or any site, please post what you planned, I just want to see Karma and Manami happy and together at the end, that's all I ask really. Thank you for this beautiful story, it made me cry, it made me laugh and squeak with delight at some events, it was truly a masterpiece and as much as I would love to see it finish at least I want to know how it ends. Thank you, take care greetings from Peru.
11/26/2020 c28 1LoveToBake
Ooh please do post them~ pretty please~
11/25/2020 c28 Mugipyon
Long time no see!

As a reader of this fic from its very first chapter, I'm so glad to see that at the very least, this fic can have its closure, eventhough it's only on rough draft and won't be written to its full form. So yes, I hope you'll post them. Also no need to be sorry! Taking care of yourself is #1 priority after all.

AO3 huh? Same thing here, as a reader I also have migrated to AO3 years ago. Do you keep using the same username there? If I ever get into Undertale, I'll search for your fics first in foremost then!

Hoping to meet you again in AO3!
11/25/2020 c28 Guest
I would love to see the rest of your ideas! Thanks for coming back after all these years, even if it is to officially discontinue the story :(
11/25/2020 c28 1LanaRan
It would be great, if you post these scenes. I was going to reread this masterpiece anyway, but if you'll finish the story, I would be really gratufull.
11/25/2020 c28 everysongisyours
Hello! Glad you’re okay! 2020 was wild for everyone! Sometimes life hits you it’s understandable plus college is college I hope you are doing what you love at the end of the day! ️️, I’m happy you’re doing good too! I automatically assume authors have died when they don’t update. I would love to know the ending!
11/25/2020 c28 Lonewolf6000
11/25/2020 c28 Guest
(Not me coming back on this site after years SOLELY for your story lmao)

But seriously, To Reach You was THE story of my developmental years, and was such a huge influence on how I grew up and looked at the world. The scene with the starry sky, where they're all running down the hill? Never ceases (TO THIS DAY) to astonish me- like, it's literally breathtaking.

Thank you tons for even posting a resolution to this wonderful story, and I think sharing the summarized version would be really cool ! I've always been super curious about what'll happen next from the the last chapter, and what'll happen in the story as a whole lol, so !

Ah what else was I going to say? I'm not sure but thanks a bunch ! I hope you're staying healthy and doing well, and having a nice life !

(Also not me staying as a guest bc logging into my account will take too much time lmao)

11/25/2020 c28 21FandomSupporter15
Not gonna lie Flower, I forgot I followed this story years ago(I’m also twenty right now, so welcome to the roaring 20s lol). So when this update pop up in my email, I was like O_O, “this story is still here?” I also forgot the whole storyline since I moved towards A03, the website is honestly a lot more organized than here. But hey from a fan of AssClass and Karmanami, glad you’re doing okay since 2020 became a such a shit show for the world.

As for the proposal, I would like to see it how the rest of the plot go. This is still one of my favorite fanfic within the AssClass fandom. We’re almost at the end of this year, and let’s finish it off with a bang!
11/25/2020 c28 INeedSleep
Hey! I'm really glad you're ok. I hope you're doing alright in this shitshow of a year. As someone who really loved this fic I'd really love to know what happens at the end.
11/25/2020 c28 aslooneyastheyget
Hey! I am glad you're doing okay! Honestly I am very happy about this update even if it is not a part of the actual story, because it feels reassuring to know that that the person behind the url is doing alright irl, wherever they may be. About your proposition, I would love to read your idea of how it would have ended for Karma, Manami and everyone else. It would provide some much needed closure for us readers. Lastly, thank you so much for writing and sharing this story with us! To Reach You has a special place in my heart, as it was one of the first fanfics I read, and till date it is also one of the best ones I've come across in all of these years of reading fanfiction. Again thank you so much for sharing this fic with us! Take Care!
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