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for I Will Always Love You

4/30/2015 c1 16starfiction123
Now see, I hope to GOODNESS that this will happen! Call it wishful thinking, but my gosh I hope he snaps out of this crap he's in! You did a great job on this one shot! It captured the emotions of my hopes and dreams for the next episode since I literally sat, pissed off for an entire hour at 3X21...
4/30/2015 c1 2Quiet Like the Snow
I like this story. Hopefully, Oliver wakes up.
4/30/2015 c1 2Vero Diaz
You should continue this story
4/30/2015 c1 Marilyn. .o
So needed this story after last night's episode. .. thx
4/30/2015 c1 Redlioness62
Thank you. Last night's episode was so wrong in so many ways, it made my heart hurt!
4/29/2015 c1 AshPhoenix93
Loved your one-shot! I really hope this could be a possibility in the finale because my fandom heart probably would go into shock if another roller coaster happened haha!

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