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for Regaining Her Life

12/12/2021 c14 Kristy
Henry was a brat. Especially in the show
9/6/2021 c43 Alulain P
Great ending!
9/6/2021 c43 jasouatfan
Aww I love this ending and how happy Regina is
1/24/2021 c42 bbscotch08
Aw glad Regina has people for her now. Yes maybe they can mend their relationship even if Henry was a brat of epic proportions. Great story and your English is fantastic
12/20/2020 c10 Guest
so regina, (a scorpio/cancer) met a scorpio, that rlly is lust at first sight JAJAJAJA
8/21/2020 c35 Guest
I wish he die
but I think it's not ur plan
7/18/2019 c42 Guest
I loved this little healing adventure. By the way, for a nonnative English person... you have written this really well! I could actually see the improvement with every chapter. I'm assuming this is the end so I hope to see a sequel. Great job!
3/25/2019 c42 mili.06
I missed you thanks I was starting to lose hope on this story ever be finished
3/23/2019 c1 Guest
Awwww that story shook me to the core, it's the kind of healing stories you didn't know tou need it. Even though she was given the wrong end of the stick her entire life AT LAST she find happiness and dare I say peace...BEAUTIFUL time well spend reading this story
2/20/2019 c40 3SongForRegina
Chapter 40? Noooo :'( this has 43 and I'm on the 40? Whhyyyy?!
I love this story and I'm sure that this is the second time I read it (It is familiar and every time I read a chapter I remember more and more of this) please I really need more!
2/20/2019 c28 SongForRegina
I love the meaning of Daniel's last name! The last name that the show gived him is 'Colter' and it was said on season 5 when they were on the underworld! I love this story! Thank you so much!
1/8/2019 c28 Guest
They mentioned commoners don't have last name
6/27/2018 c37 Alulain P
Haven't finished reading what you have so far. But i hope you will continue this story!
5/26/2018 c43 maryaurora01
Love it! Please keep going!
9/28/2017 c43 Story'byme
please keep going I love this fic and I can't wait to have more to read. even if there is a few people that are been mean ignore then they're just been shity people.
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