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10/26/2019 c1 2Debbora
omg this was amazing!
5/26/2019 c1 22xeniaprincess
This is really amazing. I love the complexities of their relationship and how you portrayed their chemistry!
Tenzin, for one, is unbelievably difficult to decipher when it comes to his honour and duty as a husband. I really enjoyed how you made Lin the honourable one, your version of her character is so great.
Love this!
5/17/2015 c1 1SpiritusFlos
Great fic! You really captured Lin and Tenzin's emotions and personalities true to canon.
5/8/2015 c1 untamableshipper
5/2/2015 c1 Guest
Really sad! If Tenzin only knew that he wouldn't be the only air bender in the future he wouldn't have left Lin. Their love for each other is still strong and you portrayed it perfectly in this story.
5/1/2015 c1 6kitara251
Wonderfully written and not over the top. Very passionate romance. Nicely done indeed :)
5/1/2015 c1 9MinisterSweetGoodKid
I agree with Secret River Fan, thanks so much for this! This is something I’ve been wanting to read since LoK’s Book 3 premiere, and it did not disappoint.

I enjoyed this tremendously, even felt my heart sink in a number of places.

It is true that no one will ever really understand Tenzin, let alone his feelings over the new Airbenders. Not even Pema, who is supposed to be his wife, his partner in all things, bender or not. But she doesn’t, which, again, leads me to say just what a weakly written character she is. Tenzin will always be the leader of a newly reborn, but small nation, which is a heavy burden, and he has no one with which to lean on.

The episode “Original Airbenders” is always frustrating for me to watch. Yes, the Air Nation is reborn, great and all, but Tenzin is basically one-sided in the way he behaves and treats them. That obstacle course bugs the heck out of me, and I find it unbelievable that the Airbenders of Aang’s time before the iceberg treated their young Airbenders in such a manner. I’m sure they wanted to have them train, but not to such an extent, and I find it even more difficult to believe that Aang would want to do the same to Tenzin. Both that and Tenzin’s focus on the reproductive futures of the new Airbenders’ are just dehumanizing. Another thing I think that Aang would have frowned upon, not to mention his son’s extreme one-sided understanding. I’m sure that Aang would have wanted his son to follow his path, while still being true, to an extent, to the Airbender/Air Nomad idea, though being an Airbender and Air Nomad are two different things.

The issue of children is always difficult, and it is more trying on women than it is on men. I speak from experience and it’s another reason why I find myself shipping Linzin so hard.

I love Lin’s true, genuine congratulations for Tenzin. She also knows that Aang would be proud too.

VC, you’re one of the best. The ending is beautiful and still so painful, but from a fellow writer’s point of view, that’s a good thing. Like Secret River Fan, I loved Lullaby, but I’m having difficulty reviewing it for the same reason. In my eyes, neither Lin or Tenzin are *that* person, but the bond of decades of friendship and love between them is still so strong, they might as well be both moths and the flames to each other, yeah, I can totally see the difficulty on Tenzin’s side whereas Lin is the one with the bucket of cold water ready for throwing.

Pema may think that Tenzin is her soulmate, but Tenzin’s soulmate is Lin. Always has been, always will be, and no amount of sweet acolyte charm, let alone three, er, four rowdy (no offense to Jinora and Rohan) kids can change that. I sometimes wonder what Aang would have thought. If he could marry a bender, why couldn’t his Airbender son. Might as well blame the writers. Not a smart move, let me tell ya, but it left plenty of opportunity for sane, logical, clear cut thinking writers such as yourself, to make up for the writer’s mistakes. Yes. Pairing Tenzin with Pema, and not pairing him with Lin was a mistake. Linzin AUs for the win!

Great last line, too!

Thanks for the shout out, Secret River Fan (The icon is Vitani, actually. I love her!), yeah Two Universes Over is my fave, and yours too, I’ve noticed. It is fantastic.
4/30/2015 c1 Secret River Fan
Oh my goodness, thank you so much again! It feels like my birthday. How much did I enjoy this? Let me count the ways:

I like how you introduce themes from your past stories in your new stories. Tenzin appreciating the familiarity and lack of reverence Lin treats him with. It must be so lonely being Tenzin, the unofficial monarch of a tiny nation always looked upon as a leader.
Also the issue of children, with Tenzin again displaying the short sightedness he did in “Original Airbenders” I understand his enthusiasm, but it’s very worrisome how he focuses immediately on the new Airbenders’ reproductive futures. It’s not his intention, but it’s a bit dehumanizing and implies their real worth is as broodmares. That’s what I liked about “Colossus,” and how procreating is seen as a duty for Airbenders and that pressure is put on them early. I think Tenzin only has a partial understanding, because despite the issue of children (likely) driving him and Lin apart, it is VERY different pressure for women to have children than it is for men.

***“Are you still hung up on that?” Tenzin asked, the slightest bit of aggravation creeping into his tone***

He. Is. So. Clueless. It’s at times like this when I think Lin deserves better than Tenzin.

I love Tenzin musing how he wasn’t quite sure how to read her and unsure of her feelings for him as well. I felt the same joy and sorrow.

I love how Lin’s congratulations are so sincere. She knows how important these Airbenders are to Tenzin, and the memory of his father.

VC, I am in awe at this ending. I’ve been struggling to review Lullaby for days now, because I don’t know how to articulate how much it affected me, but I feel this scene is a culmination of the rising tension between them these past few stories. I feel so torn because of intellectually I don’t want Tenzin to be unfaithful or for Lin to be *that* person, but at the same time I also don’t really care. Sorry, Pema. The magnetism and longing and love those two have for each other practically vibrating off the screen. Hence, my love of Linzin AUs. Those kisses! The almost kiss. There’s a point in your stories where it seems like Tenzin is almost in a trance when near Lin and all rational thought escapes him, leaving poor Lin with the responsibility of throwing the cold water.

The last line was wonderful.

Also shoutout to MinisterSweetGoodKid (love the Kiara icon), who’ve I noticed reviewing the fantastic fic Two Universes Over as well.

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