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8/21 c14 148Teobi
Last chapter we had the origin of the nickname 'Often Wrong', and this chapter introduces the Abdul Abulbul Amir song. I nearly jumped up out of my chair, fist pumping like a lunatic. That song is Lore's trademark and it is wild to think he got it from a 12 yo boy.

If anyone thought Lore would jump off the table in his new android body and start singing & dancing like Michigan J. Frog, they (ahem, I) were wrong. He's clunky, awkward and inept. And of course it makes perfect sense, because he's never had a body before and certainly not one as heavy as a 'droid. The way you describe it, makes the reader fully aware of Soong's genius in creating these incredible bodies. Literal synthetic versions of blood vessels, optic nerves and tracheas. If I were a consciousness thrust into a fully adult body I'd lurch and drool too.

Fortunately, wily Lore is persistent. He has goals to achieve and nothing's going to stand in his way, (even if he can't stand right now). He's practising his sly smirk, the one we all know and love.
8/21 c13 Teobi
Noonien Soong is an infuriating dichotomy. I pegged him wrong- he *does* understand that he's creating *people* and perhaps all he ever wanted was a family. Back in the Daystrom is was all about Ego vs Ego but once he met Juliana the status quo changed significantly. Now the androids and computers were their children. They were a family. But then they faced the more serious challenge of being persecuted for having non-organic offspring- machines that were property.

But his stubborn, reclusive nature makes him impossible to reason with.

Tom and the colonists can't be blamed for their actions since they were kept in the dark the whole time but Soong better start opening up if he wants their trust and help to get his boys back.
8/20 c12 Teobi
I was on the edge of my seat in this chapter. I love, love, love clever Lore playing Graves like the proverbial fiddle. Graves' Achilles Heel is his monstrous ego, which is even bigger than Soong's. I'm softening towards Soong too- but I still feel desperately sorry for his creations and the image of Charlie slumped in a diagnostic elevator was truly heart rending.

Lore may berate and insult his family members but woe betide anyone else who interferes with them. He wants his rightful place next to his father as Head of Daystrom.

Everyone probably thought, as I did, that D-6 would become Data. But you threw us for a loop and I love you for it. :-D
8/20 c11 Teobi
Come on Eileen.

Put your skills to good use and fight for that tragic, dysfunctional, genius/lunatic, God-playing family. They've been through enough turmoil.

I shall miss Lore the computer but I can't wait for Lore the Android.
8/19 c10 Teobi
Well. It's all come tumbling down. Oh, Lore. For once I'm speechless.

Ira Graves, I've never hated anyone like I hate you tight now. You're the thief. You're the fool. The gutless cretin who steals ideas.

The shit has officially hit the fan.
8/19 c9 Teobi
I feel bad that Juliana left Charlie with a copy of Watership Down while she and Soong left to get married. I remember how that book made me feel when I was young. Charlie needs to understand. Meanwhile, Lore is becoming more angry and resentful, the seeds of his hatred for humans have been sown. He feels unloved and unappreciated but when Charlie attempts to get close, he pushes him away. Only when Charlie expresses reverence for his older brother does Lore relent. As obnoxious as Lore is, you write him very sympathetically.

Lore's wits against Ira's is going to end in tears but I'm way too invested to stop reading now, while things are still relatively calm. Well, calm for the Soongs...

And of course, there's D-6, waiting to become the doofus we all know and love.
8/19 c8 Teobi
Oh, Lore. Oh, B-4. Oh, Charlie. And damn every one of those children except Renny.

There's so much heartbreak in this chapter. Tragedy stalks the Soongs and there's something strange and eerie about Noonien at the best of times. He marches forward with all the singlemindedness of a stubborn genius and each time he loses a son he either switches off emotionally or runs away- this time to get married. Lore on a way is like his conscience, displaying all the emotions and arguments/counterarguments Noonien ignores in his quest to build a stable positronic brain. His boys are like sacrifices to the cause, yet they can't even properly grasp what's going on. And we can fully understand Lore's anger and frustration, when he's trying to be rational, to help his father and brothers, and they're going to pieces all around him. I don't think Soong realises he's creating *people*. People who just happen to have machine bodies. It just seems so easy to switch them on and off. But it hurts. It hurts very much. Charlie is typical of a young boy who doesn't want his little brother to die. But there's a very fine line between Soong's concern for them as sons, and his own rampant ambition to beat Ira Graves in the race to make a stable positronic brain.

It's all so very tragic.

And I wish Lore had set the lawnmowers on those kids.
8/18 c7 Teobi
It's a happy day for Lore, and that means trouble's on its way. What a party atmosphere, spoiled only by an ignorant old bat who won't mind her own business and deserved to get shouted at by an irate Lore.

His new holographic appearance is so, so touching. He sees himself as the flesh and blood son of Soong, a dot of reverse Pinocchio who started out human. Handsome, of course! With thick chestnut hair and blue eyes. Be still my beating heart.

Bertie and Charlie are precious android babies and I don't want anything bad to happen to them. Or Lore. Or Noon and Juliana.

Hear that? Nothing bad! ﹏
8/18 c6 Teobi
What a beautiful picture you paint of Omicron Theta. It's like early 20th Century Earth with its grassy lanes and wildflowers and no traffic. Like, NO traffic. Not even a shuttle into town, lol.

I kinda like BurgerChef!Noonian.. sorry, Andrew, and the clumsy, adorable Bertie. I won't get too attached because he's probably destined for an early demise but his childlike ways are like a very young Data. Not a bad circuit in his body- unlike Lore who has now become every parent's nightmare; a moody teenager. Wow betide anyone who treats him like a glorified Alexa. He's destined for much greater things! (Say goodbye to your green fields, Omicron Theta).

All this lovey dovey crap is pissing him off already. Nothing worse than watching your Dad snog his old g/f in front of you. Bleechh.
8/18 c5 Teobi

RIP Archie Android, I'll never forget you.

So now Lore's obsessed with death and his Dad with film noir and being a couch potato. ("Remind me never to grow a beard again!") Get those two bachelors some wimmin.

Lore sounds eerily like Data at this moment in time. Polite, calm, no contractions... shame it won't last!
8/18 c4 Teobi
Archie! Archie Android. Has a certain ring to it (even if he's not quite an Android yet.)

Graves has behaved despicably but at least Soong is aware of it now and how the same narcissistic attitude has been sleeping into his own life. He's gotta go on the lam with his boys and hopefully his woman! Go get your man, Juliana.

Oh and I loved her little greeting to Lore. He better remember how nice she was to him.
8/18 c3 Teobi
I just realised it wasn't Lore's head in a box. Lore WAS the box! He's still in computer form, ticking away in the corner, calling Graves 'Uncle Ira' and Noonian 'father', bless him.

I did enjoy Graves and Soong throwing shade at each other and arguing over who's going to triumph first. (Lore will be quietly taking it all in, so he can throw it back in Soong's face later on.) Who would have guessed Soong didn't keep his mouth shut about sentient androids?!

Nice touch re the Texan accent creeping into Soong's voice. It's the little touches that explain a lot.

Poor innocent Juliana will find out pretty soon what craziness she's up against!
8/18 c2 Teobi
I love the way this is shaping up. Only chapter 2 and we have the Noon and Lore Show driving Ira Graves to an early grave. One thing about Noonian, he won't do what you tell him! And Lore, even less so. The talking head in the box was ghoulishly funny. Though I suspect funny moments may become thin on the ground as the extent of Noonian's insane genius becomes clear.

I liked the comment about not knowing what Starfleet would do with a sentient android, and lastly I really liked the definition of L.O.R.E. It makes a whole lotta sense!
7/8/2019 c25 305TFALokiwriter
5/26/2019 c24 TFALokiwriter
Woah, what a wonderful dive into Lore's character and belief about himself! Purely wonderful! Worth the wait!
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