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for The Lost Storm

8/13/2016 c5 103Lucathia Rykatu
That thing... oh Sun. It's really okay to mention that thing by name. Who knows, if you'd actually asked, maybe you could've gotten rid of some of it.

Your Grisia POV was really fun. :D Loved the banter between him and Judgment!
10/20/2015 c3 Lucathia Rykatu
I really enjoyed the interactions between the 37th generation. It amuses me so much that they have to put so much emphasis on learning how to read a map! With Neo around, the ability to read a map is truly an indispensable skill.

A victory for Ecilan. No seasonings!

Storm is still missing, hm~.
8/13/2015 c2 Lucathia Rykatu
Oh~, Leaf making preparations for the trip. This chapter really made it clear when this story is taking place. Haha, and the first sentence immediately clued me in about who the narrator was! Hm, a strand of the Pope's hair, huh. He does make life hard for the holy knights with how little money he gives everyone.

Nice that Leaf never asks his vice-captain for his hair! VC, this means you've done a great job as the vice-captain!

(I love how much they're mentioning Adair)
5/17/2015 c1 16oOTinaOo
Oh, I really like your way of writing! It's fun to read.
And let's be honest, how can we not be happy about Adair being the narrator of the first chapter? (That guy needs more screen time!)
I like how the Sun Platoon is angry at him for being the only one allowed to see the fight, who wouldn't?
So the Storm Knight is missing? I hope he just fainted somewhere in the corner or is burried by a stack of paper... else the Church of the God of Light might have a serious problem. Maybe he got kidnapped, knowing that without him everything will collapse?
Sweet story start, consider yourself stalke... uhm, followed :P
5/3/2015 c1 3TwelveHolyKnights
Oooh! Storm goes missing XD The Holy Temple is going to collapse!
5/2/2015 c1 103Lucathia Rykatu
Narrated by Adair! This makes me happy. I smiled hard reading about the Sun Knight Platoon's antics. Ed is amusing. First five minutes... and then it went up to ten minutes!

Vice-Captain Leaf makes an appearance! Graphs and statistics glued to the wall, oh dear. Elmairy, look at how much your vice-captain takes care of you, and yet you're still so poor. Really amazing. XD

Huh, so Storm is missing... The Holy Temple is going to cease functioning like this.

Is the rest of the story also narrated by Adair?

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