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8/14/2009 c4 pankaja
i love your story and absolutely hate the fact tht its got such few reviews so i think maybe u shud change the summary so tht it gets more attention.

best of luck and thank you
7/10/2008 c1 chinni
u are just amazing , whenever i am low i just cum and read ur story its beautiful.
11/9/2004 c4 jantis
THE BEST OF ALL! Really, THE best! ^^
11/9/2004 c4 Lissem149
the most beautiful fic ever. Ever.
10/15/2004 c4 alie
perfect! i just love sendoh so much. but i had this feeling you were more in to sakuragi and rukawa.. i love hte ending though.. nice.
3/24/2004 c4 Devious K
I have a favour to ask you...
Can you email to me the websites you post your fics. You see, once I came across a great site of cool yaoi lemon ficcies, but I lost the title, url and all, all I can remember is this fic, Thieves of Nights. Help me!
4/21/2003 c4 Citrique
WHAH! I LOVE IT! Write more of that kind of fics, please!
2/7/2003 c4 Maude Flower
Hie! i just find your fic, it's one of the most beautifil fic I ever read! And a lemon... In fact, I think it's the better lemon i ever saw! i love it! ^^
2/7/2003 c2 Zabina
Oh, crap, I can't finish to read it now, I've a train to take... T_T

But I love your fic! Actually, it's my favorite of all your fics, even my favorite of all the Slam Dunk fic and even of all the fics I ever read before! The idea is so.. *sigh* but will Hanamichi know for sure who his 'mysterious lovers' are...? Hmm... I suppose I wanna have to wait for that!
1/19/2003 c2 Mimi
i dun have time to finnish the fic, I have to go to school... but I wanted to say you that i actually love what I read of your fic! It's purely perfect! ^^

i will finish it tomorow...
1/13/2003 c4 Luna
Beautiful! I love your fic, it's so beautiful, they just seems so in love and your Hanamichi is so tempting, theyall are so sensual... the writing is good, the lemon is good *blush* More than good in fact, it's probably the best lemon I ever read! Write more fics like those, PPLLLEEEASSSEEE!
1/11/2003 c4 18Yorugami Ahou
* big huge starry eyes * You actually write such WONDERFUL SenHanaRu fics? * eyes get even bigger * Not to mention that you are ONE GREAT AUTHOR! * Voice squeaks and cracks * I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU ACTUALLY EXIST! * BAWLS * You ARE SO GOOD! I LOVE YOUR STORY! Write more! * makes a peace * More of a good thing ya?
12/15/2002 c4 Kaoru Sakuragi
Quite interesting, I like it! It's the first time Isee thispairing and I have to admit that... It's hot! I think it wanna be my fav couple for now on... It was really perfect!
12/14/2002 c4 Fem
HIE! I just love your fic, it's perfect! Just like your other fic, should I say... I really do enjoy read your work, it's always so great! But this one is certainl my favorite of all...
12/14/2002 c1 Grim's Tales
BEAUTIFUL! Your fic is simply marvellous, I love the idea, it's well-written, it's purely HOT, BURNING, I love it!
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