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for The Sakura Jewel

3/31/2013 c5 Guest
Can you keep written,i'm very like it
7/5/2009 c5 3blackraven1412BR
cool fic

really interesting

can't wait to see more

update soon
4/29/2008 c5 aina
whoah nic fic you have here, sure it has some gramar glitches but it sure is good. Nice can't wait for the next chapter!
4/29/2008 c3 dianne
the story is really cool...but your grammar, especially in the ones where the characters are talking to eachother, made your work crappy! Oh c'mon! the word thank? Oi! the short cut of thank you is THANKS! REMEMBER THAT! One more thing your grammar is really important when you write things like this..the essense of your story is very confusing with your wrong gramar and stuff-like-that.. i mean it would be okay [i guess] if you only made little, minor mistakes..but unfortunately your grammar is wrong on MOST of the parts of this story..

Work on your grammar! I hope to read more from you...]

gud Luck!
4/29/2008 c1 antoinette
dude, the story is good. But man! Your grammar REALLY sucked! I suggest that you listen to your english teacher more.

'Neway, nice fanfic you got here...


IF your planning to make another slam dunk fanfic, would you do me a favor...could you please not include gay stuff! It's like so frigin weird...
4/8/2007 c5 mariesolsd
hello! i've just read the sakura jewels, i really like it. Please finish the fics. Arigato! Will wait for the next chappie!
12/3/2004 c5 9Val-86

how about cont ur story? like it very much, please,please tasty pastry with puffy cream and cherry on top.
11/9/2004 c5 Lissem149
Hey, je viens de découvrir cette fic, il faudrait vraiment que tu la reprenne, tu sais!
5/26/2003 c5 2scaredy'cat
Hey doing good so far...I hope you continue this story...Hana-chan a priest...really interesting...and i'm curious to what powers that Sakura jewel holds and Hana's too...please continue...
4/28/2003 c5 lost complex
I can't wait to see how this turns out. What about updating it so I don't have to hurt my self thinking what't next. Ouch! it's starting, must not think, must wait...
3/24/2003 c5 Annie
Are u updating anytime soon?
3/15/2003 c5 chris
you know... kinda wondering when lara would give the pendant to sakuragi... i mean, it does belong to him right? and it responds to him. wonder who are the people hiding in the background... really confused... do continue soon...
2/7/2003 c5 Zabina
C'est chouette! j'ai vraiment hâte de lire la suite! 8-)
1/29/2003 c5 Phoenix
that's good,very good plswrite will be funnnnn to see the way the story go
1/15/2003 c5 1nertz
it was too short! i really really wanted to find out the reaction of rukawa about his beloved lover kissing another woman!=)

continue! plez! gambatte!=)
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