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6/9/2007 c4 mariesolsd
please continue this fic, i really like it.


3/15/2005 c4 Ann
Are u still continuing with the fic? It's such a shame to give it up halfway:(
11/9/2004 c4 jantis
great fic!
11/9/2004 c4 Lissem149
très intéressant, là aussi, j'ai hâte de lire la suite! reprends ta fic, svp!
8/5/2004 c4 nobody-nobody-nobody
This is too good for you to leave alone! though I love the idea of a female Rukawa better I also like this one. Hey... why don't you make a fic with Rukawa as a female next time? I've only fnish reading one with him as a female and it was too fluffy and way too OOC... ^-^ so if you please do a fic with my suggestion I'd be happy... ok and I loved your other stories...
11/20/2003 c4 Ann
Please hurry and update.
5/26/2003 c4 2scaredy'cat know someone should tell Mit-chan that curiousity killed the cat...Hehehehe...Oh boy, can't wait how he will react when he finds out about Hana..And Ken interested with Mit-chan? Now what's that about...Is this going to be a RuHana? How bout MitHana? but knowing you...a RuHana might be of big possibility...Anyways, your call...

Well please continue this fic okay...and no i don't think Mit-chan will be laughing when he finds out what's the big secret is..i think he will be more or less turned into a stone or whatever...hehehe..i'm so bad

But really...please continue...i really want to know what will happen next...(^_^)V
5/13/2003 c4 Jess
Please update! I really like this fic.
4/15/2003 c4 katemi
I mean it! you really need to update your fanfic

4/1/2003 c4 Zen
It's been a while since you update, are you still continuing with the story?
3/23/2003 c4 chris
ha ha ha.. ok... really hoign you'll continue your fic soon... wonder what's gonna happen once everyone figures out that the king of rebounds is actually the queen... ha ha ha...
3/21/2003 c4 Jess
Please update!
3/20/2003 c4 sweetcherry
Please do finish and update this. I really like a RuHanaSen just as you do. Although I appreciate it better if Sakuragi is a girl and you find things like that very rare.
3/4/2003 c4 chris
oh ho. you got to finish this. ha ha ha. i wonder how they'll react when they actually find out. ha ha ha.
1/19/2003 c4 Mimi
Great! and now, I can't wait for the next part! ^^
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