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6/3 c1 1BellaBerry12
u went to yale just like get a job ffs already u have tons of money saved up? why the fuk did u keep doing sex work after u graduated ?
6/3 c1 BellaBerry12
okay Layla is like amazing? is this a too good to be true thing
11/13/2020 c5 6Kai276
i hope one day you'll come. back to finish this. it's just too good not to wonder..
7/30/2018 c5 ShadowCub
More porn than I can tolerate.
6/25/2018 c5 Regalducky
I have no hopes that one day you'll come back and finish this, my thoughts on this one...I never like puck, even when he is just friend and supportive, I never liked him or understood why people liked, but yeah, your hard time to write was my hard time to read, but I think it would lead to some realization on Quinn's life. His idea to Quinn watch with Rachel her work, inicially bad idea, for all the reasons Rachel already expressed, but then I thought maybe... Rachel could be more angry and sad or she could (involuntary or not) be turn on by watching it (sometimes is just body reaction) or Quinn could show her she felt nothing. Suddenly I started to think that if Quinn accept the offer it would be her last job, like promising to Rachel because she would be payed a lot of money. I don't know if I like this or not...but it doesn't matter, they were happy in chapter 2
6/25/2018 c4 Regalducky
Thank you for do the talk, I don't like miscommunication, and when they talk and Quinn said everything, not leaving anything behind I was really happy. Is not easy to write this story, some people my feel offended, but it totally made sense, things Layla said about Quinn avoiding sex and we thought it was because her job and now we know it was not only that but about more things. So thank you and I don't hate you. Once I read about aces who are sex repulsed and grey aces, who are aces that have sex, the reason sometimes change (once one person said that sex for them is like eating food, sometimes you are hungry for food, is your body telling you need to eat, and sometimes you just want to eat something, you are not exactly hungry) I like this analogy, and that exist ace who does have sex but only touch but don't like to be touched intimately (or only top you know) I think maybe Quinn would enjoy more like this, because she would love to make Rachel feel good, because she works with sex so she is not exactly sex repulsed...but anyway thank for make them to talk
6/25/2018 c3 Regalducky
Nonononono no no no God! No... First I thought why is she lying about this? Like when Rachel discover what she does for a living she will feel more betrayed but when I read the last paragraph...I was shit shit shit shit...I hope aces don't feel offended by that. Damnit Quinn! It kind of make sense but ..once I read an interview with a pornstar and she said that this is a very complicated subject when she dated someone who is not involved in this world, how can you work with sex and denied when you're not in the mood with your partner? So she always feel obligated to have sex when her boyfriend initiated or asked...is a really difficult and delicate subject...I want to hate you
6/25/2018 c2 Guest
GOD DAMNIT! IM CRYING IM SOBBING BECAUSE YOU WROTE THE BEST DATE I EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! They were so cute, Rachel is so amazing and cute and saying all the right things without being so cliche or cheese or bad... And be sure with 2 chapters this is already my favorite aunt faberry fic and I'm not ok because i know you dropped and won't update anymore and Quinn have to tell her about her work and I'm really scary about when this will happen because I know deep down Rachel will stay but you didn't finish this story and what if when Quinn tells her is your cliff hanger and I will deal with all the pain because is incomplete... I'm really sobbing, you did this too me, only 3 fics made me cry but only yours is making me cry in a brief happy place and for anticipation for when everything is reveal
6/25/2018 c1 Guest
WOW WOW I ... WOW ... GOSH...THIS was intense as hell and fuck! This is the kind of first chapter that broke your mind, because even when I read "sex work" I was no expecting this. You blowed my mind
5/16/2017 c5 Guest
Wah wah poor Rachel. Please. She's an adult she can do whatever the fuck she wants. Get off your high horses.
9/1/2016 c5 Annie
wow. Quinn doesn't want to have sex with Rachel, yet she cheats on her. Quinn doesn't like the sex but enjoys porn. This so mess up and not in a good way. Rachel needs to escape this toxic relationship before it's too late
9/1/2016 c4 Annie
This really sucks for Rachel.
8/27/2016 c5 Jazousjaz16
I have become infatuated with this story and hope some time will free up in your schedule that would allow you to finish it.
8/22/2016 c4 aryalyn
I love that you're writing about asexuals. Everyone of them is different. They have their own limits to what they are comfortable with. I get how they can't control their bodily functions. Just because they don't use their equipment and don't like sex, doesn't mean it isn't functional and has a mind on it's own. My question is...how the fuck is Quinn getting wet enough for all this sex? Lube? She didn't have that the first time. I don't think Quinn should be with Rachel. It isn't that she is asexual or that she is a porn star. It's that she is both. There is no way Rachel or even anyone else that would be ok with their significant other fucking other people but can't/won't touch them because they don't like sex. That's really fucked up for Quinn to even want, ask and expect that out of Rachel. In this chapter alone, it addresses Rachel's feelings. The last two sentences. "She may not have her body, but Quinn's heart belongs to her." I'm not sure that's true due to what happens next chapter with Puck and those chicks at the bar. I don't know about anyone else but that's cheating. Even if you don't intend for it to end in sex. Honestly, Quinn needs to lose Puck. He isn't any good for her. He encourages her to be all up on someone that isn't her girlfriend. Talking bad about her. That's not a true friend. Especially with how patient and understanding Rachel has been. Rachel is putting a lot into this relationship. She has even agreed to be with her without sex. I know sex isn't everything but for some, it's a huge part of it. The intimacy of it. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex but this is a major compromise for someone like Rachel. I do understand Quinn's need to be in control. This shit all started because of lack of control. With that thought, wtf has Quinn done with that fancy degree of hers that she did all that cheating for? She DOESN'T have to do porn. Idk, final thoughts, they shouldn't be together. Rachel doesn't deserve that pain. Besides, it's already bad enough that Quinn is a porn star but once Rachel makes it on Broadway, that can't happen. Rachel needs someone she can have her arm around. That's just not possible if she is still doing porn then. This is a toxic relationship. Abort!
7/28/2016 c5 anacv
Hey, any chance you might update this fic? I love this story. Please, update hahah
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