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for Danganronpa: Despair over Hope!

5/24/2015 c2 nene101
Yas,update! :-)

I wouldn't mind my oc

Having romance.
5/23/2015 c2 Memeatemesis
These characters are interesting so far! Can't wait for more. (Oh, and my OC would be open to love, if someone could actually put up with him.)
5/23/2015 c2 11PastaKittyQueen
I didn't proofread this... But whatever, there's a chapter. I'm happy about that. And regarding romance, no. Romance is bad. Baaaaaaaad.
5/23/2015 c2 2HeroineOfDarkness
Lol! I love the fourth wall breaking here!

As for romance, I would like my character to have one and with who, I leave that up to you. Probably someone just as hard headed or a total sweetheart would be perfect for him.

Can't wait till the next chapter to meet the rest.
5/3/2015 c1 miyuqi
Name: Kaede Fujiko
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: June 26th (Cancer)
SHSL: Fashion designer
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Appearance: Kaede has a long, brownish hair up to her shoulders and has curly ends. And she also has blue eyes. She also loves to style her hair in many different ways if possible.
Clothes: A white top with cute patterns (such as animals, foods, words, etc.), light blue jeans, and a blue sneakers. She usually wears a bracelet that has the letter “K”, star & moon symbol, and also an Eiffel Tower
Personality: Kaede is a sweet, caring, and kind girl who appreciate those around her. She never wanted to hurt anyone, and never wanted to be in bad terms with anyone either. She can be a worrywrat sometimes, but that's just how she is. When she got upset, she'll act like she doesn't care about anything and will let time pass with music.
Likes: Fashion, magazines, sweet foods, tea, calming music, cats
Dislikes: Has an absolute fear of being abandoned and enclosed spaces
Role: That character who acts chill all the time but actually felt anxious and worried if they never escaped the school, but sometimes help with investigations if needed
Backstory: Kaede lived a normal life with both of her parents as small family. One day, her parents caught in a car crash when she was twelve, a traumatic incident that makes her afraid of losing someone she loved again. At that time, she developed an interest of drawing and sketching designs of clothes, which sent her into the path of a fashion designer. She soon was adopted by the Nakamura family, a wealthy and well-known people who supported her all the way until she was accepted in Hope's Peak Academy.
Survivor, victim, or blackened?: Either survivor / blackened will do.
Execution: (Fashion Dilemma) Kaede was throwed into a studio with tons of people in it, waiting for her designs to finish. She began working normally like usual, but Monokuma suddenly appeared and gave her a list of clothes she must finish by night. She became confused and starting to draw doodles and not real sketches. Monokuma's set a timer and her time is almost over. She didn't get the chance to finish anything, and found herself in a dark room, chased by thousands of Monokuma just to get her designs by time. She was strangled by one of the Monokuma and seemed to die later on.
Mastermind: -
Protag?: I think she might be a protag, but I think her role suits more as a side character.
Other: She is tone deaf, which is why she can't sing very well, despite that, she is quite proud of her voice, even though she knew that it's cringe-worthy. She's also a sweets chef.

P.S: I have no account, so, here it is. If you don't understand about the clothes, here's an image of it: post/116942759031 and about the bracelet: post/116812365339 - sorry if my English sucked, and sorry if the execution sucks as well.
5/2/2015 c1 nene101
This sounds

5/2/2015 c1 monoheart
SHSL Matchmaker:
Akemi Koibito
First name :Akemi
Last name :Koibito
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height:172 cm
Weight:65 kg
Birthday:Feb 14
Orientation:Straight (but a bit feminine)
Personality:Akemi is a girlish but straight guy, he is a open minded person saying that he belives no has right to forbid to people from falling in love, he is emotional person he openly express his emotions even sometimes people say he is childish because of this , he is a caring person who cares about others eventhou he says that he hates them(has a very short temper),but when he is hurt he then fakes his emotions so that he wont feel the pain, he also has a fear of being touched from behind,he likes girls better than guys because he always gets bullied by guys because of his personality. He is also very protective of his female friends. He will also most likely threaten any guys who flirts with his friends and is really mature when the subject is love
Likes:Flowers,Sweets,Romance novels and romantic comedies
favorite song:Canon rock and Everybody Loves Me
favorite food:red velvet cupcakes
Hates:Bitter food,Smoke,Bitter people,most boys ,heavy metal and homophobics
Appearance: Akemi has peach hair and rose colored eyes
his hair is kept tidy by cream colored bobby pins
Regular(pink dress shirt, cream suspenders,white dress pants,brown loafers and a white ribbon for a bowtie that has a two piece heart design)
Pajamas(angel bunny and fallen angel bunny kigurumi)
Story:Akemi comes from a family thats loving but due to buisness there always apart they rarely see eachother, Akemi started his matchmaking career when he was in elementary he had a friend with love problems and he helped her get the guy of her dreams the one that truly loved her and eversince then he kept playing cupid for would be couples even for famous people
Role:most likely the one who presents evidence or show the accounts of others
Survivor/Blackend:if he will kill its most likely poisoning
Execution:(Romeo vs Juliet) where in Monokuma puts Akemi in the middle of two statues that represent Romeo and Juliet respectively then the statues reveal that the have guns for hands then began shooting a eachother while Akemi is caught in the crossfire and they move torwards each other until Akemi corpse is squashed in between.
I am okay with being either the protagonist or the mastermind or with just being a side character
P.S I just newly made my account so I thats why I couldnt pm sori.

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