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11/10/2016 c12 joel shell
This was a very good chapter. This entire story paints a picture of how some soldiers who return home from a war can suffer from post tramatic stress disorder. We need to pray for our soldiers who are fighting for our freedom that we are so blessed to have.
11/10/2016 c13 joel shell
This last chapter answered those questions. This story was very well-written.
11/10/2016 c13 Guest
I cried reading this
Thank you so much for writing this I absolutely love it
8/30/2016 c9 joel shell
I think Bj was being completely unreasonable by wanting to cut off all ties with Hawkeye. From what I've been reading in this story, he couldn't help it that he turned into an alcoholic after coming home from the Corean war. He had post traumatic stress as a result of his mental breakdown, nightmares as a result of the war, losing his dad and, two weeks later, Margaret leaving him for Trapper John. Bj shouldn't have been so unreasonable. He should have been more supportive of Hawkeye through everything he went through. This is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.
8/30/2016 c11 joel shell
Looking forward to the epilogue.
8/24/2016 c11 joel shell
This is a good story. Can't wait for the final part.
8/23/2016 c11 45mphs95
So sad but the perfect ending. Thank you for finishing.
8/23/2016 c11 Winterfrost15
This was so sad yet so moving. You did a wonderful job. Looking forward to the epilogue. :-)
2/24/2016 c10 Winterfrost15
Wow, so sorry for not reviewing this sooner! I really loved it. Hawkeye's feelings and memories of Margaret felt very genuine, and were in-character. I enjoyed all the details you weaved into this; it made it a touching farewell. Looking forward to the last chapter! :-)
10/5/2015 c9 flutterbye52000
This is such an amazing story, and it has brought me tears all the way through. Alcohol is a poison that pervades many families, homes, and lives. It's destructive nature is a well-known enemy to so many people, I'm sure there are few folks who don't know first hand what it can do. To see that it has taken our beloved Hawkeye is a crushing blow to those who love him. You've made it so real, it almost can be believed. Watching for his letter to Margaret. I know you'll do well with it, look how well you've done already :)
10/5/2015 c7 flutterbye52000
Yes, that is Charles, very much so. All the way from his tears to his faith to his love for Hawkeye. I fully can see and hear him, so take heart, dear one, you have done a great job, and I am enjoying it tremendously.
7/12/2015 c9 1Sarai
6/19/2015 c9 Winterfrost15
This was probably the most poignant chapter that you've written so far. I feel so sorry for everyone involved...Hawkeye, BJ, and Peg.

Hawkeye probably has a lot of things he wants to tell and apologize to Margaret for, too. I'm looking forward to the letter to Margaret and the conclusion!
5/30/2015 c8 6cmee57
Deep down in Charles Emerson Winchester III is a very compassionate man. We saw glimpses of it in the show, but it really shows in this chapter. Well done!
5/30/2015 c8 Winterfrost15
I thought this interlude was lovely! You had Sidney down perfectly; the same with Charles. I was surprised by the appearance of Trapper, but it makes sense because he's from Boston just like Charles. I'm glad Charles told him off, too. Trap doesn't seem to have an ounce of remorse for what he did to Hawkeye. I wonder if Trapper will try to make peace with before he parts, though? I'm kinda hoping he does...it's the least Trapper can do at this point.

I'm glad there's going to be three more chapters after this one! First BJ's letter, then Margaret's, then an epilogue I assume? I'm waiting in eager anticipation for everything to come next. Please update this as soon as you can! You have my support and praise all the way! :)
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