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for Carry on My Wayward Son

12/22/2020 c23 Kelkat
Great story
9/21/2020 c23 Paftyk
I fell in love with this story 3
I almost cried several times. It kept my attention till the end.
8/28/2020 c23 4Steve-Arkarian
First of all congratulations on basically completing your story! I really enjoyed reading it! Now for all the questions. One of which isn't exactly pertaining to the story it's more of you said you're going to try and do an epilogue, which honestly I thought this was that blog even though it did say but you did last update in March which honestly isn't that long ago however you have the story labeled as complete which if you're planning on putting an epilogue as well doesn't really make sense. Another thing is how did and this should have been included in my review of the last chapter honestly, anyway, how did the great Hall watch what was happening with Tom and Dumbledore at the time of the battle when it mentioned having one screen put up to watch his memories was there just another screen and it wasn't mentioned? Also they seem to be happening simultaneously so how did they manage to watch both at the same time? Also I would be curious to read if you did a one shot or a couple one shots of what dumbledore's memories were I realized they're going to be fairly hard and he's an evil person, as well as there's some that you maybe shouldn't write since it was at least kind of hinted, though I may have misread it completely, that he was maybe doing sexual things with an unconscious underage minor. Which by the way you may already know this website has basically a ban on any sexual situations if they're even mildly explicit it can easily get the story banned taken down etc I'm sure this is also worse if it's between minors or an adult and a minor which makes sense and I wouldn't want to read that sort of situation anyway. However other evil things he may have done would be interesting. Another thing is this is maybe several chapters ago the curse he used to basically kill Harry how exactly did that work? I know it's not a spell from the books so it's one you made up and that's fine it makes sense, however I'm unsure how the spell works. Like does it drain physical energy till the organs shut down cuz they have nothing supporting them? Are the organs just shutting down themselves without that factor? Is it a since he's a magical being it's draining the magical energy and that's what kills him? As you can see there are various different scenarios and none of them may be the one that you were thinking of, so if you could let me know I'd appreciate it. A couple other things, they basically carried Ron away and I'm assuming maybe they're going to do some torture or possibly just torture by prank items? Maybe you could do a one shot about what happens there. Also what happened with Arthur and Percy? Were they on the raid against the ladies? Were they once you planned it and so were picked up later cuz their names were given? Or were they possibly picked up later even though they weren't connected with that because they were order members? Or did they die in the final battle? Or something completely else? I'm sorry I know that's a lot of the word or. Anyway once again I enjoy your writing I hope you keep writing and I will look forward to looking to your other works.
8/28/2020 c22 Steve-Arkarian
So the story is already completed and maybe things will be cleared up there but probably not so I figured I'd ask. Is it more of authors creative license that made the horcrux be able to work in a way that it could not feasibly have worked otherwise? Because really as far as we know those can only work for the person whose soul is split because it is their piece of soul it should not transfer over to someone else. Also I am glad the healing liquid also helped but I'm definitely curious as to how it was even possible for Luna to get it in the first place considering the dark lord would obviously have his chambers worded against anyone else's intrusion but who he had it keyed to and it seemed like he may have had a notification on the cabinet where it was kept though really he visibly caught Harry and didn't say anything so I'm not sure if I miss remembering. but again it doesn't really explain how she was able to get it especially as by the time Luna had her vision they were in the bedroom so she couldn't have gotten it then though she may have been able to get it after they left for the attack maybe but I still don't know how she would have got in the room.
8/27/2020 c8 Steve-Arkarian
I guess the issue will resolve itself in the coming chapters hopefully because this is a completed story. An issue I see that didn't come up on this raid is Harry using his wand in public. I'm sure Voldemort doesn't care about the trace but since Harry is underage he should get a notice for using his wand in public and that may be able to be used to trace back to where Harry's location is which could be a problem.
8/14/2020 c23 WeisseHex
A very lovely and engaging story, thank you for sharing!
7/26/2020 c21 1Calmzone1
Lol, guess I did review ch 23, and 22.
I just can’t remember it.

Great story. Really loved it. I can’t remember if I read this or not. I was just finishing work due to the virus, and then I got sick. Unable to get tested, then as I came out the other side, I slept 12 hrs straight in a weird angle on my shoulder and woke up with a frozen shoulder. I have been trying to get it to unlock, with varying success, but bought an acupressure pen and now almost have full range of motion back. Of more concern now is that I am just getting my sense of smell back, well, the remainder of my sense of smell. I guess it was just diminished, as I could still smell my essential oils. So, I had diminished and partial loss of taste and smell. The arm, well that is a whole other story. I was getting nerve and muscle spasms so bad that I could probably have cut my am off. But it too is being helped by the acupressure pen. So my arm no longer feels rubbery and I am getting to move it again.

Well enough to help move a family friend to another city, while driving my daughter and her things back from the same location. In about 2 3/4 hours. Then take a ferry back home. And be fine the next day.

So, I realllly hope you are staying safe, having fun with your kids and getting to spend time with them and take advantage of the free internet activities with the kids. Sooo many cool things for them to do.

Hugs, remember to wash everything that comes in (that’s How we got it) and stay sane. Cheers. Thanks for writing
7/11/2020 c19 loleo
This „adult“ Talk was so not Voldemort/Tom
6/25/2020 c23 FiberBard
This is an excellent story. _ I enjoyed watching Harry & Tom's relationship evolve. The Severus/Remus pairing was also a pleasant surprise. And hooray for Luna!
Thank you for sharing.

...by the way, was the referenced show a couple chapters back Babylon 5? I could swear I've seen that line before, and that's the only one I could think of that sounded right.
5/26/2020 c23 kirahunter
All I can say is WOW! I am impressed with the skill and thought you put into this story. You did an amazing job. Thank you for writing it and for all your hard work!
5/19/2020 c23 HumorMe2
Thanks! I so enjoyed the story being glad I found you. Thanks again
4/29/2020 c23 15WereBunny87
I love this so much...just. so. Dern . Much! Well done! I hope you're safe I look forward to more from you
4/29/2020 c23 SherlockHW
I've just been sobbing nonstop while reading these last few chapters. I love this book though, definitely one of my favorites!️
4/21/2020 c23 jmw03u
This was a great story! I love Harry and Tom together. It is nice that he was able to heal mentally and go back to his original ideals. Thank you for writing this!
4/14/2020 c23 gertrudethesalamander
Thank you for taking the time to share this. It was just lovely. Hope you and your loved ones are well and safe.
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