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for Mass Effect: The Gift

12/29/2015 c11 RheasHelm
It's good that you finally managed to complete the story, even if this chapter was pretty much a straight retelling of the game. But I guess there was no way around it.
What's going to happen to Brandon now? Are Cerberus going to get hold of his implants and use them to resurrect Shepard? Provided they can be removed without killing him.
9/10/2015 c10 RheasHelm
Oh, poor Brandon, can't ride on an Armature... Bad Shepard!
Now that he's The Weapon, I wonder what he'll do about Tali.
7/16/2015 c9 RheasHelm
I was a bit confused at first because the last chapter ended with them going to the Citadel, and this one started with the Normandy on her way to Ilos - by the way, nobody has any data on Ilos since it can only be reached via the long-missing mu-relay :) - but I guess you just jumped ahead in time. A little summary of past events would have been nice.
Thanks for revealing the purpose of Brandon. That was pretty evil of the Geth, I have to say. And clever.
Shepard banging Liara so hard that everybody noticed in the hangar was funny. :)

It seems some notes of yours/formatting data made it into the uploaded version:
-"emUnnatural increase in blood pressure. Suggested responses to situation are/em"
-"span lang"ES""No, no, no, no, no, no…."/span"
6/18/2015 c8 RheasHelm
The part about the team working on the Mako was good.
And I see you took advantage of having 2 Shepards on the crew by saving both Ash and Kaidan. That was pretty cool.
6/3/2015 c7 Guest
Feros felt a bit rushed, but I guess it's not really that important.
Garrus and Shepard making fun of Brandon over Tali was funny though.
Lol, and Garrus getting them drunk to talk about their feelings...
This tale needs more scenes with Brandon's on-board computer system - it's fun and there's still the question of why the Geth did all that work on him... they must have an ulterior motive, it would be a good idea if that came up every once in a while.
5/22/2015 c6 RheasHelm
Interesting that Shepard didn't take Liara to his confrontation with Benezia. But at least he still got to console her afterwards, lol.
The fight between Garrus and Brandon was well done. Shepard getting annoyed at Brandon for being such a chatterbox was also funny.
One thing that did not make sense to me was Shepard's argument over patents and copyright. I don't see how any of that should have any bearing at all with regards to a discount.
Oh, and it's "voila". :)
5/18/2015 c5 RheasHelm
Very strange. What could possibly have prompted the Geth to do what they did? Other than to make Brandon compatible with Tali, lol.
So if Brandon is a genetic brother of Shepard's, is her really a "Brandon"? Maybe Shepard can lay claim to the throne as well now.
5/16/2015 c5 Cf96
5/8/2015 c2 RheasHelm
Oh, a mystery, how cool. Just what exactly have the Geth - or whoever's behind their actions - in mind for Brandon?

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