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for Bluefield a-2012 - Another Dream (XCX)

5/20/2015 c1 9May Ravenstaff
I read your profile and specifically paid attention to the part that says to figure it out yourself.

Welp, you need to understand that we don't see what you do. You've got some big thing up in your mind I'm sure. But I can't see that, so I've got no clue what the hell is happening. A clever idea is of no use when no one else can understand it
5/12/2015 c1 1Estella Kuroi
I had no idea what this was until I read your profile, and then I still had no idea. Even so, I hope you can tell me what your series is about, and/or at least put more of a hint on your profile, like the order we need to read the stories in.
*Goes off to read other stories.*

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