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for Snowblind in Greenland

5/20/2015 c3 Guest
KP and Ron are getting it in n'stuff but what's Rufus doing? Is he watching? Is he still sleeping or is he trying to stay quiet in order not to disturb them? I kinda wanna know these things
5/20/2015 c3 DreamerInTheMist
Dang. This was HOT.

I know your pain about lack of reviews; and I'm here to give you one of my own!

The writing style was nice and easy to follow. You provided some nice descriptions when need be, and otherwise, you kept things comfortably straight-forward. I also appreciated how in-character Ron and Kim were in such a situation as this. Excellent work.

The story itself was just delicious to read, and the kind of thing we could easily imagine from this crime-fighting world-traveling duo. I enjoyed the background context of their long-distance relationship; it added to the urgency of their intimacy. Thank you for also making "the first time" a bit more realistic than some fanfics, what with the initial discomfort and all. I appreciated that.

Overall, this was an incredibly delightful read. I'd been craving a Kim/Ron fic such as this, and was so happy to find it. You're a wonderful writer!
5/13/2015 c3 1KP's Man
Very good story so far, but needs a better ending so continue this story further but not as long as you might have planned.
5/9/2015 c3 CgC
Very write the scenes leading to their lovemaking very good and with a natural flow to them.I also like the fact that Ron initiate their lovemaking.
I'm sorry that I didn't reviev last will be very nive if you make this a full story because it is you could make Sensei call Kim to Yamanouchi to train because her destiny is link to Ron and it will greatly help him with mastering is you could make that Kim will receive some of the power from a ritual that bond her with Ron(like soulmates,their are destined to fight evil togheter).
And Ron could acces is full power only when is bonded with is soulmate(Kim).So this think will make them a superpower Ron and a helples two equal partener and soullmates who draw their strenght from eachother and their love.
5/9/2015 c3 13Jimmy1201
I'm with Ron on this one - if ever a man had an reason to be late, it is Ron. I like that you turned the typical story around and had Kim staying at home and Ron overseas. Nice fluffy story - I liked the little realistic touches - the having to untangle in the middle of the night because you have "to go" and the tickling when you meant your touch to be passionate. Not sure about the lack of reviews, but I suspect that most people prefer some angst and conflict with their story - at the very least the characters somehow need to "earn" the happy ending. And as you mention, the readership of Kim Possible fan fiction has dwindled. For me, I enjoyed this "slice of life" look into the post graduation life of Kim and Ron. Thanks for a well written story.
5/9/2015 c3 4CajunBear73
Their bonding as a couple now more set in stone from this adventure than from anything they've done previous, Graduation notwithstanding...

A future together to be continued as soon as college is done.

Welcome to KP, somewhat belatedly. And don't fret the 'popularity' of this end of , those here appreciate the tale.
5/7/2015 c2 13Jimmy1201
So while our heroes weren't exactly prepared, they seem to not be in danger of immediate death by exposure. Of course Ron may blow a brain cell or two if he can't calm down a bit and stop worrying about screwing up. Perhaps all he needs is a little reassurance from Kim that his feelings aren't out of line.
5/6/2015 c1 Jimmy1201
Nice opening chapter, good job on keeping with the tone of the the show. It would have been smarter for Kim to meet up with Ron before infiltrating the lair, but it was very Kim-like that she didn't. Wonder if Wade will start a search for them once he realizes that he has lost contact?
5/6/2015 c1 Guest
Always wanted Ron mystic martial arts master, ring tower of muscles, Zorpox/Drakken's super genius brains
5/6/2015 c1 CgC
Nice story.I really liked the fight between Kim and Shego and the fact that you didn't make Ron way too powerful but in the same time you didn't make him a buffon.I think that you make a very good and realistic Ron.
Now I suggest that you tell how their life has been after highschool:were they go to college,if Ron have money from royalty chech from Bueno Nachos(Ron could have gone to Yamanuchi to master his power and royaty chech are not a one time receive as long as the product is selling so he should reveive more chech for the naco).
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