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7/17 c11 Phantom Actual
Good day, author. This is a very good story, it could go places. My question is what happened to the Spirit after Naboo? Was she destroyed, too badly damaged to be salvageable, or is she at Earth now?
I’m also wondering if this story will ever be continued, as it seems to have been some time since the last one. It’s a pity, all the good stories build to something awesome and then just stop, like the Guiding Fire. Regardless, I hope you have a good day or night, and good bye.
-Phantom Actual
6/25 c3 N1cok
"It was surprising that UNSC's humans were once confined to only one planet"

That's pretty basic. How is that surprising? It would be extremely unnatural if not. Is this a problem with the story or is it her that's being dumb?
5/12 c6 7SSJ Red graffiti
Very cool. Can't wait to see more.
5/12 c5 SSJ Red graffiti
This is getting good
5/10 c7 2LONE RANGER 97
Okay I just wanna say 1 thing and I'm not saying it to be mean or sexist or anything it's just I want to know why are all/most of the Spartan IV we we see in this chapter women was that intentional or something you didn't realized you did.
5/5 c11 Nick
YYYyyyyyhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa! Welcome in the DOOM kids. Welcome to hell. Сool tie to a good story.
Waiting to begining.
5/7 c1 7SSJ Red graffiti
Really good.
4/5 c2 Ghostly
Just to throw it out to you, Serinia’s behavior pattern is nothing like this if she is still an A.I., even after rampancy.
4/6 c11 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
4/5 c11 3Earthpatriot117
4/5 c11 jordan.pointer.18
Please let boss and his brother survive this and join the UNSC after this, and one thing can the UEG be sneaky in helping the clones with there one issue, the age Exhilarator.
4/3 c11 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
4/3 c11 BrutusPrimus
Nice work! Can’t wait For what’s next!
4/3 c11 joeyginise
welcome back sir. I got to go back through this cause i swear the Trooper rights act wasn't a thing yet. Also this chapter should be part one if its the beginning of a new arc. right now it is labeled as part 2. thought you should know.

Oh and stay safe.
2/17 c10 3Earthpatriot117
I look forward to more AWESOME! _
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