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for Ship of the Line: Resolute

4/29/2021 c1 Guest
Awesome start, as among other things I always wanted willow and xander together this is very interesting tri-comand space story! PLEASE continue this idea
1/9/2020 c1 MickJ
This is such a cool "chapter"! I know it's a one-shot, but it is a perfect beginning to something more.
6/2/2019 c1 10DarthTenebrus
Did you get inspiration from my Death Star fic? Still, I like the setup.
Question: is the Resolute an Imperial-2 class Star Destroyer or a Super Star Destroyer?
1/14/2019 c1 1Badpressure
Interesting. I request more.
12/5/2018 c1 Talon5Krrde
More please!

This is a very good start to the story.

You mentioned a shuttle. I am assuming that they are not on the Resolute?

Was Tara dressed as Gray Knight Revan? A bisexual Revan? The Bi part might help lesbian Tara with male/female sex...
12/6/2017 c1 4Story-Blender
So Hot. You really should add more chapters to this. I like where this is going.
4/30/2017 c1 otakumick
This is fascinating, I want more of it.
3/7/2017 c1 KrisB-71854
First off I want to say thank you. Thank you for this not being in SG. nothing against SG/BtVS crosses, but I get sick of them when there are so many other scifi settings that could be played with.

I'm wondering which version of Saurians you were talking about. I did a quick google and just got generic lizard/dinosaur people. I wasn't sure if you were using a specific race as of yet.

Well, obviously future-Xander didn't go back to his timeline. If past Xander chose something else, that means right off that Future Xander missed his timeline and went to a different timeline. So alien invasion may or may not need to be something to worry about.

I'm amused by this. I'd love for you to spit out a few more chapters of this. I'm not sure if I'd want Tara to have two voices in her head or not though. Jedi Tara, and past Tara.

I actually don't think that Xander has as much to worry about as he thinks. Magic basically hit them both. They were both on auto pilot by alt versions of themselves.

Long term, I'd love to see them both trying to integrate their various personas. Short term, I'd actually rather Xander do the freaking, and Tara trying to calm him down.

Hmm, I could see this ending up being a X/T/W if you really unfold it. Tara and Willow could just as easily be bi here. Willow was only "gay" rather than "bi" as it was easier to say "gay" and still have Xander as close to her. She didn't think a male would tolerate that.

Tara has lots of trust and family issues with males. Most fics where I see an early Tara/Xander hook up or fling was more her experimenting and sighing over it. She might be comfortable with him, enjoy the actual sex, but putting it all together might not work as well. Add in Willow and things start getting interesting.

I'm actually not sure about that. I could see Willow going hard core sci techy nerd/geek over the ship. Xander could pilot the thing, but he needs support personnel. Future Xander will be wanting them to plan on uplifting the world. Even Space Xander will want to defend a mainly human world against alien threats. Heck, he'd also want to do something about the demonic threats once he finds out about them.

This would just be so complicated as you just listen to entire conversations amongst themselves.
2/26/2017 c1 1WBH21C
Good Start!
1/4/2017 c1 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
8/19/2016 c1 1HorusRa
Very Nice, could you also combine aspects of SG SG1 and Atlantis, like replicators, but with the Asimov's 3 Laws of rob├│tics and h like
8/14/2016 c1 gaul1
Interesting, wonders if thes will go any where.
7/17/2016 c1 Guest
This was fun to read, thank you for writing it.
5/13/2016 c1 Blackholelord
Are you going to continue the story? Because from what I have seen its a good read. I would like to see where you would take the story. And personally the future storyline Xander could not be based on this reality, maybe different alien threats, like maybe threats from Stargate, its a familiar and easily to follow threat.
5/5/2016 c1 HellsMaji
Quite enjoying a few of your stories so far. Just wish they were more then a chapter long. Well, here's hoping.
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