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for Whiskey Time Travel

10/4 c5 Fick Chick
This is interesting.
9/26 c5 10Amu4ever
Really great story! Also, awesome that you had fun qile quaranteened! Hope to read another chapter of your awesome story soon. :-)
9/4 c1 muffdyvr
its ogden not odgen
8/22 c5 Abigail Law
I know it’s been a while but please continue I really love this
8/9 c5 16thomaspheasant
please update
7/29 c1 Guest
I started reading this, and it hit me that I already did. I genuinely love the freedom of your dialogue and the lore. Thx for writing this.
7/25 c5 2Storm Pegasus
It's sad that this is seemingly abandoned especially considering it's potential but that's just how the cookie crumbles I guess.
7/24 c2 Storm Pegasus
7/23 c5 1bipocni
Just stopping by to say I've really enjoyed this fic so far. Reminds me a bit of the old Mr Cynical fics, who's about the only other active/ex military fanfic writer I can name off the top of my head. Would definitely be interested in reading more if you're still alive.
7/20 c4 Redstoo
Feel likes there is a joke here, as sigma in sigma dick up your ass. If not very sorry for the idea.
7/14 c5 JackPayne773
How about updating it again? I mean I really enjoyed this fic so far and am intrigued by it, the characters and the everything else in between! Last update was sometime 2020...How about once more for 2021?
7/14 c5 Sebine
y u ded
7/13 c5 Jonathan Deller
This is a good story. I just wish that Harry, Amelia, and Valkyrie were their own team.
7/10 c5 KnowInsight
Great story!
6/29 c3 3ExBlazE
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