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12/2 c6 3SlytherpuffGryffinclaw
Aaarghh! The cliffhanger! Loved it though...

Also, the Lily and Harry interaction was so cute!
11/30 c6 Amargi'sNodachi
7 years, 6 chapters

See you next year

11/29 c6 7deepdiver
Remember us! The poor hopeless masses awaiting the next update! Cheers!
11/26 c6 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
You are a joke for doing this.
11/18 c6 2ta.shrivastava
I predict that whenever the end arrives, it will be epic.
11/17 c3 ta.shrivastava
It is probably my fifth re-read since 2019 of this story, and only now I recognize two lords of a same house bit, which I saw first time in A Black Comedy. I recommend you check out that one, it is a great fanfic.
11/15 c6 Guest
Killed it with this chapter, that power scale scene was dope
10/28 c6 Kagami Keina
10/3 c6 iamaninjabruh
pls update this
10/2 c6 Brazoalda
The Story is descriptive and a page turner.
The author has covered some realistic problems faced by soldiers with wartime experience.
9/23 c6 perlcat45
great writing!
9/9 c6 Ramenchan
How could you do such a thing. The cliffhangers are killing me like srsly, how could uou do such a horrendous a, ugh *que dramatic fake fainting with my hand on my head*. Also I hope u r posting the rest soon
8/28 c6 Geilertup
Is it possible that Valkyrie is a black maybe even bellatrix (because of the tantrums she has)
8/26 c6 2Karagor Gorefist
Alright. You got me. This is almost exactly the story I’ve been wanting to see and it’s great and I love it.

Here’s to your health! May you not pull a Tolkien and croak before it’s done! And if not, may you live long enough for it to be called a GRR Martin instead!
8/23 c6 Ariadne Venegas
I hope you can continue and Lily gets that Harry is too old for him and have Amy. (Wink) well she could be very good idea after all she never married.

Valkery Is Andy right? Well she is taken and she must have little Tonks already. I don’t think she could be Narcissa, but who knows.
If it is Narcissa how is that she married Lucius anyway?

Well I hope James applies himself more to be perfect. (I think James could had been really good if he had the chance, but not a Harry, I can’t imagine him as a dark wizard catcher, auror that is most possible.

And you can update soon.
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