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8/9/2022 c4 tsougrhs.59
maybe the worst chapter...and the whole fight with the horxuc was weird as fook...why was so much harder that the canon? you change the plot but gave us no reasons for that!
plus your Mc is all over the place.. the village defence...barman.. secret agent...soon girlfriend... secret misions.. problem with potters... 4 chapters and he has make zero personal progress
8/9/2022 c2 tsougrhs.59
eh? why the heck the flamels is the bosses in uk? they are from france for fook sake...if you wanna have then in the story find a better idea ffs!
8/2/2022 c6 MichiNulVoid
this a fairly interesting well written story. i love the dry humor mixed in with a bit of gritty realism. keep it up!
7/31/2022 c5 CarolsSister
Belhaven is not gross Agent Intern! Granted, it is the only beer I willingly drink, but no matter. (Just try and find it in the Boston area though.)
7/29/2022 c6 khatre
Thank Zeus its Alive!
7/24/2022 c6 Kadessor
It’s nice to see this pop up every now and then and honestly the style is fun and doesn’t feel dated. I was wondering if he still had the death stick. I like this time period and the age and location it’s all set. We get to meet people we don’t normally see in time travel as well as explore different parts of the world and how things work. I think one of the bigger problems in the originals is that everything feels like the wizard population is too small which is pretty much a issue of how it was written.

Getting cool unspeakable Harry and seeing shadow conflicts and other character motivations is fun as well as the rouge style Harry has always been fun.

I’ll see you again hopefully
7/24/2022 c6 SmokeBomber
Me bore! Want update! Raahhhhhhh
7/18/2022 c6 1TsurugisFlame
This is seriously pretty good. That scene where Harry embraces being the Master of Death was pretty awesome, and the scene with Lily was surprisingly cute. I really, really hope that this story continues to develop because I dig it.
7/15/2022 c6 7Wally991
Finally Lily appears!
7/6/2022 c6 5perseusTheDestroyer15
2042 is optimistic dear mister Author
7/6/2022 c6 Vlarq
Please finish the history is amazing. Cheers.
so update when?
7/2/2022 c6 12Ptronille
I think you underestimate yourself. Humour writing is extremely tough, as is military writing/good combat scenes. The fact that you do both quite well, and also that the story is meant to be casual, is probably what drives a lot of people to it. I know that I take pleasure in re-reading it whenever there is an update, just because it's a uniquely flavoured story.
Thank you for continuing to write this, even if it is once every nine months.
6/16/2022 c6 5BarbedCaress
Awwww, come on!
You could have added a couple of sentences to tell us Harry's number!
Or to tell us he obliterated the target, the wall behind it, and the measuring spell... Leaving Rookie and Intern without an actual number and no doubt who was the top dog.

Oh and pissing Dragon off because he will have to repair the room!
6/16/2022 c6 2XelaZagity
Fan-bloody-tastic, another A grade story to add to my slowly growing list. Cheers mate!
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