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7/2/2022 c6 12Ptronille
I think you underestimate yourself. Humour writing is extremely tough, as is military writing/good combat scenes. The fact that you do both quite well, and also that the story is meant to be casual, is probably what drives a lot of people to it. I know that I take pleasure in re-reading it whenever there is an update, just because it's a uniquely flavoured story.
Thank you for continuing to write this, even if it is once every nine months.
6/16/2022 c6 5BarbedCaress
Awwww, come on!
You could have added a couple of sentences to tell us Harry's number!
Or to tell us he obliterated the target, the wall behind it, and the measuring spell... Leaving Rookie and Intern without an actual number and no doubt who was the top dog.

Oh and pissing Dragon off because he will have to repair the room!
6/16/2022 c6 2XelaZagity
Fan-bloody-tastic, another A grade story to add to my slowly growing list. Cheers mate!
6/8/2022 c6 Igniferroque
Terrific story. Good work in increasing the threat level to prevent HP from simply demolishing the opposition. Look forward to the next chapter and hopefully finding out HP’s AK power score.
6/6/2022 c5 Kaito gozali
I can’t wait to see how the relationship develop around Harry. Particularly with Amelia, Valkyrie (which I assume is someone from house black, perhaps Bella?) and Lily. Bound to be interesting
6/1/2022 c6 Clara Hamill
Cool story. Time to teach them some mannners and to kick out voldy early, Wait will he not be the boy who lived then? Aww you are so sweet to your mom wait if she falls for you will not be dueling wands but dueling banjos . Lol!
5/25/2022 c6 6Faithless wanderer
Can't wait for the next chapter, this is great
5/25/2022 c3 Faithless wanderer
God this story is hilarious I'm loving every second
5/24/2022 c6 Jasture
Just found this story and love the setup. Love you slightly crack nature of events also. Keep it up. I hope to see more aoon
5/18/2022 c6 AtipOps
Stumbled on this story randomly and didn't stop reading, both the rewrite and the original.. Totally understand wanting to change some aspects of the story around since writers always want to improve but do hope that there is still more elements of lily and the gang in the rest of the story.. Hope to see more progress in understanding Harry's bad ass personality and the hardships he's been through.. Overall it's a great story and really cannot wait for any updates even if it takes till 2042 hehe
5/17/2022 c6 Aqntltgcdlb
Bueno, a mi me gusta esta hustoria, si te sirve de algo ~.
Estoy encantada de ver que has actualizado.
5/16/2022 c6 bookworm2192
I think this fic is fantastic, and you are doing an amazing job writing it. Keep it up, dude, and keep your head up.
5/12/2022 c5 Devilking1994
Am I detecting hints of romance between Harry and Amy? I've never seen that pairing so I would certainly enjoy it
5/12/2022 c3 Devilking1994
I don't really get why he would lose his ability to speak to snakes it was never confirmed that he got it from Voldy so it could of easily been from a connection to Slytherin
5/8/2022 c6 2cinhtay
I like it :3
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