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for A Finchel Season 7

10/1/2015 c21 30cab4five
Glad Santana made peace with herself about her Grandmothers feelings for her. Another great chapter, please keep going when you have time:) And twins wow! hope all goes well for our favourite duo this time round.
10/1/2015 c21 DeeBM
Finchels babies! :)
10/1/2015 c21 5maxlenas
I had a feeling it would be twins when Rachel said, "One day I think it's a boy, and then the next day I think it's a girl." I have a feeling one of them will be a boy, and the other one will be a girl. Great chapter, I can't wait to read more. :)
10/1/2015 c21 1Alex B. Goode
This is awesome!
9/28/2015 c20 13A-LionGleek
Good chapter! So sorry I didn't review sooner, but I was hell'a busy the last few days (plus had a wisdom teeth removal this past Friday). But anyway, here goes!
Santana: Oh wow. This sucks. Hooboy, while I am raging that Santana and her abuela never got the chance to reconcile, I still think that in the end Santana should go to the funeral. I mean come on, we don't want her stopping to her abuela's level now do we?
Regionals: Good job Choral Inspiration! Off you go to Nationals again! Though I must ask, what was Colette even doing there!? Wasn't she freaking fired?! But never mind, I did also enjoy the song choices (even though I only recognized one song).
Next Chapter: Yep, definitely still looking forward to seeing what you have to offer here.
Now to get to work on reviewing, following, and favoriting your brand new story.
9/26/2015 c20 Amypilierfan123
another amazing update so happy they won :) and ooh i'm curious about the news *waits for chap 21*
9/26/2015 c20 Kedzie3238
I think Santana should go to the funeral. She might be sorry down the road and I think she is holding back on how she really feels. It might help her in the long run. So happy they are going to nationals too. Good chapter!
9/25/2015 c20 30cab4five
Another fantastic chapter as always, please continue:)
9/25/2015 c20 Guest
Wonderfull job as always. I think focusing for the first time on finchel having a boy and not a girl would be a good change. I loved your previous work such as the Emma Hudson series, barely breathing and their gold star. And as for names Liam (for boy) and Lily (for girl) are my favourite but it's your story not mine. Anyway I'm happy for both samcedes and ryley even if I'm not their biggest fans but a person's happiness comes first. Can't wait for your next chapter. Take your time and please even if it's too early write a finchel season 8
9/24/2015 c20 11Fire Girl125
Aww I hope Santana decides to go to her grandmothers funeral. She might regret it if she doesn't go. And I'm glad Finn's glee club is going to Nationals! I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
9/24/2015 c20 playtime2507
Aww...I feel bad for Santana, and I love how Kurt, Rachel and Finn are so supportive of her. And yay for Finn and his Glee Club! I can't wait to find out the baby stuff coming up, I hope its happy!
9/24/2015 c20 30msmadelineclancy
This was perfect! I am so glad that they won Regionals :)
9/24/2015 c20 23WildeAbrams
I like that you kept how Marley didn't rush into sex. So many stories throw that out the window. Poor Abuela, Santana is obviously in denial about her feeling.
9/24/2015 c20 noro
Keep up the nice work
9/24/2015 c20 Rachel hudson
This is amazing I hope you put the next chapter up soon
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