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6/5 c18 jmboicity
I hope you one day return I enjoy this story quite a bit
9/1/2022 c17 Joe
I am divided on this. My initial thought was yes. Give us anything you have on this story. I often have this thought when a story that I liked suddenly ends. Then I start thinking, do I really want some jumbled notes on a couple of chapters and maybe even a rough idea of the ending for the story? No. I want more story. ::sigh::
I would like to know bit a more about how this one was going to end.
8/30/2022 c18 1gpno14
You've made a whole encyclopedia for your story. I barely had the mental capacity to read it let alone come up with it if I wanted to. Props to you man.
8/28/2022 c18 2Snakespur
It's good to get some closure on what happened to The Game Changer as I was always curious about that fic ever since you mentioned it being a big part of the creation of NGFOM. As sad as it is that he had to delete his own stories, I'm glad he did so for the sake of his own health.

That being said, I'm happy to see that his work has survived to some extent and I'm looking forward to reading it and whatever you have on NGFOM.
8/28/2022 c17 14Najee
I just want to say is that I enjoyed the concept of your story very much. It's easy to see the anime/manga as just another trashy harem romance story because its only single men that pretty much live by themselves or have no family/friends that get to have the Sekirei. It's an interesting case if it's a family man that is already with a woman gaining a Sekirei and the case of the alien girls needing to compete in a messed-up tournament where they need to kill each other. I love the MC in your story, and he is better than the MC of the actual Sekirei story in every way; I don't like anime where some random loner dude gets to easily gain all these superpowered magical girlfriends without hardly trying, they are all into him and no one else, and they are okay with sharing him.

My mate who was a fan of the anime said a funny thing he was finished watching Sekirei: "Dude, why does Japan get aliens that look like hot women with magic powers and we Americans get aliens like body stealing worms and living slime that eats people?"

I understand why you don't want to finish it. I have a long running story myself with many chapters that was discontinued because I just lost interest in the characters and franchise.
8/27/2022 c18 1RykOakwine
Wow, I forgot I could leave a review to my own chapters to answer people if I wanted to. (one thing I love about archiveofou is that you can directly post replies to reviews and people can leave as many comments on a chapter as they want.


Dust Traveller: Yes, all of Fenschway's work is gone. Not only removed from ff dot net but he also got rid of the Word Docs and such he had. There's a reason... Fenschway is in failing health, he's been in and out of the hospital a lot over the last, well, almost 10 years (he's a bit older than I am and I'm no spring chicken. I'm older than Gregory is in my story. By quite a bit.)

Don't know how many of y'all have ever gotten enough written to have a story that's 200,000 words, 300,000 words. You've got this huge canvas you've just been having a ball painting on, but... you need to actually finish the story (unless your Robert Jordan or GRRM I suppose). So you're wresting with the beast you've created, trying to bring everything together for a good ending...

The Game Changer was at... Chapter 40 I think, and it was over 600,000 words at that point.

Wrapping that up in any way would be a Herculean job, imo. Especially for all us amateur writer types.

Stress of trying to make the next couple chapters of TGC work towards the end, coupled with a lot of negative messages from people (The Game Changer was a... polarizing story. It was even a difficult story to love occasionally. And I say that as a huge fan and someone who worked with Fenschway on his stories and my story for a long time, lol). Anyone who's read The Game Changer couldn't be shocked that it got a fair amount of... negative applause.

Fenschway ended up in Intensive Care with his 4th heart attack then. When he eventually got cleared to go home (months later) he did what he had to do for himself and for his wife: deleted his stories from here and deleted all the copies off his computer. Building a virtual bonfire for his writing, if you will.

So yeah, The Game Changer and Starry Starry Night (the two of his stories with the most fans) are gone.


I am in possession of The Game Changer chapters 1-30. And the beta read but not final polished chapters 31, 33, and 40. And I've Fenshway's blessing to post it at AO3, or even continue writing it or whatever I wish.

So... getting a little posted for No Game For Old Men was my priority this week. I've more to post on it but it'll wait. My next project is reviewing the 30 chapters of TGC I have and getting them posted. I want Fenshway to know his work is still out there, being enjoyed, even though he himself can't have anything to do with any of it anymore.

So, that's the deal. I'll post something here when I get TGC posted over there.

And I'll take this chance to, again, thank everyone who's read No Game For Old Men over the years. It's the only story I've ever written. Might be the only story I'll ever write. And, odd as it might sound, I have read it many times over the years and I love Gregory and Madoka, even after all these years. So, thank you, anyone who also found something to love in their story. :)
8/27/2022 c18 13Dust Traveller
On the topic of the Game Changer, by Fenschway, is that story just completely gone from the internet? It disappeared one day and I hadn't finished it. The fact that both of these stories are like that really bums me out, man.
8/26/2022 c18 9Lord of Moons
This was pretty fascinating to read, thanks for the chapter!
8/26/2022 c17 dbhamra
Post it. It would be good to get some closure on this story.
8/26/2022 c1 6Godric Kharg
Definitely post what you DO have. It goes against my grain even to say so but…well… even after all this time I keep coming back to look in on this one regardless of how busy I am…!
8/26/2022 c17 1Seto-fan1
This is heart breaking news, but by all means release what you have.
8/24/2022 c17 2Snakespur
I kind of suspected this fic wouldn't get finished after all this time, but it sucks to hear it all the same. I always thought NGFOM was and still is THE most unique story out of all the Sekirei fanfiction on this website. It certainly inspired my own Fic, The Large Ashikabi (which I know isn't finished either...)

The "Gregory's Notebook" sections that you have at the end of each chapter is some of the best and most detailed worldbuilding/lore that I've read in ANY fanfiction.

Though, I can understand how the loss of the main story that yours exist in would mess things up since you wouldn't have it as referance.

I don't suppose you'd reconsider "rebooting" this story with the same characters as a stand alone without the "The Game Changer-verse" shall we say? Because it would be a huge shame if this premise and these characters just end right here; and I promise, I don't say that about many of the unfinished fanfiction I've read.

If it's not possible though, I'd love to see whatever else you had planned for this story, and I think many others would too.

-In any case, thank you for this gem of a story!
8/24/2022 c17 9Lord of Moons
It's been nearly two years since I read this story, and I still remember it well. It was a great story, and possibly the best if not one of the best Sekirei fanfics I've ever read. Definitely the most original. I'm sad to hear you won't continue, but I'd be happy to read the drafts, and I'm glad to hear of this other fic too. I'll check that out later. Thank you very much for a great story and I look forward to reading your future work.
5/4/2022 c1 Guest
If this fic is dead, can you at least post what you do have for chapter 17?
6/13/2021 c1 Guest
Update when?
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