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3/24/2016 c6 Meela
Aw, I was so into this story, but then I checked the last time this was update it's been a while. I really hope that this doesn't become one of those never completed stories that most of the good fanfiction on this site end up at.
2/19/2016 c6 overtheskylight
I've read stories containing a blind character in the past, but there was always something not quite right about them. But you have such a great balance, especially when you add something like a superpower into the mix. I find the character refreshing and enjoyable to read about. Honesty, I can't comprehend why this story hasn't gotten more love. Seriously, I find the fact that this story only has a few reviews (favorites and follows) unjust for the quality writing (and possibly great plot). I'll be keeping an eye out for this, hoping that I'll see an update one day.
11/16/2015 c1 79Midwich Cuckoo
I just love this story - seriously, I'm not flattering - this story really does stand out; not only due to the quality of your writing and the unusual name of your character :) but also the very fact that your character is blind. It's something that is rarely found in the X-Men fanfiction - all characters are more or less perfect - or at least flawless, as in devoided of visible flaws that make their life difficult. And your character only only deals with a mutation she can't control but also with her blindness which makes her life difficult - but then again, does give her some advantages normal people with sight don't have - she is able to experience the world much fuller due to this when her mutation awakes. I like the train of her thoughts - her feelings on what her mother's life should be like if she didn't give birth to a blind child limiting her in many aspects of her life - her feelings when she realized she could hear the thoughts of her doctor etc. I liked all those small details you put in your work; it feels like I was reading a real novel - so descriptive the chapter was. Fic writers mmostly slide over the surface, trying to get to describing the story as fast as possible, not caring for such small details that enrich the story. Thank you for this lovely story - it gave me so many pleasure to read this. I did read many ones, in which Xavier arrives in the home of a mutant to take them to their school, yet none of them were as well written as this very one - and certainly none was about a disabled character. I have to read all the chapters and when i do, I will give you the reviews they certainly deserve. I am glad your character managed to get this sort mutation that did help her to deal with her life - to let her see everything the sight of which she was devoided for her entire life :)
11/8/2015 c1 Hellfire232
I usually don't go into a story with high expectations, only because most of the time I end up disappointed. However, I was impressed by what you have so far. It's written well and I'm definitely curious in what you'll do with a blind OC in that universe. I do hope to see this story one day continue and I foresee it gaining much love and attention.
7/18/2015 c6 1DragonGirl223
Please, please, please PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE update soon! I am DYING to know what happens next! Eeeeeeek asdfghjkl it's KIIIIIIIIIIIILLING MEEEEEEE XD
5/26/2015 c6 witcher
I am enjoying this story. I'm surprise that people haven't yet read, favorite or leave reviews. it certainly deserves love, at least I think so. I also love the fact that this is well written. It's another indication that this is a story worth sticking to.
5/26/2015 c1 witcher
I'm liking this a lot. The OC is refreshing to read about. It not that often I come across stories that has a character that is blind, let alone is a mutant too. Even that canon characters seem in character. Their reaction, thoughts and behaviour is believable, even when they interact with the OC. I definitely meant to read more of this story. So I'll be looking forward to the next chapter/update.
5/10/2015 c3 Chibi
The OC should have more Powerfull powers

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