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for Kill the Dishonored

11/13/2023 c2 The Disquieting One
a lovely binge. i've add this to Dishonored's fanfic recs page on tv tropes
10/27/2021 c1 Veragip
It's very sad that the author threw such a wonderful fan fiction.
9/30/2021 c1 Guest
Please update this story :(
4/15/2021 c1 1BurningHeretic
At least tell us if the story is dead or on hiatus
9/2/2019 c2 3Lechain
Kind of a shame that you didbt continue this fic. It would have heen interesting how esdeath would grow up to be under Corvo's guiding hand
1/27/2019 c2 Edlix
Actual results of godly writing
1/12/2019 c1 3Stylus Opium

Seriously, this was a great start to a Akame-Ga-Kill Crossover.

Love Corvo BTW!
10/20/2018 c2 Mangoose
Even though it's been three years since this story was published, I still hope with all of my heart that it will be updated.
7/7/2017 c2 Guest
Continue this God Damit
7/3/2017 c2 Guest X
This is a damn good story i have to say, i really like how your going into detail about Corvo's reactions to the events of the world around him and the things that happen to him. i do have a suggestion i don't think it would be to much of a stretch if you have him refine his abilities and experiment with them such as, trying to unlock new ones like the ones Corvo and Emily displayed in the new dishonored 2 game and maybe make up you're own just try to keep it in the void magic style, and maybe try to combine his already existing ones to devastating effect, speaking of witch i thought of an application for his blink ability in combat that i call Blink Strike where he Blinks into his opponent hitting them with his shoulder, elbow, or spartan kicks them, i think it has quite a few useful applications but i haven't seen anyone use it in there stories. Also i do have a few requests 1: please don't include Tatsumi in the story maybe don't just kill him of but make him have an accident to where he cant go with Sayo and Ieyasu(i don't hate the guy it's just that some of the stuff he's done has annoyed me), or if you really need him in the story for something please just make him a side character in the background. 2: can you keep a few more people alive like Spear, Sheele, Chelsea, Seryu(she didn't deserve the fate she got, she just had her head fucked around with so much she didn't know up from down.), the guard from the first episode(i think that he deserves a chance at redemption because it did sound like he was trying to warn Tatsumi of but not implicate himself I.E. save his own ass as well) and a few other people that you think deserved to live or had potential because the anime went a little unnecessarily kill happy in my book... though in retrospect if you take material from the manga and just a few things from the anime you get the same result anyway(-_-). anyway that's all of my requests but they are just that, requests what you do with them is up to you, this story is your baby i wont tell you what to do with it i can only give you ideas, but whatever you do it is still a damn good story and you have my support!

From: a interested reader and possible fan.
5/31/2017 c2 K1NG and J0K3R
After everything Corvo heard, he's still willing to join the Army? He's Dishonored once, he'll be dishonored twice along with Najenda, if the timeline is right. Shame that this hasn't been updated.
3/22/2017 c1 DarkBlight
Please update? Are you still working on this?
3/12/2017 c2 1Jurassicmonster65
This is one of the best crossovers I've ever had the misfortune to stumble across

I especially enjoy the interactions between Esdeath and Corvo. BTW will they fall in love

PS: Esdeath's pet sky dragon is just adorable
12/23/2016 c1 6Reasonably Firm Eggs
I wanted to find out more about Spear, so I looked her up. Congrats, you have now made me care more about a side character, who appears and dies in the same episode, than the actual main characters of Akame ga Kiru. This'll completely ruin my experience of the anime if I ever decide to watch it, as I'll be wanting more of Spear, who'll be dead.
12/4/2016 c2 5Warden of Lore
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