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7/29/2003 c11 Dark Knight Gafgar
David: "Serge of pain"...XD

Magus: XD

Spinal: XD

Dark Knight Gafgar: XD

David: XD

Magus: XD

Spinal: XD

Dark Knight Gafgar: Poor Glenn...reminds me of the time when I got smashed straight in the nose by a frisbee!

Spinal: ...Frisbee?

David: Heh. This fic keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to read the next chapter...

Magus: See you when next we review!

Spinal: Seriously though, Gafgar - what's a frisbee?
7/29/2003 c10 Dark Knight Gafgar
David: Gafgar's favorite character from Chrono Cross is Kid and his favorite pairing is anyone OTHER than Serge and Kid. As for me...

Dark Knight Gafgar: There you are!

David: ! *runs*

Dark Knight Gafgar: *chases*

Spinal: *creeps up* Sorry, but we're going to have to cut this review short - we're still running from Gafgar, you see. And speaking of running... *runs the way he came from as Gafgar gives chase*

Magus: *comes from the direction Gafgar came from earlier* See you in the next review. Hopefully everyone'll still be here...

Dark Knight Gafgar: DARK SWORD!

Magus: O_O *runs*
7/29/2003 c9 Dark Knight Gafgar
David: Everything's still going good. Nice work! Gafgar? Oh, um...

Spinal: We thought it prudent to knock him out when we read that the chapter was going to be a lot of Serge/Kid.

Magus: Yeah...but there'll be heck to pay when he wakes up...

Dark Knight Gafgar: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! *draws sword*

Magus, Spinal, and David: O_O;; *runs*

Dark Knight Gafgar: Come back here! Grr... No time for further review! Seeya later! *chases*
7/29/2003 c8 Dark Knight Gafgar
Magus: ...Kirge? XD

Spinal: XD

Magus: XD

Spinal: XD

Magus: XD

Spinal: XD

Magus: ...

Spinal: XD

Magus: Spinal.

Spinal: XD

Magus: Spinal...

Spinal: XD

Magus: SPINAL!

Spinal: Huh? Oh...what?

Magus: You can stop going "XD" now.

Spinal: Oh...

Magus: Anyway...error here. "Kirge"..

Spinal: XD

Magus: Don't make me hurt you Spinal.

Spinal: ...

Magus: As I was saying, Serge and his buddies defeated the Time Devourer, not Lavos. I defeated Lavos.

Spinal: With the help of that Crono fellow and his buddies...

Magus: No, those weaklings got knocked out first turn leaving me to kill Lavos myself.

Spinal: RIGHT...

Magus: Anyway, aside from those problems, everything seems fine so far...

Spinal: Hey...think we should go untie Gafgar and David now?

Magus: Yeah, might as well.

Spinal: See ya with the next review!

Magus: ...Didn't you say that once already?
7/29/2003 c7 Dark Knight Gafgar
Spinal: Hmph. Bet I know what that crash was...

Magus: Assuredly.

Spinal: Think we should go untie Gafgar and David now? They DO have the whole city of Murond between the two of them...

Magus: Nah, let em' cool down for the next chapter or two.

Spinal: Alright.

Magus: I'd say the customary "Keep up the good work", but I'm more intelligent than the rest of the people here...

Spinal: And what does THAT mean?

Magus: Just that I know that the next few chapters have already been posted and no amount of praise is going to change those chapter's content.

Spinal: Well, the author COULD edit those chapters...

Magus: Meh. Anyway, nice job so far.
7/29/2003 c6 Dark Knight Gafgar
Random Dark Knight: Master Gafgar? Are you alright sir?

Dark Knight Gafgar: Yes I'm fine!

Random Dark Knight: Are you sure sir? Your face is a bit...red.

Dark Knight Gafgar: -_- *draws sword*

Random Dark Knight: O_O; *runs*

Magus: A bit touchy, aren't we?

Dark Knight Gafgar: Shut up Magus.

David: Heh heh...Gafgar here's a bit angry at Serge for being to "close" to Kid...

Dark Knight Gafgar: Gr, David! I'm gonna feed you to your Divine Dragon!

David: o_O *runs*

Dark Knight Gafgar: Stop right there! *chases*

Spinal: Heh...Since Gafgar is...undisposed at the moment, I, Spinal, the demon overlord of the undead, shall say...Keep up the good work!

*explosion is heard nearby*

Magus: ...I think we should go stop those two before they blow up all of Murond.

Spinal: Agreed. See you with the next review!
7/29/2003 c5 Dark Knight Gafgar
Spinal: Blood! Guts! Gore! YES! *runs around in a circle laughing hysterically*

Dark Knight Gafgar: ...You just want the corpses to add to your army of undead minions, don't you?

Spinal: *stops, nods, and resumes running around*

Magus: Oh brother...

Dark Knight Gafgar: ...Anyway, good job on the chapter, and nice work on the detail!

David: Gafgar here IS a fan of blood and gore...

Dark Knight Gafgar: I'm a Dark Knight. So sue me. Anyway, don't worry about the violence - add more, in fact!

David: Or, as those wierd computer geeks would say - "MOREBLOOD&GOREPLZKTHXBAI"

Dark Knight Gafgar: ...

Magus: ...

Spinal: *continues running around*
7/28/2003 c3 Dark Knight Gafgar
Dark Knight Gafgar: Erm, why do you think Chapter 3 was horribly written? Granted it's a bit short, but it's ok otherwise...And the battle scenes were fine.
7/28/2003 c2 Dark Knight Gafgar
Dark Knight Gafgar: Nope, you didn't spell Serge's dad's name right. It's Wazuki, not Wakazuki. No matter. The fic's still going good.
7/28/2003 c1 Dark Knight Gafgar
Dark Knight Gafgar: Good job so far, though you mispelled Kid. It's with only one D, not two. Keep up the good work, and be sure to finish this if you haven't already!
7/28/2003 c10 NotSoSilentMime09
wow, this was great! can't wait to keep reading. hmm.. no wonder locke deosn't seem to be as serious as he usually is when hes talking to Leena...
7/27/2003 c5 NotSoSilentMime09
yay, kidd's back!... and riding dragons. O.o
7/27/2003 c3 NotSoSilentMime09
lol, we fnally see leena's unique power of extreme ability to annoy people in this chapter...
7/27/2003 c1 NotSoSilentMime09
great start. im lookign forward to reading the rest of this
7/25/2003 c21 5Ynn
Hail! Yoko REALLY REALLY Likes this story and has been waiting you out. Yoko can't Wait for More!

Hopeing for more,


P.s.- Yoko Loves Serge/Kid pairings! They are so kawaii together...
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