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for Shadows From The Past

11/24/2016 c1 Guest
can she use her inhuman powers and join suicide squad and using the darkhold . since she is related to barry she shold meet bat alfleck
11/10/2016 c7 1Lilomaus223
Please update again soon i love this story and can't wait for the next chapter
9/24/2016 c6 Tamara
Great chapter please update soon
9/23/2016 c6 CountySweetHeart
Great chapter! I thought you might have discontinued it or something but I'm glad you're back! And im excited for you to introduce Carmen
8/13/2016 c6 POLL NOT POLE
8/11/2016 c6 Guest
make sky join suicide squad 2016 team now
11/1/2015 c1 Lilomaus223
Love the story. Would be realy cool if you update soon
9/22/2015 c5 13shikasgirl10
Really good. Can't wait for the next chapter
7/31/2015 c5 67AgentMaryMargaretSkitz
Okay, I really really like this! It's incredibly interesting, and after that comment you left on Hidden Secrets about your plans, I want to know more!
7/30/2015 c5 1Lilomaus223
I realy realy want you to write a new chapter.
I LOVE your story
5/18/2015 c3 39Peter Bolton
This was a great Chapter
5/18/2015 c3 3Skyeward MusicLover
great chapter. plz update
5/16/2015 c2 39Peter Bolton
Please Continue this is a great story
5/15/2015 c2 3Skyeward MusicLover
great chapter. plz update

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